10 Best Roblox Games In 2018

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 14th August, 2018

Roblox is quickly overtaking free games market with its unique combination of social network, video games platform, and MMO-like place for different communities where you can find people to chat, hand out, and play games together. And if you're up for some fun on Roblox you can get overwhelmed with the sheer number of games available the moment you visit the site or open the app. There literally are thousands of different virtual experiences to choose from and many of those aren't really of the highest quality. But if you check out our list of best games played on Roblox in 2018 you will find a healthy number of cool titles you can play in weeks and months to come.


Mining Simulator

If you like playing games similar to Steamworld Dig and Super Motherload then you have to check out Mining Simulator available on Roblox. The game isn't much of a looker but it is loads of fun. You start with zero bucks and just with basic equipment in the form of rusty pickaxe and ultra-small backpack which can be filled in half a minute. But once you visit the local quest giver, finish a couple of quests and start digging precious materials things become quite interesting.

mining simulator

Soon, you'll earn enough money to buy better equipment allowing you to carry more ore and mine higher quality resources while getting better and better paying quests. In a couple of hours, you will have backpack large enough to keep you in mine for dozens of minutes and mining tool capable of picking through almost anything. And then the real fun starts. Special quest givers have missions that ask for specific, hard to mine materials, power-ups that give you better rewards but ask for a sacrifice (like Rebirth) become available and with those special worlds can be accessed.

The game features plenty of in-app purchases that give all sorts of bonuses but because it is basically a single player experience you can enjoy it without spending a dime. And special, private mines feature allows players to play the game in private servers with their friends. The never-ending nature of Mining Simulator combined with the game's excellent quest and reward mechanics will make you hooked for days on end.

Ultimate Driving Series

Ultimate Driving is one of the most ambitious games available on Roblox and it is comprised out of four games each offering a huge open world with the complex road network and lots of different towns. While they sound like simple racing games Ultimate Driving games are so much more than that. The games could be described as life simulators where you can drive around the games' huge map, partake in one of half a dozen jobs, earn money, buy properties and new cars and simply live a virtual life in this MMO-like experiences filled with cool stuff to do.

ultimate driving series

Once you decide which game to play and enter it simply pick one of the few free cars and then try making some money. After you create some dollars try landing a job and then, if you have enough money for a job-specific vehicle you can become a mailman, bus driver, trucker, and more! There are races to partake in which can be created by players and you can purchase season pass in order to play as the police of firefighter service.

Each Ultimate Driving game offers hundreds of hours of fun, it's like playing those GTA roleplay servers except these games can be played by anyone because they are completely free. Each map is huge and we must say that cars feature pretty advanced driving physics, especially if we consider Roblox games usually are pretty simplistic. If you're looking for a cool MMO game on Roblox, check out one of Ultimate Driving titles.

Welcome to Bloxburg

Another life simulator but this one features entry fee of 25 Robux so skip this one if you just want to play free games. But if you're ready to pay the fee Welcome To Bloxburg can be a fantastic experience for everyone who wants to visit a cool-looking open world map filled with stuff to do. For starters get a job, and then slowly earn money. After a while, you will be able to get some of the cool items but we recommend that first thing you get is a new house. Just get your hands on an empty lot and start building a house of your dreams! And building is always better with friends so call some buddies and let them help you in erecting your dream house.

Welcome to Bloxburg does feature other stuff to do, aside from working and building. You can hand out with friends on beaches or in the city; or maybe you want to talk while hiking around nearby mountains? The possibilities are endless in this game. There's also the option to roleplay, to simply explore the huge map, or to try buying every single item available for purchase. Sure, the game asks for a couple of Robux to play it but the fee is cheap and for the price (which is around $2.5) the game offers tons of stuff to do.

The map is huge and varied and it looks like a city from the Sims just many times larger. The game looks beautiful by Roblux standards and it offers an advanced life simulator experience that is even better and more complex than the one offered in Ultimate Driving games.

