10 Benefits Of Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

by Menka Dimitrovska, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 21st July, 2018

There are plenty of benefits to living a minimalist lifestyle. People are intrigued by minimalism for many different reasons, but what most of them see as the biggest benefit of the minimalistic lifestyle would definitely be freedom.

I, myself don't aspire to be a minimalist but I do happen to agree with their way of life and seem to fit in a lot of the labels that are associated with that kind of lifestyle.

benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle

In my opinion some of the biggest benefits to leading a minimalist lifestyle definitely include freedom, tidiness, clarity and greater appreciation of the things you have.

What's Minimalism?

Unlike popular opinions, minimalism isn't actually about living with as little as possible. It's actually about learning what is important and essential in your life, what you can live without, and learning how to remove the extraneous. Removing all the unnecessary things, and learning how to avoid buying them frees space for the essential things in your life, and makes room for what's important.

Minimalism is a way of life that will free you from unnecessary clutter and give you the freedom and clarity you need to pursue other, more important things.

You'll never know what real freedom feels like until you try leading a minimalist lifestyle. Never again will you be controlled by material possessions if you just allow yourself to make more conscious and deliberate decisions regarding the way you live your life.

Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Like I said before, there are numerous different benefits that are associated with leading a minimalist lifestyle, a lot of which differ from one person to another.

For most people, the ability to quickly pack away their life and move to a new place is one of the most incredible feelings they've ever had.

living a minimalist lifestyle

You have the freedom to pack up your whole life in a matter of minutes and go off to live somewhere else - "if" you ever want to do that.

Once you embark on your minimalist journey you'll notice how your lifestyle becomes very simplified and it starts to revolve around the things that are important to you.

Let's have a look at a few other benefits that you can expect from a minimalist lifestyle.

Less clutter

By living a minimalist lifestyle you reduce the clutter in your life, and your mind and you free your soul, thus leading a more peaceful and harmonic way of life. The only things and people that stay in your life are those that are worth it.

To lead a minimalist lifestyle doesn't mean to get rid of everything. It means to reduce the things you have no real use for, and learn how to say no to things and people you don't need.


You'll get a clearer understanding of everything and everyone that's truly important to you. You'll learn how to separate materialistic stuff from what truly matters to you. This will teach you to let go of things you have no need for and it will help you clear your mind, not to mention your life.

minimalist lifestyle


I cannot stress this one enough!

As I mentioned before, the most important benefit that comes with living a minimalist lifestyle is being free. Free of materialistic things, free of people with poisonous and bad energies, free of stress and free of worries.

More Free Time

This might not be an obvious one, but the truth is, with spending less time obsessing over stuff and money, over things you want to have and over the clutter in your home, you'll gain more free time to do the thigs that truly matter to you. You can focus on your hobbies and your loved ones more, and all that will be possible once you start saying no to things you don't need, and start freeing your home and your life from unnecessary and unimportant things and people.

Ease in Living Life

Clinging onto materialistic possessions creates stress and fear of losing those things. If you simplify your lifestyle and lose your attachment to these things you can start looking inward and start feeling contentment outside of materialistic things and a materialistic lifestyle.

ease in living life

The less possessions you have to worry about, the easier your life will be, and the more peace you'll have.

Less Spending, More Saving

All the things we spend our money on are just things we get to distract ourselves and fill a void in our lives. We are all aware that money can't buy happiness, but it does make us feel an initial comfort with each thing we buy. This can often turn into an obsession over materialistic things, which for some never ends.

That's because everywhere we look we are surrounded by commercials that promise us happiness that materialistic things can bring us, and pull us in a wicked loop of spending and mass consumption.

The monetary requirements when living a minimalistic life are minimal, hence no stress and no pressure that comes with constantly running after money.

Minimalism allows us to rise above all that and free ourselves from a life of materialism and consumerism.

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

The less possessions you have, the less you stuff you need to clean and maintain.

This means you'll have a lot more free time on your hands to spend it on things that really matter to you; you'll have a cleaner and more organized house/living space and you won't have to spend your whole Sunday cleaning everything and organizing all of that clutter you previously had to deal with.

Learn More about Yourself

Minimalism helps you thrive as a more conscious, caring, thoughtful and not to mention sensitive person.

Leading a stress-free, decluttered and calm lifestyle gives you more time to reflect upon yourself and learn who you want to be as a person, apart from all the material things you owned.

learn more about yourself

You get to feel more peaceful, recharged and calm and see yourself, your home and your family differently than you did before. You'll learn a lot of new things about yourself and your capabilities and will be amazed of all the things you're able to achieve if you just simplify everything and focus on what's important.

Own Better Stuff

Instead of buying 5 different items that have pretty much the same purpose, you can spend a bit more and get one item that's superior to those 5 combined, does the job better and will last you way longer than any of those 5 would have. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, prevent clutter and not to mention help the Planet by not smothering it with garbage.

A More Realistic Approach towards Life

Since you'll no longer be tied down by sentimental clutter and things you thought were important to you, but in fact weren't, you'll finally be able to see things clear and get a more realistic approach to life.

Traveling will be more simplified and it won't be something you've always hoped to do, but it might just become your new normal, and even your way of life.

Still, same as with any new lifestyle you'd want to adapt to, there will be a few things that you'll have to give up.

You'll have to get rid of old habits, you'll have to learn to say no to things you might want to buy, and you'll need to say goodbye to the person that you were, and get to know the person you are becoming.

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