10 Secrets To Staying Alive: Fallout 4 Survival Mode

by Menka Dimitrovska, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 21st May, 2018

It's a mean and dark world that you face once you leave Vault 111. And it's really changed since the last time you were there. Almost everything, including companions, weapons, and armour work a bit differently in Fallout 4, and you might be a little confused at first, but you should expect to get the hang of it soon.

I'm here to make it easier for you to stay alive in survival mode with a series of helpful tips and secrets that should help out both new and veteran players out there. I'll focus on a few important points including combat, health, munitions, quests, friendships and a few more key facts.

By now you've probably warmed up in the the wasteland, practiced your shooting skills, made a few friends, gained some experience and practice and feel good about the skills you learned so far.

Now it's time to use the skills you acquired to fight back against whatever the Commonwealth throws at you.

You need to be more alert, act faster, think smarter and do everything in your power to stay alive. Here are 10 secrets you can use to stay alive longer in Fallout 4 Survival Mode and become the toughest Fallout 4 player there is.

Be a Lone Wanderer

Having companions is nice, but not as much when you're in survival mode and here's why that is.

Companions can often make it hard for you to stay hidden, and can alert enemies by giving away your position.

fallout 4 survival mode

Forget about companions and take use of the perks that come with being a lone wanderer. You can get 30% less damage and more carrying weight and much more perks when travelling alone. Staying alive is much more important than having a companion, so take full use of these advantages and don't let anyone mess up your gameplay.

Companions can do that. That's because when they see danger they start shooting right away. If you play solo and you see a danger tag you can lay low/reposition yourself fast to clear the tag and avoid facing 5 guys all at once.

Invest Points into Strength

You need to focus a lot on your strength if you want to stay alive and be able to carry more things that will help you out in the long run.

No matter if you're starting a new game from scratch or you're continuing as a character that hasn't focused much on strength, you'll need change this quickly, as being in such a state can cause you a lot of damage.

You need to invest your points into strength, so that you'll be able to carry more and be able to run even when you're constrained, which can be done using action points.

Always Have Water, Food, And Basic Medicine

As you go about on your journey, you'll need to also deal with thirst and hunger which can impact you negatively and can slow down your performance, causing you to have additional health problems.

fallout water

You need to always make sure you have enough water, food, and some basic medicine, like antibiotics. Being prepared and packed with these basic supplies is of huge importance and is necessary for staying alive.

Find Places to Sleep

Remember all locations where you can get a good night's rest, or at least be able to sleep for a few hours. You can use a sleeping bag, a mattress, or a bed, just make sure to remember their locations, as getting well rested will replenish your energy and fend off the fatigue, which will help you stay heathy. Getting regular sleep is absolutely necessary in survival mode.

If you use a sleeping bag, you can get 3 hours of sleep, a mattress will get you 5 hours, while an actual bed can help you sleep through the night.

Selectively Choose Loot

You need to be very selective when choosing loot, since you can carry quire less weapons and ammo in survival mode. Fallout 4 is quite harsh when it comes to this, which means you'll have to go back and forth to vendors for more weapons, ammo and armor.

What this means is that you'll need to think before you choose your weapons, and be a bit pickier about which weapons you take, and which you leave behind. You need to consider their weight so that you don't get overweight, and slow down your travels.

Establish your Base

Having a home base where you can stash everything, like water, food, items you need for sleeping, crafting and all else that's of huge importance, and can be useful. You need to have a place where you can sleep and safely stash things you need for survival.

fallout establish your base

You need to choose a good location that's easy to manage and if possible has some of the necessary crafting station that you'll need to use. You can do your cooking, crafting, sleeping and all else in there.

You should consider establishing a base where you have access to a flat area that's suitable for growing crops, which will give you a huge advantage.

Get The Lead Belly Perk

You can finally get use of the Lead Belly Perk. The Lead Belly Perk helps reduce radiation damage that you can get from eating irradiated food, or drinking irradiated water. You might not have used is so far, since getting to clean food is easier in the other modes, and you can find plenty of it, unlike in survival mode.

You'll be surprised how quickly you can run out of food and water supplies in survival mode, which is why finding food and staying hydrated is a big concern, since the thirstier and hungrier you get, the more damage you'll get.

Learn How to Make Your Own Antibiotics

There are a few illnesses you can catch if you get bitten by mole rats, bloatflies or other creatures, or by drinking contaminated water, and eating raw meat.

You can cure yourself from these diseases, but you'll have to use antibiotics.

Buying antibiotics from doctors is one option, but it isn't the safest one, since there aren't many of them and they can be far away from you.

fallout antibiotics

Your second option is to find them laying around, same as other medicines, but since you can't really depend on that option that much, the safest way to go would be to use your chemist perk and make them yourself.

You can later on use them to cure illnesses and fatigue as well.

Use Quests Routes

Setting up quest routes can save you tons of time and help you get to as many quests as possible.

The way this works is you make all your quests visible, and see which quests have plenty of other ones in the same direction and go that way. That way you'll be able to carry out more quests in one trip and do them in the quickest way possible.

After you're done with those quests pick another one that has a lot of other quests along the way and repeat the same process.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

The good old days of raiding a whole super mutant camp are behind you. In survival mode you need to be more careful and plan your attacks wisely so as to avoid getting killed and sent back to the last place you slept in, no matter if that was two minutes or two hours ago.

This in no way means that you'll need to stay clear of all the action, since you'll regularly need to fight for food, water or medicine.

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