Work at a Pizza Place

Roblox is known for its huge amount of different roleplaying games that don't include combat but are instead more in the vein of Second Life and GTA's roleplaying servers. And one of the best new titles that allow you to roleplay and have some fun while doing it is called Work at a Pizza Place. Its name says it all; yep, this one's allows its players to work at a pizza parlor and fill out one of the jobs available there. You can play as cashier, pizza chef, delivery dude, Pizza boxer (the one who puts pizzas in boxes), and supplier. Each job has a detailed tutorial so you'll be able to learn everything about the game in just a couple of minutes.

Once you pick your job you can work for a while and the great thing is that there's an option to switch roles at any time, meaning you can jump from one job to another every minute or so. Different jobs cater to different people so chances are you will find a couple of favorites and then switch between them. Each job gives you regular paychecks and the money earned can be spent on getting a better house (each player receives a free basic house as soon as they start playing the game) or equipping your house with cool furniture.

The best thing is that the restaurant depends on all workers to run it properly. Chefs have to fulfill orders cashiers receive from customers, boxers receive orders from houses and delivery people then have to get pizzas to right addresses. And suppliers are responsible for the restaurant having enough ingredients to create pizzas. Work at a Pizza Place is a relatively new Roblox game so it features a pretty small world map and houses still have a relatively poor choice of furniture and other items you can buy but the game is pretty fun and it is a great way to spend a couple of hours each day playing it.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is by many the best first-person shooter on Roblox and the game holds the accolade for a reason. It features advances weapon ballistics not found in other Roblox shooters (and, to be honest, not found in many shooter games available on PC and consoles), many different maps, found different game modes, huge number of players, excellent graphics for a Roblox game, and active community and developer team that keep the game updated, are quick to squash bugs, and give the game constant stream of new content.

If you are looking for a competitive multiplayer shooter on Roblox look no more because you simply cannot find a better shooting experience than Phantom Forces. Each weapon behaves in a unique way and you will spend hours upon hours until you find your favorites. Each map is built in a way that it forces upon players to be on the constant move because sitting in one spot (or camping) for too long will make you dead pretty fast, and each map is fun to play.

Four game modes include classic Team Deathmatch, King of The Hill, Domination Mode, and Kill Confirmed where players have to collect dog tags of people they killed if they want for their kills to count. We love playing Phantom Forces and, for a free game available on Roblox, it offers amazing depth, excellent gunplay, loads of maps, and superb visuals.


Okay, the name says it all. This game is all about traversing a pretty large urban map made out of sky-high buildings while trying to stay alive, pick up orbs shattered all across the map and trying to complete all of the courses, similar to those we saw in Mirrors Edge 2. The game features leveling system and you can level up by collecting orbs or finishing courses. There are loads of different runs scattered through the city and the challenged is not only beating them but also reaching them because you have to reach the start line in order to try beating one.

And this is the main feature of Parkour and its best part - the fact that the map is completely open leaving the player to find out different routes that lead to hard to reach places, new orbs, and harder runs. You will spend most of the time running across roofs and discovering new routes. This combination of complete openness of the game map, loads of different runs to beat, and constant learning is the reason why Parkour is one of the best Roblox games you can play at the moment.

Epic Minigames

Epic Minigames surely is one of the most entertaining games available on Roblox Platform. The game features loads of different minigames that put you in awesomely huge number of different situations in which you, or your team, have to come out as a winner. The game is cool because it offers loads of different competitive multiplayer scenarios and their number is huge so you won't be bored with this one for months!

Games are pretty varied and they offer different kinds of challenges. In one you have to collect more marbles than the opposing team before time runs out; other game places a crystal in random places across the map and the first player to get their hands on the crystal wins. One game asks to stop water leakages from pipes and the player who ends with the least amount of leaked water wins. One team-based game asks for teams to chop down forest made out of more than a dozen trees first.

Epic Minigames is cool because games found on it ask for different skills. Some ask for cooperation between players, other value quick reflexes, there are games where smart strategy is most important, and there are some where you just have to be in the right place at the right time. There's no need for spending real money and, as we said, the number of games is huge guaranteeing lots of fun each time you play. The game features a simple leveling system and each win grant you in-game currency that can be spent on getting different cosmetic items. Overall, Epic Minigames is simple but oh so fun game that is often overlooked when talking about best Roblox games. Everyone should try it, especially those who want to make new friends and who like competitive multiplayer games.

