How To Get Data Entry Jobs From Home

by Menka Dimitrovska, Money Columnist

Published in Money on 2nd May, 2018

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is entering all kinds of information into a computer using data processing or word processing software.

Data entry may sound a bit technical to you at first, but the truth is that many of the data entry jobs can be performed without having prior experience in the field. There are tons of data entry jobs that are available for beginners and require nothing else but a computer and a good internet connection. Adequate typing speed is a must as well.

What Qualities Do You Need to Have to Work as a Data Entry Clerk?

The minimum education requirements for most data entry jobs is a high school degree. However, that's not the most important requirement. You also need to be able to pay attention to details, have a fast or at least decent typing speed and have your own computer and a high speed internet connection.

data entry jobs

You also need to be able to concentrate for prolonged periods of time, so as not to make errors. You will be dealing with private or sensitive information most of the times, which is why it's necessary that you focus in order to eliminate any errors.

You will also need to keep all of the data you enter private and confidential, but you'll probably have training on all confidentiality protocols, prior to starting the job.

Applying For a Data Entry Job

The best thing about applying for a data entry job is that you don't need to have any previous experience in the field. This is an entry level job, and most employers provide all the required training on the software they use and make sure you familiarize yourself with all your tasks and requirements beforehand.

If you're already fast at typing, you're one step ahead from the rest. And if you feel like you need to improve your computer skills before applying, you can do so by taking some of the many available free or low-cost online courses.

Once you gain some experience at your job, you can move up to higher-paying positions as well, or at least be able to put in more hours and make more money that way.

Why Do Businesses Need Data Entry Clerks?

Entrepreneurs already have a huge workload, and on top of that they have to spend their valuable time on updating spreadsheets, authoring documents, and trying to keep up with the general administrative work, which can stand in the way of their other, more vital tasks.

That's where you come in. You can give them time to brainstorm and figure out their next business idea, or work on their next project, while you help them out with all the administrative work. They would much rather hire a data entry professional or even a beginner that would help them get everything done on time so they can regain control of their busy schedule.

Can I Work From Home Without Investment?

You absolutely can work as a data entry clerk without any investment, unless you feel like your computer skills need improving and you might want to take a course or two, but even those you can find for free. Like I mentioned earlier, all you need to have is a PC or a laptop and a good internet connection, and you're set.

Where Do I Look For Open Positions?

There are tons of companies that offer the option of working from home, and tons of freelance sites where you can find such jobs, including, Freelancer, UpWork, Indeed, Amazon mTurk and a few more specialized ones, such as: ClickWorker, AccuTran Global, Axiondata, OneSpace, SmartCrowd and 2Captcha.

data entry jobs from home

Always keep in mind that same as for any other job out there, there are always scam websites that offer too good to be true positions and payments, so be careful when looking for a job, and if the pay seems to be unbelievably high, chances are it's a fraudulent website.

How Do Data Entry Jobs Work?

Data entry jobs include not only typing, but data scraping, processing, and more. Most of these jobs can be dome remotely or from home and they are usually paid per word, per piece, or per the number of keystrokes per hour. Some specialized data entry positions include medical coding or transcription (which demands a bit more training), general types of transcriptions, and some that require a lot more speed and experience than the rest.

Let's see what types of data entry jobs are available out there.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

1. Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste jobs require you to copy text and numbers from an excel or word file onto another file. It's a fairly simple job to do, although it requires your full attention since it can be really easy to make a mistake. You'll also need to have a good command of English so as to be able to understand where everything needs to go.

2. Captcha Entry Job

Currently one of the hottest data entry job is Captcha entry. It pays less, but it's very easy to do and is available for everyone.

You can make up to $500/month just by typing Captcha images. The procedure is fairly simple; you are given a username and password, you log in and you type the Captcha images.

3. Micro Jobs

There are tons of available sites that offer micro jobs and different types of data tasks. You can make at least $200/month doing pretty simple and small tasks, that don't require any previous knowledge.

4. Basic Typing Job

This is the basic data entry job, that requires you to type any kind of given texts into a word or excel document.

The pay varies according to how many words per minute you can type, so you should work on your typing skills to reach at least 30 WPM (words per minute).

5. Filling Up Survey Forms

Another popular type of data entry work is filling up survey forms provided by different survey websites.

6. Converting Images to Text

You might also be required to convert images to text and write down the text. You'll be given image files that contain text in them and you'll need to write that text down on a word document.

7. Medical Transcription

As I already mentioned before, you might require a bit more skills and experience to do medical transcriptions. The job is a bit different than the ones I mentioned before. You need to listen to audio tapes and write everything down. You'll need to have good listening skills, a good command of English and some knowledge in medical terms as well.

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