Ultimate Roblox Guide For Dummies

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 11th August, 2018

At the beginning of time, there was Minecraft, a survival game that jumpstarted the whole genre and revolutionized the gaming scene in general. Although Minecraft was survival experience in its core another aspect of the game became super popular among the gaming crowd. The sandbox creative mode in which anyone could build anything they could possibly imagine if they had enough free time and a healthy dose of creativity and construction skill, become the most popular Minecraft mode shortly after the game become publicly available. The virtually endless number of options and possibilities made Minecraft's creative mode the go-to game for millions, a place where they could shill out, chat with friends and cooperatively build their dreams. The creative side of Minecraft still is its most popular side, but there's a new kid on the block and it started growing even faster than Minecraft. Meet Roblox, a video game platform, and a community that enables anyone to build a video game and share it with millions of player around the world.


At its core, Roblox is a free video game platform anyone can join and start playing some of the thousands of titles available on the platform. But before you start drooling and type Roblox in your browser a word of warning. Roblox is a platform that features mostly quite simple games, with rudimentary Lego-like visuals, simple controls, and basic gameplay. Most of those are multiplayer titles meant to be played with friends or alone on public servers and we doubt hardcore gamers will want to check out Roblox.

But the fact is the platform became huge with kids and teenagers because of its openness and the fact you can start playing a game in minutes. Also, you can find Roblox on most modern gaming platforms and on PC most games can be played on configurations that aren't really made for gaming. Add to that free nature of the service, the fact that most games are multiplayer oriented, and that you can play Roblox games on Android and iOS devices, on Xbox One and PC (and soon on the Nintendo Switch) and you have plenty of reasons to check it out if you consider yourself a casual gamer or are just a kid without enough money to regularly buy new AAA games.

And if you're a creative type, like many Minecraft fans, there's a free app called Roblox Studio that allows anyone to build a game of their dreams. It is quite easy to use with plenty of tutorials available online and once you finish your first title you can simply share it with the whole Roblox community that included more than 64 million of players in November 2017. Roblox is the biggest social gaming platform on the world at the moment, with millions of players online at any moment and with tens of thousands of concurrent players playing most popular games available on Roblox. Each title is made by players for the players and this social feature of the platform is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

roblox guide for dummies

The strong social side of the platform allows users to not only create various games in Roblox but also to create virtual worlds where they simply can hang out with friends. You can create your dream house and invite people over, or imagine what a perfect job would be and then create a world with you having that job (like being a policeman, fireman, model, doctor, or anything else you have on mind). Maybe you want to create a ski resort or a tropical one that's perfect for a large group of friends to spend their weekend in? As we said in Roblox, possibilities are endless and that's the reason why the platform is so much popular among kids and teens.

If you are interested in Roblox and want to find all about it we recommend to stay with us and check out our Roblox guide for dummies - it has everything one needs to jump into the platform and start playing and making friends, or maybe start creating games. First, a bit of history.

Roblox Story

The platform was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel but it would pass another year before Roblox became publicly available. The platform was PC exclusive for many years before venturing to mobile devices with the iOS version, which debuted in 2012. Roblox quickly gained members and the number of accounts surpassed 30 million users by 2016. By them, the platform was available on PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox One but the console version featured a limited assortment of games because of stricter rules when it comes to releasing games on the Xbox One.

roblox guide

Roblox also has a VR app that works with Oculus Rift and there are plenty of games utilizing additional VR features. Roblox had a massive change in 2015 when the complete physics engine was replaced with a more advanced version that allowed for better graphics and greater fidelity. Game developers got more powerful tools and with the new engine Roblox games became much prettier than before, but developers also could build more advanced games and since then the community just exploded with Roblox doubling its active user number in just two years. Today the platform can be accessed for most computers and smartphones and Roblox should soon arrive to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, completing its presence on video game consoles.

Today Roblox is as big as Minecraft but it has much broader social features and allows players to have one avatar that's used in any Roblox game. It also offers plenty of different experiences, some of them pretty unique and original while Minecraft offers its creative mode and not much on top of it. While most games offered on Roblox platform aren't really top-of-the-line when it comes to visuals and gameplay, they are fun to play and a great way to pass time.

And most important of it all Roblox is free and allows players that, after they create the account on the site, join almost any game without spending any money. It seems Roblox will just get bigger and bigger and games available on the platform will become technically more capable and more complex. With already having almost 65 million active users, this social gaming platform could become the most popular gaming platform of them all in a few years. By now you probably want to know everything about creating your Roblox account and playing some games on the site. Well, here's how to create the account and how to begin your Roblox Journey!

How To Begin Your Roblox Journey

The process of getting Roblox account is pretty straightforward. Just visit Roblox site if you're on PC or download Roblox app that's available on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you're on the Xbox One just download the app from the Xbox Live Store. While the app itself is free to download you have to own an Xbox Live Gold account in order to access and play games.


Once you visited the site or downloaded the app just create a new account and you're all set! From there on you could just straight to some of the numerous games available or you can take a few minutes to customize your personal avatar that will be used in most games except in those that use pre-built avatars. When you made your avatar nice and pretty it is time to explore the platform and have some fun!