Mega Fun Obby

Mega Fun Obby is a huge obstacle course and you can play this one for hundreds of hours. The game features one immensely big map with over 1500 levels filled with different obstacles. Quick reflexes and right jump sequences are most important feats for this game because one wrong step and you will fall down and find yourself at the start of the current course. The game saves your progress after you beat each level so you can exit it without worrying that your progress won't be saved. As you advance through the game obstacles become trickier and trickier and levels harder but that's cool because the game is extremely fun to play.

mega fun obby

Other players are also there along with you so you will be able to chat with them, asking them how to beat a specific level and they can also tell you about best general tactics used in the game. Also, the presence of others means you will see people constantly falling through the air which is great because it shows that other people can fail too; you're not the only one who can fail a level ten times in a row.

Filled with a stupendously huge number of levels this never-ending obstacle course in the clouds is one of the best experiences we have found on Roblox and it just has to be tried by everyone who looks for a cool pastime that will test their reflexes. And the best of all is the fact that the creator of the game constantly patches it, removing bugs and adding new levels. So, even if you think you can conquer all of its 1620 (!!) courses you can bet that by the time you finish them all you will have hundreds of new ones to beat.


SharkBite is a cool mix between survival and multiplayer where players have to survive the huge shark until the timer runs out or until the shark gets killed. Once the game starts one player is randomly selected to play as a shark while other players are survivors. You get to pick your boat and they all have their strengths are weaknesses. Faster ones have less health, while armored ones are not so good at running away from the predator.


The game takes place on a huge sea map with one central island surrounded by sea and players have to stay inside their boats, they cannot simply run away to the shore to seek refuge. In addition to boats, survivors have one weapon they can use to try killing the shark but the catch is they have to be stationary while shooting giving the shark chance to destroy their boats and to kill them.

Sharks can destroy any boat pretty quickly so the trick is to be constantly on the move and to know where the shark is at all times. And when you play the role of the shark you have to know which boats have the least health and try destroying them first. Also, you have to attack players who dared to shoot at you because that will either make them stop shooting or will make easy targets out of them in case they continue dropping lead on you. A small but fun game for passing time and an excellent title to play with friends.


We cannot create the list with best Roblox games without mentioning Jailbreak, the most popular Roblox game of all times. This one is a massively popular role-playing game where you can pick to be a cop or a criminal and from then you will either cause havoc or trying to apprehend criminals and make the world of Jailbreak a safer place. The game features plenty of stuff to do and while its start is a bit slow and the huge number of option can be a bit confusing to new players once you play the game a bit and get to know it, Jailbreak will become your go-to Roblox game.

As a criminal you can try robbing banks, escaping from the prison, or trying to generally make law enforcement after you. And as a cop, you have to catch criminals and make sure they stay inside the prison. Each side gets regular missions they have to beat each day and they reward money used for buying weapons, cars, and other gear. There's just so much to do in the game you will need dozens of hours to explore all possibilities the game offers.

The map is really huge and has lots of locations for both cops and criminals including the main prison area, a couple of police stations and criminal hideouts, different locations that can be robbed, a couple of cities, and other open areas where cops and criminals can chase and try to kill each other. The game is loads of fun and we have to think just how awesome it would be if developers made it as a standalone multiplayer title, not just a game available on Roblox. And it is a joy to play with friends.


If you played this massively popular smartphone game you will know what to expect. This survival horror is based on the game bearing the same name and it places you inside a creepy mansion with just one goal: escape it before Granny finds you! The game is pretty scary and it offers lots of challenge while you try to escape from the mansion. It is filled with interesting puzzles to solve and it won't bore you quickly.

The constant tension of Granny showing up combined with the ticking of the ten-minute counter makes for an extremely tense atmosphere that will make everyone to just and start screaming once they see the old lady appearing in front of them. The mansion is huge and filled with lots of rooms and it takes time to get to know its layout making every playthrough an adventure on its own while you try being better than the last time.

A great horror game - possibly the best Roblox horror game - and a title you can return to just to see will you be able to escape the creepy mansion just one more time.

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