Advertise On PointsPrizes

Pay only for results

Unlike traditional advertising networks that charge for clicks or views, we only charge for results. That means you can be sure about what you are paying for no matter what. It's called CPA Advertising, and it works.

Choose any conversion point

Think about what you really want your customers to do. Would you like them to register for your website? Maybe even download your mobile app? It's possible to track almost any conversion type.

Lower capital risk

Traditional impression-based advertising requires a large, very risky investment of capital to see results. With affiliate marketing the risk is mostly taken on by third-party experts, such as PointsPrizes.

Exceptional Advertiser Protection

Unlike many sites, we take a highly proactive role in protecting advertisers from the risk of fraudulent conversions. We know that value creation is essential to the long term future of our business.

With that in mind, we provide additional stumbling blocks for frausters at every stage of the process. From the moment a user starts using our website, we're automatically assessing their activity for risk. This comes in addition to any protection provided by the affiliate network partner you've signed up with.

VPN Protection

We analyze a mountain of data in real time, to protect your offers from IP address fraud. You can choose the levels of additional VPN protection you want - both for clicks and conversions.

Fraud Protection

We work closely with our industry-leading fraud specialist partner, to carry out a costly fraud analysis on every conversion. If our systems detect an unnacceptable risk of fraud, points are not awarded, to discourage future activity. You can specify the amount of fraud risk protection you need.

Live Conversion Audits

Our powerful system is able to isolate those conversions with a higher risk of fraud. This allows us to manually audit the riskiest conversions immediately and ban fraudulent accounts before they can cause greater harm. There's now no need for fraudsters to even make a prize claim before getting banned.

Long Reward Delays

Our high minimum payment of $20 and a reward delay of up to 30 days - or even 60 days in extreme cases - makes us very unappealing to fraudsters. They know that during that time they will be discovered, and therefore won't get paid.

Detailed Claim Audits

We also carry out a detailed manual fraud audit whenever a claim is made. We know that it's essential fraudsters never get paid and we're exceedingly good at preventing it.

Chargeback API

You can automatically report chargebacks via our API. We will deduct points from the user and report them for fraud on your behalf, making it much more difficult for them to commit online fraud in the future - even on other websites.