Your Roblox homepage has plenty of options but the one you want to check out after customizing your in-game character is games. There you will found thousands upon thousands of virtual experiences that are divided into lots of different groups. The safest bet is picking one from the most popular list and then just checking other popular games out in order to find a few cool ones you can start playing. There are other games lists such as recommended (those are handpicked by Roblox employees), popular near you, and many more. On PC you will have to download Roblox Player needed to run games so make sure to install that one after you pick your first game to play!

Feel free to spend a couple of hours playing all sorts of different games and if you want to check out new ones that are getting hot just go to YouTube type in something like "Cool new Roblox games" and you'll find plenty of videos showing what's cool and new on Roblox! And also check out our site because we will have a couple of pieces featuring most popular games as well as most original and games that just got out, are pretty cool to play but still aren't very popular!

roblox game

While in-game you should make some friends. Just send friend requests to people and once they accept you as their friend you can check out games there are playing. This is a great, fast, and very simple way to discover new games! The more friends you have the more new games you will discover so don't be shy and send those friend requests!

After you make some friends and check out some games be sure to join a couple of groups. Being in a group is great because there you can chat with people who share your interests, discover even more cool games, and find new friends! Okay, that's about everything you need to know if you're a complete newbie to the world of Roblox.

Now, we will cover differences between having a free vs paid membership. You see Roblox offers virtual currency that can be bought with real money as well as three different subscription tiers that come with many bonuses not available in the free account.

Free vs Paid Membership

Roblox is a free platform but many games offer in-game (mostly) cosmetic items that can be bought with in-game currency called Robux. There are some games that not only offer cosmetic items but also stuff that can help in being more powerful like better weapons and armor, but you should avoid those because they are basically pay-to-win titles. You can buy Robux for real-world money but purchasing the currency doesn't change your account type. In order to unlock some additional features, you will have to pick one of the three paid membership tiers.

everything you need to know aboutroblox

There are three Roblox paid membership tiers. The first one is called classic and it costs $5.95 a month. Classic tier gives you 15 Robux per day, 100 Robux once you sign for it (it is a one-time bonus) and the ability to join or create up to 10 groups. The next one is Turbo and this one costs $11.95 a month. Turbo comes with 35 Robux per day, a 100 Robux signing bonus, and the ability to join or create up to 20 groups. And the most expensive paid membership is called Outrageous, it gives you 60 Robux per day, it also comes with 100 Robux signing bonus and it gives you the ability to join or create up to 100 groups.

Each paid membership removes ads, gives you access to a virtual hat for your in-game character, gives you access to bonus gear, and allows you to sell stuff and access Roblox trade system.

Now, you can enjoy most Roblox games with a free account. If you occasionally need Robux just make a small purchase so you can access a couple of games that ask for an entrance fee and to get some cool cosmetic items. But if you find free account too limiting for you because you play more games and spend more times on the platform always try with the most affordable monthly subscription because it removes all of the limitations of the free account and it comes with a steady stream of free Robux. Pick one of the two highest tiers only if you really need more Robux or want to create or join lots of groups.

Creating Games

After you spend a while playing games and hanging out with your friends you will probably want to create your first Roblox game. The best thing about this is that if you own any PC no matter how limited in power it is, the Roblox Studio will work on it without any problem. The Studio is extremely optimized and can be used on virtually any PC. Now, you should first play a bit with the program, check out how to add different models, how to select different scenes and such. For the first couple of hours just play with the Studio and check out its numerous options. And once you get to know it a little bit it is time to dig into some serious tutorials.


There are numerous tutorials on how to create Roblox games online. Just type "creating Roblox games" or "Roblox Studio tutorials" in Google search and you should find plenty of handy links. Of course, the best way to learn something is watching others doing it and because of that YouTube is by far the best choice when it comes to Roblox tutorials. There you will find hundreds of excellent video tutorials that cover everything from basic functions like creating different objects in the game to adding complex strings and scripts needed for games to run. This is pretty cool because you'll not only learn to make Roblox games, you'll also learn about programming and over time will generate knowledge needed to start learning proper programming.

And if you manage to create actual, working game there's a chance of it becoming popular and this means you can earn lots of Robux for you to spend on other games! You can create different cosmetic items for your game or enable players to get some unique tools and gear by spending Robux on them. Just don't get too excited because before you can start asking Robux for different items you have to make a working game that is fun to play. And don't get discouraged if your first game isn't played by anyone. Don't worry, we all face lots of failures in our life and the most important thing is to be persistent and continue creating games. If you like making Roblox games just continue doing it and with a good idea and lots of hard work, one of those games will hit the right cord and people will start playing it. Never give up!

Okay, by now you know what the hell is Roblox, how to access this huge social gaming network and how to start playing one of its numerous games, and what you can do on the site. In the next few Roblox-related pieces we will show you some of the best games available on the platform and more. Be sure to check out our site regularly in the next couple of weeks in order to find out more about cool games you can play on Roblox!

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