10 Best Jobs In The World

by Menka Dimitrovska, Money Columnist

Published in Money on 21st July, 2018

You know how people always say that if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life?

That's exactly how you'll feel about today's list of the World's best dream jobs that could be available to you if you only knew where to look. Not to worry, as that's exactly what I'm going to share with you today.

Here's a list of jobs that we all dreamed about doing when we were kids, without knowing that they were actually all available to us as adults.

best jobs in the world

You're never too old to apply for most of these jobs on the list, and some don't require a lot of previous experience which is another big plus!

So stop spending your days daydreaming and try your luck at a more interesting and unusual career change.

Let's have a look at some of those dream jobs, and see which one fits your skills and desires the most.

Some of them will seem too good to be true, but trust me; they all exist, and most pay pretty well, if I may add.

Video Game Player

video game player

Estimated pay: $50k a year

Job Description: You'll have to assist players and help them achieve higher scores, or test out new games that are still in the developing stages

Pros: A chance to play the newest releases and have fun for a living

Con: Staying in a room playing video games all day

Requirements: A passion for playing video games

Crossword Puzzle Writer

Estimated pay: $70k a year

Job Description: Writing crossword puzzles in a timely manner, using interesting and non-repetitive vocabulary

Pros: Can be done from home

Cons: You can run out of ideas over time

Requirements: A wide-ranging vocabulary

Ice Cream Taster

ice cream taster

Estimated pay: $60k a year

Job Description: Tasting and evaluating ice cream in terms of texture, flavor, taste and smell

Pros: You get to eat ice cream for a living

Cons: You need to have a degree

Requirements: A background in food science

Water Slide Tester

Estimated pay: $26k a year

Job Description: Although it pretty much sounds like a made up job that you probably dreamed up of when you were a child, it actually is a real job. The job doesn't just require sliding down water slides, however. You'll be required to check everything from speed, height, water quality and more, but you can rest assured that you'll have more than enough time to do some sliding just for fun, on your own time.

Pros: You'd be going down waterslides the whole day

Cons: You'd be going down waterslides the whole day...

Requirements: Good observational skills, a calm mind and willingness to go on all kinds of rides

Private Island Caretaker

private island caretaker

Estimated pay: $15-120k a year

Job Description: There are numerous private islands all over the world that require a lot of work and up keeping. Buying private islands is a popular trend among the wealthy, and with it grows the need for caretakers that will spend their days at the island and take care of everything there.

Pros: You get to spend all your free time on an island you would have normally only seen in your dreams

Cons: Requires a lot of work

Requirements: Working outdoors. You need to have good carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, and landscaping skills.

Professional Netflix Watcher

Estimated pay: $20k a year

Job Description: A professional Netflix watcher's job includes sitting on the couch and watching Netflix the whole day - which is pretty much what you'd be doing before you get the job as well.

You'll need to watch a lot of movies and TV-shows and categorize them according to small details that computers aren't able to see and notice, so that you can help improve customer's satisfaction. Thanks to your observations Netflix will always know the right shows to suggest a specific viewer.

Pros: Netflix and Chill all day long

Cons: You wouldn't leave your house that much

Requirements: Willingness to watch an enormous amount of movies and TV-shows

Bed Tester

Estimated pay: $20k a year

Job Description: Your job would be to sleep in luxurious beds in hotels around the world, write down your experience and report back. If you like how this sounds, you can even sign up to be a human bed warmer, and sleep into people's beds in hotels like the Holiday Inn in London to get guest's beds pre-warmed for them.

Pros: You'll be paid to sleep

Cons: It doesn't pay too much, but it can help you earn some extra money on the side

Requirements: The only thing that's required from you is to sleep in comply beds and that's it. You don't have to have a degree in anything, or any previous experience.


stand in

Estimated pay: $33k a year

Job Description: Your job as a stand-in would be to substitute an actor or actress before shooting. You would have to be of similar build and share similar physical characteristics with them in order to take their place in the pre-filming process where directors need to adjust the right lighting, and set up everything so that they can achieve the perfect cinematographic outcome.

Pros: You get to meet your favorite celebrities, and have fun with them

Cons: You will need to be very patient and do whatever it is you're told so that the directors can set up everything properly

Requirements: You don't need to have a degree in anything or any previous experience, but you will have to share physical similarities with the star you're standing in for

Professional Snuggler

Estimated pay: $1 per minute

Job Description: A professional snuggler's job is to platonically snuggle clients during their cuddling sessions. They usually have the sessions in a studio where other than snuggling they can also have a conversations, play games, eat and everything else, just as long as they keep it platonic.

Pros: The pay is good and you can work from home, and have clients come to you instead of going to an office

Cons: The sessions are usually pretty long; one session can last from 15 minutes up to 5 hours

Requirements: Good and caring personality and a calm energy

Personal Shopper

personal shopper

Estimated pay: $35k a year

Job Description: A personal shopper's job is to fill their client's wardrobe with all the must-have pieces that are in style right now. Personal shoppers usually work with celebrities or famous businessmen and are in charge of making them look good, by giving them advice and suggestions on how to dress better.

Personal shoppers can work privately with a few clients or in boutiques and department stores, where they would help customers that are looking for clothes for specific occasions.

Pros: You can work from home, online or in boutiques

Cons: Irregular hours

Requirements: No particular requirements in terms of a degree, although retail experience is preferred sometimes

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