8 Most Intense Mobile Multiplayer Shooters

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 15th June, 2018

Gaming on smartphones has come a long way since the good old days of Snake and Space Impact (which still is an awesome game btw) we played on our Nokia phones. Today, flagship devices such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 are capable to render console level graphics, with most recent flagship devices being way more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. This gave the rise of a new wave of mobile games that feature incredible visuals but fail on many other fronts.

The main problem with all those pretty and shiny mobile games is the fact that they are either pay-to-win products that require from players to churn out huge sums of money in order to stay competitive or that they lack exciting and well-designed gameplay. Luckily, there are still some excellent games that can be played competitively by not paying a dime or by shelling out a couple of bucks, and among them, you can find some excellent multiplayer FPS games, all you have to do is to scratch below the surface. But, if you don't have the time to search through the App Store or Google Play Store we found the best multiplayer FPS games that can be played on Android and iOS devices and decided to share them with you. Check out some of the best online FPS experiences you can find right now.

PUBG Mobile (Android, iOS)

There's no doubt that PUBG still is one of the most popular shooter games out there. Yes, the PC version saw a steady decline of active players but that cannot be said about its mobile counterpart. Since the game is being developed by a different team we expected for it to be below the quality of its big brother but the fact is that funny enough, the mobile version of the game is by far the better choice if you're down for some battle royale multiplayer action.

This version will work of most modern smartphones with graphics that are excellent even on low settings. If you own any flagship device from past couple of years you will be able to play the game on high graphics without any problems. In fact, we are positive that the mobile version features better optimization that the PC and Xbox One versions.

Once you are inside the game you will notice that controls are excellently done, that the game features a nice way of picking weapons and other items, which is perfect for touchscreen devices, and that you don't need surround headphones to know where enemies are. The action is smooth and doesn't feature that annoying lag the PC and console version occasionally suffers from, and it is generally easier to get your chicken dinner if you play the mobile version. If you're looking for a nice looking online shooter game that features superb gunplay PUBG mobile is the way to go, especially if you're on Android because the platform is still waiting for Fortnite to arrive.

Fortnite Mobile (iOS)

Fortnite is the most popular game in the world at the moment and rightfully so. Epic games managed to produce one excellent multiplayer shooter that shines on every platform available. No matter where you play the game you will find the experience tight, excellently optimized, lag-free, with perfect controls. And the iOS version features all of the aforementioned qualities. The game has incredible graphics for a mobile game, it supports most features of its bigger cousins including voice chats and constant updates, and it works and plays excellently.

Fortnite for iOS is free-to-play and you don't have to spend a dime in order to be competitive. All you have to do is to play the game often and git good. The gameplay is even better than in PUBG, and we have to commend Epic Games for managing to include all of the features of the PC and console version and for making controls so good and accurate. Sure, we can say that auto-aim mechanic is too aggressive at times, but that works for all players and it works rather well so no one can have an unfair advantage. The game supports cross-play between every version of the game so you will be able to play with or against friends that play the game on consoles or PC, and once Fortnite lands on Android (it should come out in August according to latest info) it will surely become the best multiplayer shooter that can be played on mobile devices.

Forward Assault (Android, iOS)

While the first two games on our list both feature the currently most popular Battle Royale form of multiplayer, Forward Assault is the mobile clone of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And we must say that is the best CS: GO clone available for mobile devices. The game features excellent graphics that aren't demanding but at the same time manage to offer players nice visuals that make the game very attractive at first sight.

Next, the game offers a couple of online modes that aim at Counter-Strike fans. You can play the bomb mode that represents the classic defuse mode found in CS: GO, or you can test your aim and reflexes in classic team deathmatch mode. For those who are still learning the game, there's the offline mode that offers fighting against bots that aren't really skilled but are good enough for some quick practice. The game also features Ranked bomb mode that is for those who think are skilled enough because the mode is filled with other high ranked players.

The best quality of Forward Assault, aside from its graphics is the fact that the game offers complete control customization. This allows every player to tweak controls until finding a perfect balance, and the addition of the offline bot mode is a perfect place to test various control configurations. The game also features many different weapons and ballistics are done extremely well for a mobile game. There are a couple of downsides like the fact that the lag can become unbearable at times and that you will encounter a fair share of cheaters, but other than that the game is an awesome multiplayer shooter for mobile devices.

Blitz Brigade (Android, iOS)

While the game is made by Gameloft, a company known for its greedy pay-to-win titles this one can be played without spending a dime, or by paying a couple of bucks because you can be competitive by practicing and by playing the game on regular basis because it is filled with various events that come with a hefty amount of different prizes. The game itself is quite similar to Team Fortress 2. You can pick between seven different classes and each class has its own unique roll on the battlefield. Because of this, the game might look pretty complex when you start but keep playing and you will discover your favorite class and will learn just what to do in a game to make your team victorious.

Blitz Brigade features detailed, shiny, and colorful graphics that will please most mobile gamers and the fact that the game is live for a couple of years already means that it isn't really demanding. You will be able to play it on high graphics on every relatively modern device. Controls can be customized and there's a solid single-player mode made for familiarizing new players with the gameplay and for trying out new control schemes.

And when it comes to multiplayer, the game really shines. You can pick between four different modes that include team deathmatch, capture the flag (our favorite), a free-for-all where everyone can become a target, and Domination where players must compete for and hold various points on the map in order to win the game. Blitz Brigade is one of the prettiest games out there that features excellent gunplay and that can be played for a long time without paying a dime.

