Podcasts To Help You Live Your Best Life

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 15th August, 2018

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferris Show is one of the most well-known podcasts out there, with millions of listeners downloading every episode, and it's not hard to see why. His show I dedicate towards discovering and trying out tactics to help you improve your life, increase your productivity and generally boost your wellbeing in all areas. He has been cited as a "human guinea pig" because of his willingness to go out on a limb and try all the wacky new techniques he comes across, so you don't have to. He interviews many fascinating guests such as Terry Crews, Tony Robbins and Wim Hof and asks them about the daily routines they use to maintain and cultivate top performance while staying healthy and happy. These creative and engaging interviews sometimes go on for a couple hours in length, but you'll barely notice as the time flies by with Tim's weird and wonderful interviewing tactics.

the tim Ferriss Show

The 5AM Miracle

Chances are, if you're anything like most of the population, you don't like waking up super early. In this podcast however, Jeff Sanders challenges you to do exactly that and teaches you how waking up early can change your life. The 5AM miracle is a podcast dedicated to the steps and routines you can incorporate to change your life, all before you eat breakfast.

Sanders teaches from his own experience as a successful entrepreneur, marathon runner and dedicated vegan to help you achieve the freedom and vitality he has discovered from waking up early. He also regularly features well-known celebrities to interview on their techniques for a more productive, healthy and full lifestyle with notable guests such as Deepak Chopra and Ted Ryce.

SImplify by Blinkist

This podcast comes from the makers of blinkist, an app that takes a range of books and condenses them down so that you're only reading what you need to read. It cuts out any fluff, meaning you can read and learn a lot more in a shorter amount of time. The creators at blinkist have now gone on to create their own podcast They describe it as a podcast "for anyone who's taken a close look at their habits, their happiness, their relationships, or their health and thought there's got to be a better way to do this". They regularly interview creatives and well-known wellbeing experts to gather a broader scope of perspectives to their listeners and create a podcast that is truly diverse and educational, as well as being super digestible - the average episode is about 35 minutes. On their website they also feature a set of 6 episodes to get you started at improving your life.

sImplify by blinkist

Eventual Millionaire

Jaime Tardy is an entrepreneurial businesswoman who went from being $70k in debt to earning 6 figures, in her enlightening web show/podcast, she has so far interviewed over 90 millionaires, and goes in depth with them to discover how they became millionaires themselves. They discuss everything from morning routines, mindsets, health and wellness to investment, hiring, loans and business plans. For anyone looking to start a business themselves, or just wants to figure out how these millionaires do it - this podcast is a must.

Getting Things Done Podcast

The getting things done podcast was created by productivity guru David Allen, who wrote a bestselling book of the same name. Millions worldwide have transformed the way they work and think about work using his book, and now he has a reverent fanbase that look up to him as the definitive god of all things productivity.

getting things done podcast

In his podcast, he expands on the ideas found in his book and uses the GTD system to help listeners become happier and excel at time management themselves. He aims to help his audience achieve a "mind like water" state in which your mind is clear, calm and able to adapt and respond easily to whatever life throws at you. He also regularly features guests on the show who are themselves experts in getting things done.

The Smart Passive Income

This one is definitely quite income-focused. In this podcast, Pat Flynn teaches you how you can create a passive income (or in other words, an income that generates money without you having to do anything). Pat Flynn is a blogger and entrepreneur, and is dedicated to helping his audience achieve financial freedom. He's incredibly transparent and honest about his work, his failures and successes - even going so far as to post his monthly income reports online. This podcast will inspire, motivate and educate you, and is perfect for anyone looking to escape the mundanity of their regular job and start living a bit more on the edge.

From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher, mom and serial entrepreneur living on the tiny Caribbean island of Aruba. In her heartfelt podcasts she sits down every week to discuss what's on her mind, what's she's going through, as well as discussions on motherhood, entrepreneurship, health, dealing with pain, relationships and everything in-between.

rachel brathen podcast

The title "from the heart" really does apply here, as Rachel gets very in-depth and discusses both what she is feeling at the moment, along with her past experiences and the tactics she used to get through them. She regularly talks about how she uses meditation, yoga, healthy eating and positive thinking to manifest success and happiness, while simultaneously being very real about the challenges she has faced.

In addition to her podcast episodes done alone, she also interviews entrepreneurs, health experts, spiritual gurus and yoga teachers to provide her listeners with even more advice and insight into how they can reconnect and improve their lives. If you want a heart-felt, easy to listen to podcast, check this one out.

Daily Discipline

Rory Maden created this podcast to advise and educate his audience on how to cultivate self-discipline and resolve. As the founder of a multi-million dollar consulting firm, he really does know his stuff and has become known as an expert in self-discipline. He not only teaches you from his own successes and failures, but also features the advice and opinions of other world-renowned experts in entrepreneurship, psychology and much much more.

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