Make Your Pet Famous On Instagram With These Insider Tips

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 16th August, 2018

How many Instagram accounts do you follow that belong to people's pets? Everybody is doing it now, whether their pets are Instagram famous or not. Adorable snaps of pooches, moggies, hedghogs and more are published, and witty captions are posted in the imagined voice of the animal.

instagram account fame worthy

People really lap it up. So it doesn't surprise me that you are reading this article. You have a pet right? They have an Instagram account right? And you want them to take over the world.

Well I'm here to tell you that it's possible to get your pet very well known on Instagram, and perhaps even to reach Influencer Status, with these insider tips.

Why is Everyone Crazy About Pets on Instagram?

The first step towards making your pet famous on Instagram is working out why people love to follow pets in the first place. Think about why you follow the pet accounts that you follow. Here are some common reasons that people enjoy following pet accounts.

Pet Instagram Accounts are Fun!

The most obvious reason that pet accounts are so popular on Instagram is that they are fun to follow. Many contain post after post of adorable, cute animal photos. I mean, who doesn't want to look at cute animals all day? Often pet accounts are funny, and everyone loves a giggle. Pets on Instagram tap into our imaginations and take us away from the serious humdrum of everyday life. They allow us to believe that we are indeed following the very exciting adventures of "Pippa the Piglet" or "Ronald the Amazing Rattie". It's like storytelling for adults.

Loads of People Own Pets

It makes sense that if you own a pet, you are probably going to be interested in other people on Instagram who own pets. If you own a dog, it's interesting to follow dog accounts. If you own a certain breed of dog, that interest becomes even more focussed and you might start following as many dachshund accounts as you can find, for example. On Instagram people follow accounts that reflect their interests, pet people love pets, and there are millions of animal lovers out there so of course pet accounts are extremely popular!

Pet Accounts on Instagram are Entertaining

When you follow a pet on Instagram you get to know their personality and you can follow their story. This provides the same entertainment value as watching soap operas on TV or Reality TV shows. You want to know what that pet has been up to, and you want to know what is going to happen next in their lives. Everybody loves a bit of drama.

jiffpom Why Do People Want Their Pet to be Famous on Instagram?

There are many reasons people want to make their pets Instagram famous. Some are more meaningful than others. Here are some common reasons people strive to create fame for their pets online.

Instagram Vanity

Let's just be honest here, nobody is posting selfies online because they don't like the way that they look. Similarly, nobody is posting pics of their pets on Instagram because they think their pets are completely normal and insignificant. Everyone who is a pet owner will tell you that without a doubt their pet is the best looking, the most intelligent, most loving, adorable, handsome, creative fluff ball they have ever known. Pet accounts on Instagram are essentially a vanity outlet for pet owners to express to the world how amazing their pets are.

Influencer Status

Many people crave the fame because they want to achieve Influencer Status for their Instagram account, which means that they can start making money from it by promoting the products and services of companies who want to make use of the thousands of followers you have. These are followers who happen to fall into the category of their niche audience, so they are willing to pay you good money to put a good word in!

Develop a Brand

Many pet accounts are the face of a brand, usually one that sells pet apparel or some other pet related product or service. By using a pet as the face of a brand you can connect with your audience, which makes it easier to sell to them.

develop a brand

Good Causes

Pet accounts on Instagram are also a great way to get the word out about good causes, helping to rally together support, fundraise, or raise awareness.

What Makes the Perfect Instagram Famous Pet?

I guess the big question is this - Is your pet worthy of Instagram Fame?

What Makes Your Pet Stand Out?

Take a close look at your pet and try to think about what it is that make them stand out in a crowd. Instagram is a big place and there are loads of pet accounts on there. If your pet has something special about them this can help to shine the spotlight on them online.

Here are some ideas:

  • Does your pet have insane levels of cuteness?
  • Is your pet an underdog?
  • Do you have an unusual pet?
  • Is your pet really good at something?
  • Do you have two pets that make unlikely friends?

If you are finding it difficult to find something special about your pet, why not make something up? You can give your pet a special personality. Make them into a Diva, a Dark Lord, or a Comedian. Your imagination is your only limit.

How to Make Your Pet's Instagram Account Fame Worthy

Once you have your character and an idea of what your pet's account is all about.

instagram account fame worthy

Here are 5 things to focus on if you want to make them shine online:

  • How can you make your photo grid look consistent? The best Instagram accounts adopt a specific style, and this makes their posts instantly recognisable. You might like to use a combination of filters to bring all of your images together
  • Only post your best content. If you choose your content carefully you will improve the standard of your account and look more professional. When you look like you know what you are doing people will want to follow you.
  • Prepare your content ahead of time and post regularly at the same time everyday. Don't post too much or people may get tired of their feeds always being full of your posts. You only need to post two or three times a day maximum.
  • Engage with other people's accounts. This is especially important in the beginning when people are getting to know you. Most of your time should be spent making new friends on instagram. This mean following accounts, liking posts and leaving lots of comments. This will get you noticed, and people will start to recommend you to their own Instagram followers.
  • Make your captions count. Captions are your perfect opportunity to provide your audience with calls to action. Every post should have a short caption, you can make it witty, meaningful, interesting or insightful, but most importantly use your caption to encourage your followers to like and engage with the post. Ask something specific and people will answer your questions. This makes your account look active and popular, which will encourage new followers to engage more with your content too.

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