The Ultimate RPG Game Quest Party

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 6th June, 2018

Imagine your life depended on it. Which party members would you choose to accompany you on your quest?

Okay, if you have to construct a perfect RPG party you will probably pick characters found in RPG games, right? Since the party should be good enough to ace each and every RPG video game that came out it should be made out of best RPG characters we had the chance to lead through their many epic adventures. Right? Well, that would be great, but it is more interesting if we would create a special kind of RPG party, one that's a bit different.

Instead of picking the best characters from a wide range of RPG games that came out during the last few decades, those characters that became famous and ensured their name ending up in best of lists of video game characters, let's shake things up a bit. Instead of picking best RPG characters, we will try to create an RPG party made out of characters that appeared in non-RPG games. FPS, action adventures, RTS, adventure games, anything counts except RPG titles. The task was harder than it looks like because for each spot for our eight-member party there were at least three different characters that seemed like a perfect fit. But we managed to finish it, so we present you a perfect RPG party made out of non-RPG characters.

This party is made out of all classic RPG archetypes sans the healer because these are just too badass and too strong to need a healer, but we still worked on how one member of our party could end up as a healer. This party would surely beat each and every quest in each and every RPG game, it would discover all secrets, would be hugely powerful when it comes to boss battles and would be more than enough for even the trickiest of puzzles that can be found in older RPG titles. Since conversations are important parts of many role-playing games we also included a charismatic silver tongue character capable of turning the tide of war with just a couple of right words. Check out our perfect RPG party, we think it is pretty awesome.

All Around Ranger - Gordon Freeman

The first member of the party should be an all-around ranger capable of wielding any ranged weapon. This character shouldn't be expert for just one particular weapon and in addition to being efficient with different weapons he or she should also bring another useful skill to the group. In fact, each member of the party should have an additional skill that should help the party in acing every single RPG out there.

all around ranger gordon freeman

And our choice for all-around warrior has to be Gordon Freeman. The dude knows to wield all sorts of different weapons, from the magnum to SMG to rocket launcher. He also can wield a crossbow making it a perfect character to carry an old school ranged weapons but he's also crafty with modern weapon types, which is great. But, the main reason for including Gordon Freeman to our party is the fact that the man has access to one of the most powerful weapons of all times. Yes, you guessed right, we talk about the gravity gun. The gravity gun is a perfect weapon because it asks for no ammunition, and it can use virtually any object as ammo, making it a perfect weapon for any combat encounter.

In addition to being prolific with any ranged weapon, Freeman is also a theoretical physicist, which means he's really smart. This is an excellent skill for our RPG party because it means that, with Freeman, out party would be able to solve every single puzzle found in various RPG titles. The only Freeman's weakness is that he isn't really a talking type, but that's okay because we have a perfect slick type of guy for our group.

DPS Rogue - Corvo Attano

Aside from know-it-all ranger, each RPG party should have a powerful DPS rogue that can come out from the shadows and gut every enemy in just a couple of quick moves. And the perfect character for this role is Dishonored's Corvo Attano. He is an expert for both long range and close range combat and he possesses a handy range of both melee and ranged weapons. His crossbow can make enemies fall asleep or it can poison them, and when needed he can slice enemies with his trusty blade.

dps rogue corvo attano

Corvo also can either be an in-your-face rogue or a silent and stealthy type of rogue who keeps himself inside shadows. We prefer the latter type because this gives him an advantage of enemies not being aware of him before it's too late.

And there's the fact that Corvo, aside from being master at melee and ranged combat and pretty deadly with various weapons, happens to have a wide range of pretty useful powers. He can stop time, allowing our party to make a mess out of every enemy, to investigate any building without its residents being aware that someone's inside it, and teleport himself to hard to reach places, discovering secrets that are hidden from plain view. Add to that the all-seeing heart that can guide our characters towards hidden relics and a useful power to possess other living beings and you got yourself a perfect DPS rogue that also can be used for a variety of other tasks.

Tank - Kratos

Having the God of War as your main tank has many advantages. Firstly, Kratos is a god meaning he cannot be killed by mere mortal monsters. This means he is a perfect tank for low-level dungeons. Sure, some games have badass immortal bosses but since Kratos is a God of War he would kill most of them without even breaking a sweat. He is an expert melee warrior and has a nice set of different weapons, each more deadly than the other.

tank kratos

With the help of Corvo and his power to stop the flow of time, Kratos could become unstoppable, being able to quickly kill even the most powerful bosses found in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. He can protect the whole party and won't let anyone harm those members that aren't really good at defending themselves.

If you're looking for a tank there's no better choice than to pick the God of War. You'll get the ultimate, unstoppable killing machine that has only one weakness. He can be very tricky to calm down when angered so we hope that other members of our ultimate RPG party won't step on his foot too often.

Unarmed Monk - Bruce Wayne

Each party should have at least one unarmed combat expert, monk archetype if you want to use that term. And the best choice for this role definitely is the Caped Crusader. If you played any of the recent Batman Arkham games you know just how deadly Bruce is when he fights with nothing else but his hands. He is a proper killing (okay, knocking down) machine that is capable of facing against dozens of opponents at the same time. They can be armed or not, be huge or shield wielding but they cannot be a match for the Batman.

unarmed monk bruce wayne

And on top of his unarmed combat proficiency, Bruce Wayne also has lots of handy tools at his disposal. The explosive gel can knock down walls, his special, detective vision could really help in solving puzzles and finding out secret areas filled with loot and his remote-controlled batarangs can activate out-of-reach switches. On top of all that Batman is also the world's best detective, allowing him to help Gordon Freeman in solving tricky environmental puzzles or quest that involve solving crimes, or hunting down monsters or criminals. And he also has that super handy grappling hook that will make reaching roofs and high areas very easy.

