How To Get Referral Points With Gleam Giveaways

How To Get Referral Points With Gleam Giveaways

by Mark Kempton

Published in Affiliates on 8th July, 2017 at 08:13 AM

Giveaways are a great way to promote the PointsPrizes referral program. One of the most popular giveaway portals right now is, which allows users to set tasks in return for entry tickets into your giveaway competitions.

How do I set up the PointsPrizes task?

The key thing here is that you want to make sure that competition entrants actually register for PointsPrizes, using their real email address.

To do this we'll create a "custom" entry method that will ask a "question" about some information they will need to get from the confirmation email:

make money gleam giveaways

We have embedded our referral link into some anchor text in the description field. That way it's less obvious that we're using a referral link.

What about their terms and conditions?

Before using any website it's important to read their terms and conditions, to understand what you can and can't do. Therefore let's take a look at the Gleam Terms and Conditions to see if there are any conflicts:

As far as your actual usage of the Services, you shall not (directly or indirectly):

Run a competition that is funded by or mostly contains referral, affiliate links or CPA offers;

Mostly Contains

This might seem like an overwhelming barrier to using PointsPrizes referrals, but actually the language is left open by the word "mostly":


Therefore you should create many other free ways to enter the competition. These can give a lot less entry tickets than the referral task, and you can use them to grow your social pages, that can ultimately promote your referral links anyway.

Is Funded By

There is also the issue of "is funded by". All this really means is they don't want people creating competitions that won't reward users unless it makes a profit for the person that started the competition.

Therefore make sure you have the prize already in hand, before you start the competition. That way technically you are funding it and not the links you're promoting - you take the risk and not the competition entrants.

As long as the contest winner gets their prize and entry into the competition is completely free then you're fine. They simply don't want complaints from entrants that no prize was awarded, or that they had to pay to enter.

How much can I make from PointsPrizes referrals on my Gleam giveaway?

Giveaways are popular with visitors from the United States and other wealthy countries. For each of those users you might earn up to 10 points just from the sign up referral bonus.

That means you only need 300 people to enter your contest and you can possibly earn $20 already from that. If you're promoting on Reddit and other such social platforms it's definitely possible get that many entrants. Many giveaways have tens of thousands of entrants.


It is definitely possible to promote programs such as the PointsPrizes referral program using Gleam. However, it's important to keep your giveaways real and to provide plenty of free and easy ways for people to enter the contest.

Be an honest Gleam user that funds your giveaways up front and we doubt you'll have any problems. Indeed, if you're smart in the way you plan your giveaway, you might make a steady profit!

Thanks to @SinaMegapolis on our Discord Chat Server for sharing this working method with the PointsPrizes team!

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