How To Successfully Convert Surveys And Other Offers Into Points

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in News on 22nd March, 2017

how to convert offers

One of the things you'll quickly realise when you start attempting offers such as surveys, app downloads and email submits is that they don't always convert into points.

This can be frustrating, since a lot of effort goes into completing them.

Actually, it's generally frustrating for the points site you're using too - since they don't earn anything either, when your offers don't convert.

I have a lot of experience with offers, so here's my detailed guide on how to convert offers successfully and get the points you deserve!

General Advice For Completing Offers

The way offers work is they trigger a conversion when you carry out a very specific action. Think of it like stepping on a mousetrap by accident.

Therefore it pays to turn over as many areas of an offer as you can, until you trigger the conversion. Often the instructions that accompany an offer will deliberately fall short of what is required, because advertisers want to see who is genuinly interested in their product or service.

You should also avoid providing useless information. Advertisers are very adept at checking the accuracy of information using online databases, so more often than not they will know when you're holding back information.

Generally you should try to over-deliver on what the advertiser is asking for, rather than provide the minimum possible. That way you will stand out and get the conversion.

Finally, avoid using any deceptive software or automation to complete offers. Advetisers are very adept at spotting this, and we also do our own fraud detection to further protect them. If you deceive advertisers you'll receive points chargebacks and won't receive your prize.

How To Convert Email Submit Offers

Email submit offers are simple offers that ask you to submit your email.

Usually this enters your email for a newsletter of some description. You may also be entered for some free samples, sweepstakes or other online contests:

email submit offers

Firstly, don't use a made-up email for these offers. I know it might seem like this would work, but actually it's quite easy to check whether an email is real or not. They will send you an email to see if your email provider responds with a delivery notification.

You should also avoid using fake email generators, since usually advertisers will have an extensive list of fake email domains. Essentially you should use your real email address.

And frankly there's not much to fear from spam these days anyway, since most spam will be sent straight to your junk mail folder.

Another thing you should do is find any emails they send you and open them. Click any links you can find in the email they send you and explore whichever site they link to. The more you explore and interract with the advertiser's brand, the more likely their offer will be to convert.

How To Convert Survey Offers

For surveys you should complete all the required information as accurately as possible. Read their instructions very carefully and provide extensive answers, rather than brief or uninteligable answers.

Another thing to consider is demographics. Companies pay for surveys to find out relevant information about how to improve their products. Therefore you should pick surveys that fit your demographic and that you can add value with. Don't waste their time with useless information. So for example, if you're a 60 year old male, it's probably a bad idea to fill a survey about women's hygiene products. Use any available text fields to show your knowledge and fully qualify yourself.

Once you've completed a survey you should try and go further. Look for any emails they send you, open them and visit any sites they link to. If at the end of the offer it asks you to visit another offer then you should go ahead and do that.

Again, you should look to over-deliver with accurate information and interract as much as possible.

How To Convert App Download Offers

Especially if you access our offers using one of our mobile apps, you'll probably see a list of app download offers. Often these will be gaming apps for example:

app download offers

In many cases these offers will be triggered by an install and not just a download. So make sure you install them.

Even more commonly the conversion is triggered when you actually use the app. This makes sense because advertisers want you to actually use the app they are promoting.

They may even be triggered by reaching a certain level of progress or use. So go ahead and use the app as much as possible over the next day or so. You might even find that it's an app you want to keep using!

How To Convert Site Registration Offers

Often you'll see an offer asking you to register for a website. These offers rarely convert just for filling in a registration form.

Instead you should visit your email inbox and confirm your account email address. You should also log into the website a few times and explore what they have to offer.

Interracting in this way is far more likely to trigger a conversion than simply filling in a registration form. Advertisers want people to at least explore what they have to offer.

It's ok if you're not interested, as long as you explore!

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