10 Most Awesome Stardew Valley Mods

by Menka Dimitrovska, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 10th May, 2018

About Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an indie farming RPG developed by Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe. The game was published by Chucklefsh in 2016, and is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

In Stardew Valley the main character wants to get away from his boring office job and starts working on an old farm plot in Stardew Valley that he inherited your grandfather. All you have are a few hand-me-down tools and some coins, and that's practically all you need to start a fresh new life.

stardew valley

Are you able to make a living off the land and manage to turn the overgrown fields into something you can live off?

Your job is to manage your player's energy levels and time while you clear land, plant crops and tend to them, craft goods, mine ore, fish, cook and raise livestock in order to earn money and expand your farm.

You can also engage in social interactions and activities with the small town residents, and even fall in love and get married. You have 10 suitable women and men which you can choose from, go out with and eventually marry if you want. You can engage in same-sex relationships and get married to your partner, which is something new and different.

You also have a lot more control over the way you design your farm, as well as the kind of animals and crop you have.

How the Game Grew Over the Years

Stardew Valley is a very popular Sim-like farming game that's a lot similar to Harvest Moon.

Still, there have been a lot of radical changes to the game over the years, most recent of all would be the new multiplayer mod that should be available sometime soon.

Some of the other changes that occurred since its launching were the new added maps, items and buildings as well as the romantic interests and relationships.

The game is constantly evolving and its developer is constantly working on keeping the audience satisfied and happy.

Why is Stardew Valley So Popular?

There are very few games that provide the same experience as Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is one of those games that suck you in and get you addicted so fast that you start to lose track of time. The creators are adding new content all the time, which makes the game fun and keeps it fresh and interesting.

stardew valley mods

What also makes it popular is the fact that it's a genre and playstyle that suits a lot of people. It's also a very laid-back game that you can enjoy in your spare time. It has a sort of a nostalgic feel to it, and reminds people of a simpler time, which makes it especially popular among people who are reminiscent of Harvest Moon.

The game has an unbelievable positive rating and reception, and a solidified popularity.

Which Stardew Valley Mods Are the Best?

There are tons of good Stardew Valley mods on the internet, but finding the best ones can be a tough mission, mainly because of the huge selection of mods, most of which are not that interesting.

That's why I've cooked up this list of the top 10 most awesome mods, so that you don't have to waste your time looking for mods that will deliver a better gaming experience and improve some of the game's imperfections, when you can check them out right here.

Without further ado let's check out the list of the most awesome and fan popular mods that will help you enjoy Stardew Valley even more than you do now.

1. NPC Map Locations

This mod offers a modifier map page that provides you with much more accuracy than the game's map. You can look up the locations of all the citizens. You don't have to waste any time locating an NPC in order to track them down. This mod can be very helpful since we all know that time is everything in this game.

2. CJB Cheats Menu

This is a simple and forward cheat list, that opens up by pressing "p" on your keyboard. It works well and players seem to like it a lot. There are tons of things you can modify like your tools, skills, the weather, time, relationships, and a few more key things.

3. CJB Item Spawner

This one is an easy to use item spawner. By opening the item spawner menu you can spawn items with a few clicks and change the items' quality by following just a few simple steps.

cjb item spawner

4. Gift Taste Helper

This is a very helpful mod that shows all of the NPC's favorite gifts, just by hovering over their birthday date on their social page or on the calendar. This works both on your home calendar, and the big billboard calendar in town.

5. Gift Taste Helper

You can look up all kinds of information about whatever your cursor is pointing at. You can find out when a crop will be ready, how long a fence will stay up, why your animals are behaving in a certain way and even see what the villagers' favorite gifts are.

6. Content Patcher

The Content Patcher helps you load content packs that alter the data and images of the game without replacing XNB files. These packs get updated automatically and are super easy to install, less likely to break and conflict and can also make the changes dynamically according to season, day, weather and language.

7. Get Dressed

This mod lets you have a dresser in your farmhouse or simply a menu that will allow you to change your clothes and appearance.

stardew valley get dressed

There are tons of accessories from which to choose from, but that's not all. You can also change your skin, hair an eye color, face and nose type and much more.

8. Ui Info Suite

This mod helps you get valuable and helpful info about the surrounding objects so that you can know where everything is. There are a few more features that notify you on what you need to do every day. You'll see an icon that tells if you need to pet your animal, if you need to collect milk, or if there's a new recipe airing that you haven't heard of yet, and much more.

9. CJB Show Item Sell Price

A very handy mod that lets you find out the sell price of all the items you have in your inventory.

10. Loved Labels

Loved Labels helps you find out which animals you've petted and which need love. It works on both farm animals and pets.

Coming Soon: Multiplayer Mod

Stardew Valley's multiplayer mod is almost here.

At the moment, this mod is still in beta and is only available to Steam players. The way it works is one player hosts the game, while others can join and help out.

Indie creator Eric Barone has been teasing his fans about the game's multiplayer mode for a few months now, but luckily the day is finally upon us.

Recently, he announced that he's almost finished with the update and according to a tweet he shared with his fans, the multiplayer mod is in testing now and everything is going according to plan and coming along pretty well.

If everything continues as planned, the mod should be available to all players sometime this month. Once the mod is live, you'll have the opportunity to manage a farm with other players (up to 4), and be able to marry another player not just an NPC.

The creators are making a lot of progress on fixing existing bugs. We're all hoping that everything will go well so that we can play Stardew Valley with our friends and manage a farm together.

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