The Best Blogs For Digital Nomads

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 29th July, 2018

Podcasts, TV shows, Youtube channels - there's so many different ways for wannabe and current digital nomads to get their fix of all the latest news, events and advice... but what about blogging? With the advent of Youtube and Instagram, blogging has fallen somewhat to the wayside, but there is still so much golden advice and inspiration to be found on the blogosphere. So here we've compiled some of the best blogs for digital nomads, whether you're a seasoned veteran who's been round the world fifty times, or if you're a hesitant newbie looking for a way in - these blogs will inspire you, educate you and hopefully, help you.

best blogs for digital nomads

Become Nomad

Become Nomad is one of the ultimate resources for any digital nomad, new or old. They showcase other blogs and podcasts related to becoming a digital nomad, as well as giving you advice for locations and resources you can use. The founder, Eli, has been travelling consistently since 2010 and working online too, making money from his blog and podcast under the same name. He curates and writes a wealth of information based on his own personal experience and the experiences of others.

Digital Nomad Empire

A powerful name for a powerful manifesto, this blog is here to educate you as much as it inspires you. The goal of the Digital Nomad Empire blog is to teach you how you can set up an online business and allow yourself to travel the world. It aims to create a community of entrepreneurs and remote workers who can share advice and support on becoming fully location-independent. They also provide a free ebook full of advice, which might be worth a look. The creator of the blog, Tim, has an inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit that has inspired thousands.

digital nomad empire

Digital Nomad Girls

There's a lack of female presence in the digital nomad community, but the Digital Nomad Girls blog is making up for it. They have created a platform for women who are making an income online, or aspiring to make an income online to connect and support one another. Not only does their blog feature a digital nomad toolkit, interviews with successful digital nomads, travel guides and inspirational works, they also feature a jobs board where you can find your next income source.

Digital Nomad Wannabe

Digital Nomad Wannabe is another excellent blog created by Sharon Gourlay, who created her blog before she ever found success as a digital nomad and documented her journey along the way. She's written about her successes and failures, how she makes money, and practical ways you can too. Her very practically-minded blog features sections such as: how to rank #1 in google search results, how to create money making niche sites, how to make money from blogging, how to grow your audience and how to build a successful blog. Sharon has created a no-frills practical resource hub to becoming a digital nomad and capitalizing on all your possible revenue streams.

digital nomad wannabe

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond was created by Matt, with the aim of sharing his travel adventures with the world. He has created an adventure and photography blog that is hard to rival. His photography in particular is incredible and his blog is a mish-mash of all sorts of content, both practical and inspiring. It's easy to get caught up in the money-making aspect of becoming a digital nomad, and forget about the reason you're doing it in the first place: to travel the world. Matt provides the reminder that we all sometimes need to get off the couch, shut off your laptop and explore. If you're a striving travel photographer, you'll love his photography guides and gear kit pics.

Making It Anywhere

Making it anywhere is one of those classic digital nomad blogs. Mish and Rob left their jobs in 2012 and are now living the dream as classic digital nomads, with barely any possessions, city hopping from country to country. Their blog aims to help you to "make it anywhere" which by their definition means living wherever you want and earning money doing what you love to do. Their blog is super easy and friendly to read, with lots of personal trivia and tried-and-tested advice.



Untemplater is a blog to inspire you to think out of the box, and throw away the constraints society has placed upon you. It's not specifically catered to digital nomads, and that's what makes it so great for digital nomads. Untemplater is all about breaking the "template" you've been taught to fit in to. These templates can affect the digital nomad community too, which is why it's great to have a variety of blogs to read. The founder, Sydney, escaped her hated office job to become a full-time blogger and freelancer, and now she coaches and encourages others to do the same. She and her team offer advice on how to start a blog and other entrepreneurship-related advice.

Tropical Entrepreneurship

If you're fascinated by business and have an entrepreneurial mindset, tropical MBA is for you. This blog is catered towards anyone who wants to gain financial and personal freedom by setting up and running their own business. They share remote business ideas, advice on running a remote businesss and have a board where they share remote jobs. The founders, Ian and Dan, also produce a weekly podcast with all sorts of advice from how to travel full-time, to business ideas, to old-school business advice. If you dream of spending your days in luxury, padding around your poolside apartment in Costa Rica while your online business generates income for you, then this is the place for you.

tropical entrepreneurship

Nomadic Matt

No digital nomad blog list would be complete without Nomadic Matts blog, his blog is one of the most popular travel blogs on the internet. His travel guides are some of the best out there, with excellently curated, well-informed itinerates and gorgeous travel photography. He also provides resources, destination advice and a "media school" that teaches wannabe digital nomads the skills to start a travel career. If you're looking for a classic inspirational and educational travel blog that's choc-full of advice too, you're in the right place.

Never Ending Voyage

Never ending voyage is a blog that you never want to stop reading. The founders, Simon Fairbain and Erin McNeany are a couple from the UK who left in 2010 and have been travelling ever since. They create travel guides, minimalist advice, tips for eating meat-free while on the road and how they became digital nomads (and how you can too). They have also written books on how to pack light, and their website is full of resources and advice from veteran travelers.

never ending voyage

Location Rebel

Location rebel is as revolutionary as it sounds. They're incendiary guides will get you amped up and ready to quit your job as soon as possible. These guys don't mess around when it comes to building a life of financial independence online. Some of their most popular posts include: "How to quit your job and move to Hawaii in less than two months" and "How to become an SEO freelancer in 48 hours." Pretty dramatic, but the location rebel blog lives up to expectations. The founder, Sean, created the blog with the specific intention of helping others to build small businesses and gain the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want. His manifesto is clean-cut advice and quick results, and that's what you'll get.

Nomadic Notes

James Clark has been a digital nomad since 2003, before the iPhone was even invented, which is pretty impressive; he's one of the pioneers of the digital nomad movement. He creates amazing, in-depth travel posts with his own thoughts and perspectives, as well as awesome travel photography and informative posts with insights into where to go that isn't overridden by tourists. He's been financing his travels with online businesses and freelance web design work and set up his blog as a way to connect with the online travel community, so you'll find plenty of useful advice and heartfelt relatable posts here.

nomadic notes

The digital nomad community is growing by the day as more and more people stray away from a life tied to one place, and so every day, more and more blogs, websites and Instagram pages pop up to talk about and share ideas for digital nomad living. These are only a few of many, many blogs out there for you to find. Often the best gems are the ones hidden away, that need a little looking for.

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