Energy Boosting Breakfast Smoothie Ideas For Raw Vegan Foodies

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 20th July, 2018

As the well-known saying goes - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - And this is no different for vegans or raw vegan foodies than it is for anyone else.

energy boosting breakfast smoothie

If you are eating a fully or partially Raw Vegan Diet, and especially if you are new to your diet, breakfast is the perfect opportunity to fuel your body with all of the nutrients and energy it needs to help you function at your most optimal level throughout the morning, and stop you from having moments of weakness and reaching for something convenient that might fall outside of your healthy diet and what you want to achieve for your body and mind.

Here are some easy, energy boosting breakfast smoothie recipes for raw vegan foodies that will give you something exciting to wake up to.

The True Breakfast Smoothie: Basic Recipe

The true breakfast smoothie is essentially a breakfast drink that combines all of your favourite healthy raw vegan ingredients, and is easy and convenient to consume either at home or on the way to work, because you can drink it straight out of your drinking bottle through a straw.

Being able to drink it easily through a straw means you can have your breakfast on the go if you have a busy morning, but it also means that your smoothie has to be of the right consistency and blended well so that your straw doesn't get blocked!

smoothie basic recipe

Here is a great base smoothie recipe guide to help you concoct your own awesome breakfast smoothies for on the go morning nourishment and enjoyment.

  • Frozen bananas make the best base for a breakfast smoothie because when blended with other ingredients they can create a nice, thick and cold liquid - the perfect breakfast, which is both refreshing and filling. If you don't like bananas or want to try something different, go for thick fibrous fruits like mango, or add a sprinkle of raw oats to add thickness.
  • Add greens to make sure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day. I'm talking spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, or whatever takes your fancy! I know it might sound horrific to add something like spinach to your sweet banana drink, but don't worry, the taste will be disguised by the other ingredients. Just make sure that you blend for long enough if you don't want chewy bits in your smoothie.
  • Other fruits can be added to change the flavour of your smoothie and include different nutrients. The natural sugars that are released will help to balance out the flavour of the greens and make your drink taste sweeter if you like it sweet. Adding frozen fruit will make your smoothie nice and cold!
  • Extras - If you love the taste of cinnamon or cacao, go ahead and sprinkle some in. There are also many different superfood powers, nuts and seeds that you can add to give your smoothie an extra power boost. Chia seeds are popular, and if left to soak up moisture they will expand and help to thicken your smoothie too. I like to add raw oats for some texture, but not too many, otherwise you may end up clogging your straw. You can sweeten your smoothie by blending in soaked dates, or just add a dash of your favourite natural sweetener.

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

I love these because you can add all sorts of yummy extras, and eating breakfast with a spoon from a bowl always feels like a more satisfying breakfast experience to me.

smoothie bowl

Your smoothie base can be quite simple for the breakfast smoothie bowl, and slightly thicker than a smoothie that you would drink through a straw if you prefer. I tend to chop up my chosen fruits instead of blending them into the smoothie. Apple provides a satisfying crunch, and I like to chew on dates and raisins. Nuts and seeds can be sprinkled on as toppings too.

The best thing about preparing a smoothie bowl is making it look all colourful and pretty, and then taking a photo of it to post on your Instagram feed, before getting messy - nomnomnom!

Overnight Oats

For a get up and go breakfast that fills you up and really hits the spot, this smoothie/porridge hybrid is fun to make and fun to eat. Prepare it the night before and put it in the fridge, and by the morning you'll have a frosty cool, gooey chewy, refreshing breakfast that you can even take with you and eat at the office if you're running late for work.

It's best to prepare this breakfast in a glass jar with a lid so that you can shake it vigorously to mix everything together, and then eat it directly from the jar.

It's super easy to prepare:

1. The first layer in your jar is one cup of raw oats

2. The second layer is a generous dollop of your favourite yoghurt

3. The third layer is your fruit, chopped up into small chunks

4. The fourth layer is your toppings

5. The final layer is your choice of nut milk, or good old plain water. Fill it to the top, leaving enough room to shake it all up.


  • A great fruit combo is banana and apple for a nice mix of crunchy and soft texture! I also like berries, mango and pear. Grapefruit juice wakes me up!
  • You can add frozen fruit and it will defrost overnight
  • Toppings can include nuts, seeds, chia seeds, dried fruit, cinnamon, raw cacao powder... your imagination is the limit
  • You don't have to eat it from the jar either, spoon it into a bowl and spread your fruit and toppings over in the morning instead, for a more civilised breakfast event.
raw smoothie

Raw vegan smoothie breakfasts are just the best. It's the perfect opportunity to start your day with some creativity, and fill up on a breakfast that is packed with goodness yet tastes like dessert. You can stick to your favourite combinations or have a different breakfast every single day of the week. Do a bit of online research and come up with the best combos for filling you up until lunch, giving you energy to fuel your morning workout, help boost your immune system, or keep your skin clear... so many possibilities.

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