PointsPrizes Adds Developer API: Monetize Your Incentive Websites With Referrals

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in News on 7th June, 2017

We're pleased to announce that PointsPrizes now provides an advanced Developer API, which can be used by third party websites to verify referred accounts. It's a powerful tool for monetizing all kinds of incentive websites, such as Bitcoin faucets and giveaway sites.

When a PointsPrizes user creates their account a unique verification code is created. They can find this code at the bottom of their verification email and settings page.

This code can be used by third party websites to verify that a PointsPrizes account exists. It can also be used to check numerous other anonymous metrics about an account.

Ideas to make money online with your incentive website

Here's a few ideas you could use to make money using the PointsPrizes Developer API:

  • A Bitcoin faucet that rewards people with bitcoin for signing up to PointsPrizes. You could target this to our free Bitcoin niche to maximize your referral points.
  • A giveaway site that rewards people with game keys or downloads for signing up to PointsPrizes. You could target this to one of our gaming niches to maximize your referral points.
  • A tasks website that rewards people for completing tasks. You could target our free PayPal money niche to maximize your referral points.

How do I get started?

Register a PointsPrizes account and then create a targeted referral link using our referral link generator. You'll use this link to send traffic to us.

Then email our support team using our contact form to apply for an API key. Once you have your API key, you'll be able to verify that accounts have been registered by connecting to our JSON feed.

Detailed developer instructions are available by going to the Developer API section of your account.

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