Neon Shadow (Android, iOS)

Neon Shadow is a hardcore FPS for fans of the golden age of multiplayer FPS games that include Quake III Arena, Quake Champions, and Unreal Tournament. It is extremely fast-paced and features unique visuals that remind us of the movie Tron. The game is quite good looking without being taxing on hardware and for its worth, we have to say that we prefer this kind of visual identity that puts other players in focus, allowing you to quickly spot them without checking out gorgeous environments.

You will find all usual weapons that became the staple of old-school multiplayer FPS games like the machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, railgun, and more. The game does come with a compelling single-player campaign that features interesting story, excellently designed missions, hard but rewarding difficulty, and many memorable encounters. It is more than we can find in most mobile titles and really stands out among other mobile FPS games. The campaign isn't there just to make you comfortable with the controls and to introduce you with gameplay; it is an excellent piece of single-player content that should definitely be finished, even if you are a fan of multiplayer.

And multiplayer is where things get spicy. It does offer just a single mode (team deathmatch) but the action is so intense and explosive and online optimization is so well done that playing Neon Shadow multiplayer is one of the best experiences available on mobile devices at the moment. The game is free with ads and it doesn't offer in-app purchases meaning that it is only up to you and your skill when it comes to earning frags and avoiding being killed in multiplayer.

Neon Shadow supports control customization but it is a real shame that the game offers a slightly worse experience with touch controls than other games featured on this list. It does offer customization meaning that you probably will find a control scheme that suits you, just don't expect for controls to be as tight as in PUBG, Shadowgun Legends, or Fortnite. For the end, it is worth mentioning that Neon Shadow supports LAN multiplayer meaning that you can play the game with your friends. All you have to do is to gather together and bring your mobile devices. This is the best old school shooter available for mobile devices at the moment and we would definitely want to see more games that play like Neon Shadow.

UNKILLED (Android, iOS)

Unkilled comes from Madfinger games that are one of the best mobile game developers out there and we must say that the game is one of the few that lives up to its hype. It basically is a free-to-play zombie shooter with amazing graphics and when we say amazing we mean that the game on highest settings looks like a title developed for the Xbox 360 or PS3. Yup, visuals are that good. And while the game is free-to-play you can get enough gold by playing various events and logging-in regularly. On top of that, the game features thick single player campaign filled with intense action that will put you in New York City during a zombie apocalypse. There are lots of cool missions to beat and lots of interesting weapons to get.

The game also has an excellent online multiplayer that is filled with players from around the world. Multiplayer is great, it is action-packed and filled with great battles. Gunplay is top notch and we have to say that this game is one of those rare titles that doesn't force you to constantly shell out cash to stay competitive.

You will be hooked as soon as you start playing because UNKILLED offers some of the best action we seen in any mobile title along with amazing touchscreen controls. You can, of course, spend a couple of bucks that will ease up in-game progression and if you really want to invest your time in this game we advise you to spend a bit of cash because it is definitely worth it. You see, the game offers so much content that you will be hooked for dozens of hours so it is okay to spend a bit, just to show developers respect for making such a good game.

War Robots (Android, iOS)

If you're a fan of mechs and like when the combat is a bit slower then you have to try War Robots. The game offers competitive multiplayer battles between huge robots and it relies more on strategy and tactics than on quick reflexes. The game is filled with different robots with almost forty different models, each one with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Maps are huge and open, forcing direct confrontation and disabling those awful campers that can kill you without even spotting them. Well, they won't be found in this game because every robot is huge and easy to spot even from a mile away and because maps are really open and great for those who like man-on-man action. The action is based around 6v6 battles and we must say that, while the action isn't as fast-paced as in other games on this list, the sheer explosiveness of gunplay makes this game extremely intense and adrenaline-pumping.

There are lots of different weapons to pick from and it doesn't matter which playstyle you prefer, you will find a perfect weapon combination. The game offers solid visuals and while it won't blow your mind it is pretty enough to fulfill modern graphics standards. While the game is free-to-play, there are lots of ways to earn in-game cash. But remember, you will have to play the game on a regular basis in order to get better robots and powerful weapons. So, if you plan on trying out the game know that you can be competitive but only if you play the game often.

Shadowgun Legends (Android, iOS)

Shadowgun Legends is the latest and greatest online FPS game from Madfinger games. Like the studio's other titles, the game looks amazing. Really, we talk about PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 level of visuals, like those seen in UNKILLED, only better. To get you the idea how gorgeous is this game let's just say that you have to own the latest smartphones (iPhone 8/X, Android devices with Snapdragon 845) in order to play on highest settings without hiccups.

Now, this one is a mobile version of Destiny and we have to say that it is even better than the real thing. Firstly, it's gorgeous. Next, it cost zero dollars, and all you have to pay for in order to stay competitive is $5 (lowest in-app purchase) that gives you more inventory slots, enabling you to hold lots of looted items and to sell them in order to buy better weapons and armor. The game also features a huge single player campaign made out of more than 200 missions, and there's also co-op multiplayer missions as well as raids that can give you cool and powerful new weapons.

The game also supports online multiplayer that is a top of the line experience because you can dominate even if you didn't spend a ton of money on the game (as we said, $5 is more than enough). And controls are the best we ever saw in a game that plays on a touchscreen. Sure, the best way to play is to hook up a controller but you will be amazed at how tight and accurate aiming is on a touchscreen. If you are looking a game that plays like Destiny look no further. Shadowgun Legends is stuffed with quality content, it doesn't require a fortune in order to be enjoyed and it offers excellent online multiplayer, both PvP and co-op.

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