In general, Batman is a whole package. He is a master unarmed warrior, he has lots of gadgets that can prove helpful in any RPG, he is pretty smart and he has a biceps the size of an average minivan, which can knock down Killer Croc and Bane not to talk about most normal monsters and enemies that appear in most RPG games. And when it comes to bigger and badder enemies, he can turn off their weapons, electrocute them, or just disappear in a cloud of smoke. Of course, he won't be alone since there are rest of the members of our party, meaning that Bryce Wayne is one of the strongest members of the party because his many proficiencies along with his gadgets can create some deadly combos when done in cooperation with other members of the party.

DPS Warrior - Master Chief

This was one very easy choice. Master Chief is the most badass soldier in the whole galaxy, capable of destroying whole worlds. This makes him a perfect addition to our ultimate RPG team. Master Chief can, similar to Gordon Freeman, wield practically any weapon but in addition to a wide array of ranged death dealers, Master Chief is pretty good with a sword making him deadly even in classic, epic RPG video games where melee weapons are in bundles.

dps warrior master chief

And aside from being ultimate DPS warrior that can handle hordes of enemies of his own, Master Chief is an excellent team player, which is great because our party always battles together. He can use other character's powers in combination with his own great strength and superhuman powers to climb unreachable areas, to kill huge bosses, and to mow down hordes of smaller enemies.

He is trigger happy making him not really good for quests that involve solving crimes or finding the one real suspect (in fact, Kratos is even worse for those quests) but luckily he and God of War can chill inside our party's camp outside of town, being away from starting any trouble with the locals. Sure, we could pick the Doom Marine for this part but, while he is probably even better with guns than Master Chief, he isn't so good with swords although his melee skills can shatter the bones of most demons.

Slick Silver Tongue - Ezio Auditore da Firenze

And since most RPGs value good conversation skills, we have to have a charismatic silver tongue character a part of our ultimate RPG group. And there's no one better at talking that fan favorite Ezio Auditore. The man talked his way out of many grave situations, has a huge charisma that helped him to single-handedly revive Assassins movement and, when all talks fail, is capable of quickly dealing with enemies in a stealthy fashion.

slick silver tongue ezio auditore da firenze

Since Ezio can talk himself out of any situation he would be perfect for quests asking for a high charisma characters. Combine him with Bryce Wayne's detective skills and these two are capable of acing every single RPG that cherishes characters who like to think a bit before they act, who aren't afraid to roam the area in search for clues, and who like to talk with everyone instead killing them without asking any question.

And if this isn't enough, Ezio is an excellent assassin capable of climbing up any building, hill, mountain, or other types of vantage point allowing him to be a perfect scout. And since he is a silent assassin he, Batman, and Corvo can infiltrate areas and kill all enemies in a silent fashion saving up time and resources of our party and making it very crafty when it comes to the stealthy way of play.

Support Mage - Chell

Chell is the main character of Portal and you probably guessed by now why we picked her for the role of support mage. Instead of healing allies and crippling enemies, Chell can simply move them out of the way with her portal gun. And once an ally is in danger she can quickly return he or she to safety with just a couple of triggers of her gun. When you think about it, the portal gun is a perfect support weapon with infinite possibilities.

support mage chell

Chell can open portals and enable out heroes to quickly invade enemy forces, to go directly to the boss of the area instead of wasting time battling his minions. She can create cool traps by placing a portal to a chokepoint and then lure enemies to their demise since the other end of the portal can be placed on top of a lava field, or an acid pool, or in vacuum of space, or on top of some other gnarly object seen in many RPG games.

Chell is a perfect support member of our group and if needed, Gordon Freeman can work on her portal gun and make it shooting healing beam instead of creating portals. Or, even better, Gordon and Bryce, with the help of otherworldly knowledge available to Corvo and our last character, could construct some kind of a standalone healing gun that could make Chell even better at what she does. Just imagine her having access to two powerful weapons, one that can send allies and enemies anywhere and the other capable of quickly healing allies. Put Kratos and Master Chief in front of her as protection and Chell could become the most powerful member of our, already pretty powerful, RPG party.

DPS Mage - Gandalf

When it comes to the most powerful mage that isn't coming from an RPG game, the list is pretty short and the one that is by far the most famous is Gandalf. While most of you would say that he cannot be a member of our ultimate RPG party because he is from a movie and a book, we have to say that Gandalf was a playable character in more than one game, and none of those games was a role-playing one. The most famous Gandalf's video game role probably was in The Return of The King, a hack and slash blood fest that is one of the best games based on a movie. Gandalf was also a playable hero in the excellent RTS game The Battle for Middle Earth.

dps mage gandalf

So, Gandalf is pretty powerful, especially once he becomes Gandalf the White. This makes him an easy choice for our ultimate RPG party. He is super powerful, can kill almost any baddie, can also heal other members of the team, and if he gets bored he could ace any RPG video game single handed. He is also very wise making him a perfect addition to complex RPG quests that include investigation and since he knows to talk, he could aid Ezio and play the role of the secondary silver-tongued character.

So, this is our perfect GPR party in which each character has multiple roles. Each of the characters is an excellent addition to the team, and each of them can play more than one role. Together, we are pretty sure they are capable of finishing any quest available in every single RPG game ever released. We even have a couple of healers, which can help the characters who are mortal. And since some of them are immortal, they are perfect for those games that have various gods acting as end bosses. Good luck bad guys, because this band will get you, pretty easy.

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