E3 2018: Conference Keynotes (Plus Interesting Highlights)

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming and News on 13th June, 2018

The biggest and most known gaming expo, the E3, is here and before it even started we had the chance of seeing the four biggest video game publishers along with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, showing their upcoming games on their pre-E3 conferences. There were massive reveals, a couple of huge surprises along with some nasty disappointments but overall, we can say that 2019 will be a massive year when it comes to gaming.

Yup, most games announced during the last weekend will land in 2019 - word of warning, save up your Christmas money for February 2019 because it seems everyone thought that no one would release games in February so at the end everyone slated lots of major releases for the shortest month of the year - but no worries since there will be many cool titles you will be able to play this year.

Stay with us as we recap all the major announcements from every conference, watch lots of trailers and find out which conference was the best. Let us begin!

2018 Conference Keynotes

Here's an in-depth breakdown of all the most important keynotes this year:

e3 2018 ea

EA Keynote

e3 2018 microsoft

Microsoft Keynote

e3 2018 bethesda

Bethesda Keynote

e3 2018 square enix

Square Enix Keynote

e3 2018 ubisoft

Ubisoft Keynote

e3 2018 sony

Sony Keynote

e3 2018 nintendo

Nintendo Keynote

Final Recap

For the end of this epic E3 conference, recap let us talk about best games from two other shows - the PC Gaming Show and Devolver E3 conference.

The first one featured by far the best hosts. Both of them knew a lot about games, were funny as hell and could do some proper improvisation.

The PC Gaming Show's best games include ManEater, a horrific hold for it, Shark open world RPG where you play as shark, eat people, upgrade skills (such as getting bigger jaws!) and wander around the world solving quests. We can't wait for this one, it looks like a blast. ManEater will either fail spectacularly or it will become a smash indie hit.

Neo Cab and Night Call are two games where you drive a cab, one set in the future and one featuring neo-noir visuals. Next, we have the Sinking City that is a detective game with lots of survival horror vibe set in a town plagued by H.P. Lovecraftian monsters. Sega announced that Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami are coming to PC (OMG!!!) along with Valkyria Chronicles 4. We got exclusive gameplay look at Overkill's The Walking Dead, and the game looks meh. It is just way to similar to the Left 4 Dead.

The PC Gaming Show gave us first look at Noita, a 2D game in which every pixel is simulated (watch the trailer for a deeper explanation), and a cool gameplay video of Two Point Hospital that shows diseases such as monobrow epidemic and turtlehead disease. It looks like the game will have tons of laughs. Last but not least is the reveal trailer for Rapture Rejects, a Battle Royale set in Cyanide & Happiness (the webcomic) universe. Just watch the trailer, it's phenomenal. Star Control: Origins is space RPG game where you lead your ship through many cool planets and systems made by Stardock, Sable is an exploration game with unique art style that looks rugged and sandy but soh so fluid at the same time, and Satisfactory is a game where you build huge automated factories with friends from people who brought Factorio, a game where you built huge automated factories all by yourself. .

And for the end, let's talk about one extremely interesting game shown during Devolver's E3 show. My Friend Pedro is a slick 2D shooter that looks like bloody slow-motion ballet and that features lots of blood and gunfights. The game looks like a symphony of violence and is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch.

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