7 Millennial Artists You Need To Know About

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 8th August, 2018

If you're an art-lover, you'll know the struggle of finding decent artwork, and trying to support up-and-coming artists without selling your should to the devil. Instead of trawling endlessly through galleries, we've compiled a list of 7 millennial artists you should be following, to provide that much needed breath of fresh air into your life.

millennial artists

Charles Bierk

Charles Bierk is an incredible photo-realistic oil painter who creates works of art that make you question the nature of reality itself.

A graduate of OCAD university in Toronto, where he is now based, Bierk has been painting since childhood, starting off with lessons in oil painting at the age of nine with his father, famous painter David Bierk. Artistic talent clearly must run in the family, as two of his other siblings are also painters.

charles bierk

Charles' work is heavily influenced by the people surrounding him. His late father was the first to teach him the "grid method" of painting, a technique he still uses in all of his paintings to this day. Most of the subjects of his paintings are people he knows, friends, family member and more recently his peers that form the creative community in Toronto.

You can find him on Instagram @cbierk to see regular updates of his incredible portraits.

Marina Dunbar

Marina is a talented millennial artist who graduated from Columbus university barely two years ago and is already thriving through her work with resin and watercolour. In her light and airy studio space she works everyday creating with resin, an old manufacturing material that is quick to dry and difficult to work with. Patience and an instinctual feel for how to warp the resin are needed in order to create these incredible, transparent-looking artworks. Her work with watercolor also reflects her fascination with old x-ray images of flowers taken in the 1930's - some of her most well-known pieces are large prints that suggest the form of large, multi-colored, almost transparent leafs. Marina has been an artist from a very young age and has been creating art in some shape or form since she was nine, but only started taking it seriously when she reached sophomore year in high school. Although the climate for millennial artists is tough, Marina has managed to create success for herself in only a few short years. To see some of her artwork and behind-the-scenes looks at how she creates them, you can follow her Instagram @marina_dunbar_art

marina dunbar

Ana Godis

Ana Godis is a rising star in the digital art world. Her incredibly eerie, beautiful, other-worldly and yet realistic digital paintings are captivating to look at, but even more captivating to watch being produced. An illustrator from Odessa, Ukraine, she has amassed a following of over 100,000 on Instagram, where she shares her artwork and videos of how she creates these digital masterpieces. Her work is generally created within a autumnal, comforting and warm color palette, that gives a feeling of safety that contrasts with the eerie and disturbed nature depicted in a lot of her work. You can follow Ana on Instagram @ana_godis

ana godis

Osamu Obi

Osamu obi is a Japanese painter from Kanagawa, Japan who graduated from Muasashino Art University and specialized in gorgeous, highly-detailed oil paintings and portraits. His work consists of many studies of the female form and he shares a lot of his work on his Instagram page, alongside lecturing at the same university he attended. His raw, rustic and simplistic style draws people to his paintings, which reflect the balance of the beauty of nature and the raw appeal of man-made architecture. You can find him on Instagram @osamu_obi

osamu obi

Harmonia Rosales

Harmonia Rosales is a afro-cuban American millennial currently based in Chicago., who creates gorgeous masterpieces that celebrate and challenge the social constructs surrounding her heritage as a black Cuban woman. Her intricate oil paintings caught a lot of media attention, depicting some of the most classic and well-known renaissance era imagery, with the characters replaced as people of color in the same stunningly detailed renaissance style. She regularly includes themes of social activism, persecution and a discovery of her own heritage and family. As she says on her website "I believe in creating artwork with meaning - meaning with impact, moving people to see the world differently and to be guided by that new vision." You can follow Harmonia on Instagram @honeiee

harmonia rosales

Roman Brittain

Roman Brittain is a talented 20 year old artist from Tacoma, WA. By day he works a a construction worker but by night he works tirelessly, producing bold acrylic paintings that showcase the raw emotion and daring strokes of his artistic muses Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. He combines shaded but striking colour palettes with thick brush stroked to create striking abstract portraits and landscapes. Like many millennial artists, he cannot make a living from his artwork alone, so he works a normal day-job to support himself. However, recently his work is becoming more and more noticed. You can check him out via his website: romanbrittain.com

roman brittain

Robin Francesca Williams

Robin is a determined feminist painter, creating bold 70's-inspired contemporary paintings to highlight our societies constructs surrounding femininity, sexuality and gender roles. Her paintings feature women in often bizarre scenarios, who look almost like models, wearing bold fashion choices and flaunting their bodies. She aims to empower women and highlight the ridiculous set of restrictions placed upon women through her artwork and currently has her work shown across the US, with an Instagram following of over 30k. You can follow her on Instagram @robinfrancescawilliams

robin francesca williams

These are only a small selection of the hundred undiscovered and uncelebrated millennial artists out there to discover. If you're looking for more small artists to support, small galleries and social media is your best bet. With a bit of searching you could find your next muse, or even just a new print to put in your living room.

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