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We support free speech

We support free speech in all its forms. We believe that, in a free marketplace of ideas, the best ideas will always win. We support all creators and leave policing to website owners and moderators.

We pay more

Unlike traditional advertisers who pay for clicks or views, we pay for actions. That means that if you bring us quality traffic we can afford to pay you 10 to 100 times more than you would earn from traditional ad networks.

We support creators

We support your dream of making money online, by creating the content you love. Therefore we don't impose limits on how many other ads you can display alongside our links.

Earn points for every referred account
10% of points they earn

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Once you've earned enough points you can exchange them for a direct payment to your PayPal account.

$20 minimum payment.

free bitcoin

Once you've earned enough points you can exchange them for a direct payment to your Bitcoin wallet.

$20 minimum payment.

Monetize Your YouTube Video Descriptions

You can earn more money from your YouTube channel simply by including our referral links at the top of your video's description. Make money from these links in addition to the money you earn from Google Adsense!

Choose relevant niches for your audience and we'll pay you premium rates for bringing us targeted traffic. You'll be able to offer free gift cards to your audience, from a huge range of top brands.

We support free speech and leave it to YouTube to police their content. So even if your videos have been demonetized, you can still make money from your YouTube channel with our affiliate program.

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There are thousands of niche groups and communities on social media where you can easily share our referral links.

Alternatively grow your own audience on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest or Tumblr and promote PointsPrizes to them as you grow.

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PointsPrizes Help Center

We recommend you check out our Help Center for detailed information about us.