Will Fallout 4 Multiplayer Mode Ever Happen?

by Menka Dimitrovska, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 18th May, 2018

Update: Bethesda have announced the release of Fallout 76, which will include a Fallout multiplayer online mode!

Fallout 4 is the latest game in the Fallout series that was released in 2015, and although people talked a lot about it having a multiplayer mode that never really happened. Even though some players thought it would be really cool if Fallout 4 had a MP mode, it's not like they begged the developers to design a multiplayer mode.

Todd Howard, the game developer admitted that he too had considered adding a multiplayer mode, and had taken that idea up with his team of developers, although ultimately they decided against it.

Why did they consider Fallout 4 multiplayer mode not right for the game, and why did the mode never happen?

Those are the two main questions I'll talk about in today's article, but first let's get to know the Fallout series a bit better, so that you can get a clearer picture of why a MP mode would not really fit in with the game's experience.

What is Fallout?

Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic RPGs. Fallout 4 was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2015. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A virtual reality version of Fallout 4 was also released in 2017.

The game takes place in 2287, on post-apocalyptic Earth, following the events of Fallout 3.

The story takes place 210 years after a huge nuclear catastrophe also referred to as "The Great War" that devastated the U.S.

fallout 4 multiplayer

The "Sole Survivor" (your character) wakes up from a cryogenic stasis and sets out to find their missing child, after witnessing his kidnapping.

Your job as a player will be to complete various missions and quests, explore the game world, get experience points while constructing shelter, weapons, drugs and everything else you need to survive and continue on your mission.

There are tons of awesome things you can do in Fallout 4. You have a lot of freedom to organize your game play and do whatever it is you want.

Fallout 4 was very well received by Fallout fans and critics, mostly because the game's world is very deep and full of content and you have the option to craft things like weapons and shelter.

What Makes Fallout 4 So Popular?

Fallout 4 is an RPG set in post-apocalyptic Earth with a very interesting and inviting story. It has light and dark humor, mystery, tragedy, references to pop culture, and so on.

Similarly to other RPG's, the player can choose how they want to handle a particular situation. You can decide to shoot your way out, talk your way out, avoid the situation completely, sneak, kill everybody and even nuke the whole town, etc.

It's an open world game filled with tons of detail and great post-nuclear-war scenery that makes for a very immersive and awesome experience.

Why Doesn't Fallout 4 Have a Multiplayer Mode?

The Fallout series is best played in single player mode, since it's designed in a way to completely immerse the player in the game, and doesn't really need to have a multiplayer mode to be an amazing and interesting game.

The MP mode goes against the theme of the game, which concentrates on lone survival.

Most players like Fallout's theme and they wouldn't want to see one of their favorite single player games turn into a MP game. They like the fact that Fallout 4 is a single player game, and wouldn't want that to change.

What Fallout fans like the most is the fact that they can get totally immersed in the game world by themselves, without having to cooperate with others, or even talk to them.

fallout 4

They like the fact that the Fallout series are single player games. They wouldn't want to see their favorite game become a MP game, leaving less and less good single player games available for folks who don't see the fun in playing in multiplayer mode, and enjoy playing alone much more than playing with others.

Here's what the director of Fallout 4, Todd Howard had to say on this topic:

"Believe it or not, every time we do a game we design a multiplayer mode just to see what we would do"

He admitted that each time they work on a new game he sits together with his team and they discuss whether or not the game they're working on should have a multiplayer mode, and how it should look like. They do so in the beginning stages of development, before they've started doing any serious content creation and coding.

Bethesda Softworks' entire open world RPGs are all single player games, and even though they're aware that some of their fans would like to get the chance to explore their vast fantasy worlds with their best friends, considering the nature of the game and the developers' creative vision of it, they decided against the idea of making Fallout 4 a multiplayer game.

The mode would offer a completely different experience than the one expected from a Fallout game and would not go well with many of the game's devoted fans.

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