Easiest Minecraft Seeds For 2018

by Ollie Green, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 1st May, 2018

Finding the easiest Minecraft seeds for 2018 has proven difficult, but we've done it. We've managed to collect the best seeds you can use to get a head start.

Whether you're looking for a village by spawn, lots of free loot or something else entirely, the seeds below should have you covered.

Hopefully, you can find something below that you can use for your next Minecraft survival game.

What Are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft seeds are random codes which are used by Minecraft's algorithm to create a totally unique world from scratch. Having an interesting seed can totally transform a Minecraft player's gaming experience by giving them more amazing places to explore, or more challenges to overcome.

Woodland Mansion And Village Seed

Seed name: 344105130727348978

Minecraft Version: 1.12

Let's start off with this incredible woodland mansion and village seed. There's not much at the spawn point, but within a minute's walk, you'll find a woodland mansion and a village.

The coordinates for the woodland mansion are 1750, 400. There are two secret rooms in this mansion with treasure chests inside.

woodland mansion seed

Once you've explored the woodland mansion, make sure to check out the village nearby. The coordinates for the village are 1815, 580.

There's not really much else near the spawn point worth mentioning, but the woodland mansion should provide you with enough loot to give you a big head start.

Woodland Mansion, Village, And Desert Temple

Seed name: 9363708386013540

Minecraft Version: 1.12

The seed above as pretty good, but this next seed one-ups it. Firstly, you'll find a woodland mansion very close to spawn with this seed. The exact coordinates are 550 500.

desert temple woodland mansion

Once you've had a look at the woodland mansion, make sure to visit the desert temple and the desert village - both are very close to each other. You will find the village at -215 1220 and the desert temple is right next to it.

The desert temple has an assortment of loot inside spread across a total of four different chests.

Ocean Monument Seed

Seed name: -315988387620969

Minecraft Version: 1.12

If you'd like a seed that lets you quickly explore an ocean monument, this seed will be perfect. The ocean monument in this seed is literally right next to spawn.

ocean monument seed

The only trouble with this seed is that you start on a very small island. Gathering the gear to prepare yourself for the Guardians and Elder Guardian will prove to be quite difficult, but at least you don't have to spend hours looking for an ocean monument when you finally do have enough armor and weapons.

Desert Temple With Enchanted Books

Seed name: -989140050602222

Minecraft Version: 1.12

Most desert temples spawn with a variety of armor, weapons, food, and miscellaneous items, but the desert temple in this seed has three enchanted books.

desert temple enchanted books

You can find the desert temple at 48. 70. 717 - it's slightly submerged in the sand, so make sure to keep an eye out for it. The enchanted books found in this temple are Flame, Fire Protection I and Fire Aspect II.

Easy Igloo Spawn

Seed name: 109622709590167

Minecraft Version: 1.12

Finding igloos can be hard enough, but finding one that actually has loot in it is even harder. Thankfully, this seed brings the igloo right to you. The igloo in this seed isn't right at spawn, but it's relatively close. Just go to -234, 66, -231.

igloo spawn seed

You'll find a golden apple and a stone hatchet in this igloo. Not the best loot by any means, but it's still interesting to explore an igloo with a secret loot room.

Village And Mineshaft At Spawn

Seed name: -591066821458127

Minecraft Version 1.12

There's quite a lot going on in this seed, but the most noticeable things are right at spawn. You'll see a small village as soon as you load this seed. An underground mine shaft is nearby that contains some good loot.

village mineshaft seed

You can find a chest at 653, 41, 235. Inside the chest, you'll get a golden apple, 6 redstone, 2 gold ingots, and 2 iron ingots. Not the best loot, but this seed could easily shave 10 minutes off of your play time by giving you some iron and a place to spend the first night.

Turtles, Village, And Woodland Mansion

Seed name: 960570313

Minecraft Version: 1.13

This seed is for the latest Minecraft version, 1.13. The 1.13 update essentially adds a selection of marine animals and new water-themed items. In this seed, you'll spawn on a beach. There is a family of turtles on the beach, which are new to 1.13.

turtle beach seed minecraft

There's also a village right next to the spawn area and just behind the village, you'll see a woodland mansion.

Blacksmith And Desert Temple Near Spawn

Seed name: -528460866989688

Minecraft Version: 1.13

The next seed we have to share will bring you to a blacksmith and a desert temple. The blacksmith will be found within a savanna village located near the spawn point. The exact coordinates are -168, 345.

blacksmith seed minecraft

Once you've found the village and looted the blacksmith's chest, you can find a desert temple at -365, 300.

Double Jungle Temple Near Spawn

Seed name: -865745897201626

Minecraft Version: 1.13

Jungle temples seem to be one of the rarest randomly generated structures in Minecraft. We're not if it's because they're hard to notice in amongst the overgrown jungle trees, or whether they really do just spawn less often.

double jungle temple seed

Either way, this particular seed has two jungle temples that are close to spawn and easy to locate. The first jungle temple can be found at -440, 230 and the other is located at 150, 120.

Giant Hills And Triple Village

Seed name: 798985109698349

Minecraft Version: 1.13

The final seed we have to share in this list includes a total of three villages very close to spawn. You'll also find some incredible gigantic hills that are certainly quite the sight.

giant hills village seed

The first village is the smallest and can be found as soon as you spawn into the seed. The next villages are extremely close to each other - the first can be found at -135, -314 and the other can be found at -136, -665.


That wraps up our look at the easiest Minecraft seeds in 2018. Thanks for taking the time to view our seeds list. Have you tried any seeds on this list yet?

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