47 Best Yo Mama Jokes Ever

by Menka Dimitrovska, Viral Columnist

Published in Viral on 28th May, 2018

Looking for some funny your mama jokes that are guaranteed to crack your friends up?

Some might see them as insulting, cheap and overused, but according to a study conducted in 2017, by the Medical University of Vienna, the fact that you like reading about and telling dark, rude, and extremely offensive jokes might just mean you're intelligent, not rude or childish, like some will try to tell you.

As long as you use them the way they're meant- as jokes, they shouldn't be seen as offensive. Just make sure you don't hurt anyone's feelings, because the line between being funny and a jerk can be really thin.

Today's list includes some of the funniest yo mama jokes. No matter if you're looking for fat, stupid, poor, hairy, old or ugly yo mama jokes, you can find all of them here.

Use them cautiously and at your own risk!

P.S. These jokes are in no way meant for your mom. I highly respect yo momma, and I think she's a wonderful person!

Yo Momma Is So Fat Jokes

Here come the fat jokes! These are some of the most popular and best yo mama jokes out there, so buckle up and enjoy my selection of fat yo momma jokes.

1. Yo momma's so fat that her belly arrives at her house half an hour before her.

2. Yo momma's so fat; I took a picture with her last year and it's still printing.

3. Yo momma's so fat that even Dora will have trouble exploring her!

4. Yo momma's so fat, Donald Trump placed her as a border wall.

5. Yo momma's so fat; she can only take a selfie in panorama mode.

6. Yo momma's so fat that this morning she woke up on both sides of the bed.

7. Yo mama's so fat; when she skips breakfast, the stock market crashes.

mama jokes

8. Yo mama so fat; she has watches on both arms, one for each time zone she lives in.

9. Yo mama so fat; when she stepped on the bathroom scale it displayed her phone number.

10. Yo mama so fat; she makes skittles by sitting on a rainbow.

11. Yo mama so fat; she could play Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball in the video.

12. Yo mama so fat; Pokemon's Snorlax evolves into her.

13. Yo mama so fat; a whole zombie apocalypse could feed off of her brain.

14. Yo momma so fat K.F.C are the only three letters from the alphabet she knows!

But enough with the fat people jokes, let's see what else is on the "yo mama jokes" list.

Yo Momma Is So Stupid Jokes

15. Your mama's so stupid, when she was going to Disneyland, she saw a sign that read "Disneyland left," and she turned back.

16. Your mama is so stupid; she wanted to climb mountain dew.

17. Yo moma's so stupid that when burglars broke into her apartment and took her TV she ran after them to give them the remote as well.

18. Yo mama's so stupid she spend the whole night outside trying to catch some sleep.

19. Yo' Mama is so stupid, when she heard, "order in the court," she said "pizza and a coke for me".

Yo Momma Is So Ugly Jokes

20. Yo momma's so ugly; she was disqualified from an ugly contest because they said professionals weren't allowed to participate.

21. Yo momma is so ugly; when Santa saw her, as he came down the chimney, he said "ho, ho, holly sh*t."

22. Yo momma's so ugly that the ninja turtles have to hide in the sewers just so they don't have to look at her face.

23. Yo momma's so ugly; she once scared a blind kid.

24. Yo momma's so ugly; she posted a picture online and it was censored immediately.

yo momma jokes

25. Yo momma's so ugly; when she went to the strip club people threw money at her to so that she'd keep her clothes on.

26. Yo momma's so ugly; she was disqualified when she applied to be an extra in thriller.

27. Yo momma so ugly; a boomerang won't even return to her.

28. Yo momma's so ugly that she scares away Minecraft creepers.

Yo Momma is So Old Jokes

29. Yo momma is so old; she has a signed edition of the bible.

30. Yo momma is so old; she prepared the meals for the Last Supper.

31. Yo momma is so old; she was friends with Gandalf before he even grew a beard.

32. Yo momma is so old; she was friends with Burger King when he was just a prince.

Yo Momma is So Hairy Jokes

33. Yo mama is so hairy; Bigfoot was looking for her in the forest.

34. Yo mama is so hairy; she has to shave with a grass trimmer.

35. Yo mama is so hairy; she only speaks wookie.

yo momma jokes

36. Yo mama is so hairy; you could film a national geographic episode in her apartment.

37. Yo mama is so hairy; people think she's always wearing a fur coat.

Yo Momma Is So Poor Jokes

38. Yo mama's so poor; when I turned out my cigarette, she asked who had turned off the heat.

39. Yo mama's so poor that when she goes to the zoo ducks throw bread at her.

40. Yo mama's so poor; she dries her dirty toilet paper and reuses it.

41. Yo mama's so poor; she takes the trash IN.

42. Yo mama's so poor; she hands her grocery list to the garbage truck.

Yo Momma Is So Short Jokes

43. Yo momma is so short; she can't even get high from weed.

44. Yo momma is so short; she uses a Doritos chips as a paraglider.

45. Yo momma is so short; she broke a leg stepping off the toilet.

46. Yo momma is so short; you can see her legs on her driver's license photo.

47. Yo momma is so short; her car is a baby stroller.

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