How To Get Free PSN Codes Without Offers

by Mark Kempton

Published in Gaming on 21st March, 2017

free PSN codes without offers

It's no surprise that everyone wants to get free PSN codes without offers.

Especially since every points site - and fake generator sites for that matter - asks you to complete offers as the main way of earning your Playstation code.

Mostly people will tell you that it is impossible without doing offers, but there is an exception, if you know the secret.

An infinite force, meets an immovable object

Offers can be tiresome because they are difficult to complete and don't always convert. The truth is it can take a long time to accumulate enough points, even if you live in the right country and know how to complete them successfully.

However, at the same time the only way for you to generate enough value through advertisements, is for you to convert offers such as surveys or downloads.

It probably seems like you're out of options, but that couldn't be further from the truth!

The immovable object, moves

However, what if you could convince other people to complete offers for you? That way you could still generate value, but without suffering through the pain of doing the offers yourself.

You might have overlooked the referral links on points sites but, if used correctly, they can be an incredibly powerful way of earning points.

Not only that but they can also be used as a way to earn a continuous stream of free residual income points that keep paying day after day. The referral links you share on websites and social media tend to stick around forever!

The way referral programs work is that you get rewarded for bringing new users to a site. So instead of getting free PSN codes by doing offers, you'll be earning free PSN codes, or any other prizes you want, by getting other people to do offers.

How do I convince people though?

The first thing you'll need is a traffic source. We recommend using social media since it's abundant with highly targeted traffic.

Find groups and community pages dedicated to a niche that will be interested in the referral link you are promoting. They key is to drive large amounts of targeted traffic through your referral link - ideally from wealthy countries like the United States that convert offers easily.

Next you'll need to surround your referral link with a convincing and authentic reason to click on it. We have some detailed guides in the rest of our blog that will teach you how to do this!


It is definitely possible to get free PSN codes without offers, but you will need to show some initiative and promote referral programs instead.

This can be surprisingly fun and I quite enjoy the stimulation and challenge - actually it can become rather addictive!

Also, some people are earning multiple PSN codes this way, since the links you leave on websites stay out there forever and you'll carry on earning points from them!

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