How To Get Referral Points By Sharing Coupons

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in Affiliates on 18th February, 2017

Many PointsPrizes users are familiar with the process of redeeming coupons to get free bonus points. But how many do you suppose considered the possibility that there was another, much more powerful way, to earn points from coupons?


Everyone loves coupons, including people that haven't even heard of PointsPrizes yet. And there are thousands of coupon websites and databases dedicated to providing a platform for people to share their coupons. These sites can be a great source of residual search traffic to your referral links.

For the purposes of this guide I'm going to assume that you've already found some PointsPrizes coupons to share, since there are many places you can find them in our community, social media and on the internet already. If not, you should spend a few minutes to find one.

Step 1 - Finding Coupon Sites

This is generally the easy part, since there's a plethora of coupon websites out there. More specifically though, we're looking for sites that allow us to submit our own coupons. We can do this by performaing an exact-match Google Search (including the quotation marks) query as follows:

"submit coupon" <-- type this into Google Search

You'll see a long list of generic coupon websites where you can submit coupon codes. But actually, we want to target a specific niche of keywords, so we're going to add some broad match keywords to our Google Search query as well:

"submit coupon" free psn codes <-- type this into Google Search

Now you'll see a list of niche webpages where you can submit your coupons. Usually there will be a "submit coupon" button either in the header or footer of the website. Click on that link to take you to their coupon submissions form. Note that some sites may require you to register before you can submit a coupon.

Step 2 - Creating A Custom Referral Link

The PointsPrizes referral program is particularly powerful because it provides you with ways to fully customize your referral links!

create referral link

We recommend that you choose to target a niche, such as Playstation. This way anyone that clicks on your referral link will be taken to a bespoke landing page that will result in more signups than a generic link.

Also, we strongly recommend you type in a keyword-rich alias, so that your referral link won't look like a referral link. This is particularly vital in this case, since you're going to need to get through their moderation process and they will probably strip any obvious referral links. Alias referral links are much more likely to pass through unnoticed.

Step 3 - Planning Your Keywords

Usually when you submit your coupon you'll be able to include a title and description of some kind. Therefore it's important to plan your keywords if you want to maximize the amount of search traffic you will get.

Fortunately, once you've created your referral links, we provide you with a list of highly-searched keywords to target. You should choose maybe one or two of these only, such as the keyword "free psn codes", and not the whole list.

Step 4 - Submitting Your Coupon, And Referral Link

When you fill in the coupon submission form there will generally always be 4 main fields for you to complete: Title, Description, Coupon Code and Site Link - which will be your referral link.

submit coupon

Your goal here is to tell visitors about the prizes that PointsPrizes has to offer, in some natural sounding, keyword-rich text. It's worth taking some time at this stage to write some original content that provides value to anyone reading it. We strongly advise against copy and pasting the same text over and over, since this will prevent your coupon listings from ranking well in Google Search.

Here's an example of a coupon site submission done well:

PointsPrizes Free PSN Codes Coupon

PointsPrizes is a site that allows you to legally earn free PSN codes, by completing surveys and other offers. Redeem this coupon for 25 free bonus points!


Visit Site:

As you can imagine, a keyword-rich page like this will get plenty of residual search traffic over time and many people will copy your coupon to the clipboard and then click on your referral link. Most of them will then sign up, because they want to use your coupon.


Ultimately you'll receive bonus points from every valid account you recruit, as well as referral points when your referrals convert offers. Coupon sites are an incredibly good way of getting a continuous stream of residual traffic to your referral links.

It will take some practice, but for every submission you make you'll be adding to your residual points income.

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