E3 2018: Nintendo Highlights

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming and News on 13th June, 2018

Nintendo's show was even more efficient than Microsoft's. We got to see a good number of new games along with many confirmations showing that lots of current games will come to the Switch.

The show started with an upcoming mech game called Daemon X Machina, slated for 2019. The game looks like a mash-up between Gundam and Armored Core and features solid graphics and intense combat. Next, we got an announcement of a new Super Mario Party that will be out on October 5. The game features lots of different activities and is local multiplayer-centric (Nintendo really hates online multiplayer) but we hope it will feature online multiplayer. Also, Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes in the Switch in Spring 2019.

Next, we saw lots of confirmations about upcoming releases. Fortnite and Hollow Knight can be played right now, with a bunch of other games also coming to the console this year, most of them being indie titles..

And then the stage was dominated by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game will feature every character who appeared in every previous Smash Bros. game, every single one. Players will start with a limited choice of characters with new ones being unlocked after completing various achievements, which is much better than locking them as paid DLC. And one new character will land into Super Smash Bros. universe - Ridley from Metroid. The game will support chaotic eight-player battles and will work with GameCube controller. Last but not least, the game will come out on December 7th.

Star of the Show: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Biggest Surprise: The fact that new Smash Bros. title features tons of characters, all of them really..

Biggest Letdown: No new game announcements aside from Daemon vs Machina. .

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