E3 2018: Electronic Arts Highlights

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming and News on 12th June, 2018

EA started the flood with their press conference and we have to say that it was the weakest of them all. Okay, Square Enix was a bit worse, but EA is the close second. The company showed some Battlefield action along with announcing that the game will feature a Battle Royale mode - and, quite unexpected, failed to show any gameplay, which was rather disappointing - announced a new Star Wars title (it seems the game will be single player!), a dark Jedi title about dark period of the galaxy set between episode III and IV, titled "Jedi Fallen Order." With Respawn behind the helm we are sure that the action will be superb, now we just have to wait for 2019 holiday season when we will finally get to play a new single player Star Wars game! And yeah, Battlefront II is getting new DLC based on Clone Wars.

The publisher showed two indie titles that both look rather interesting. Unravel II, the sequel to the excellent 2D platforming adventure is based around 2 player co-op but you also can play the game solo. It already got out so if you're interested you can play it right now. The second title is called Sea of Solitude and it revolves around loneliness and giant monsters that are, in fact, people who were too lonely. It looks good and we can't wait to check it out after it comes out in early 2019.

And now, some bad, very bad news. We will get a new Command and Conquer game but, the game isn't a PC or console title. Nope, Command and Conquer Rivals is a free-to-play mobile title that is marketed as "competitive mobile RTS." Rig... Anyway, you can pre-register on Google Play Store and once the game comes out you will be notified.

And yes, we have seen Anthem gameplay and we must say that the game looks like the best Iron Man simulation ever, along with cool moves and weapons and Jarvis telling you where to go and what to do (we don't know if they really hired Paul Bettany to do to voiceover but the voice on the onboard computer that guides the player through quests sounds almost exactly like Jarvis). The game looks nice, but flying seems way to slow to be convincing and gameplay is based around killing waves of enemies, alone or together with up to four friends.

Graphics are amazing and people from BioWare promised the game will receive regular injections of new content years after the release. Anthem comes out on February 22, 2019.

Other notable announcements from EA's conference are Madden on PC (finally!) and FIFA 19 (along with Champions League mode. The thing that piqued our interest is a new form of Origin Access called Origin Access Premier that gives players access to new EA releases one week before they come out on top of access to all 100+ Vault games. The service is basically the same as Xbox Game Pass and it costs $15 a month or $99 a year. Yearly subscription really sounds interesting because for $100 (lower than the cost of two AAA games) you get access to all new games for EA, which is awesome for those who are into sports titles and multiplayer shooters.

Biggest announcement: Jedi Fallen Order. The game could become of the major hits for 2019 if done right.

Most Pleasant surprise: Origin Access Premier. If you're into EA games, you could play them all for just $100 a year, which is an amazing price.

Biggest Letdown: C&C Rivals for sure.

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