Top Free MMORPG Games Of 2017

by Alexandra Paris, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 13th August, 2017

Few things in the world of gaming can get you as hooked as MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer online role-playing games). As a genre, they promise a sprawling new virtual world that, if successful, might come along with a vibrant community. The problem is that, in 2017, there's more MMORPG games than ever - so it's important to distinguish those who deserve our attention.

To help you save some time, PointsPrizes compiled a handy list of the best MMORPG to play in 2017.


A whole new world, a whole new identity. That's the premise of IMVU, a social MMO game where members explore and interact through their 3D avatars. Even though it's similar to Second Life, IMVU was one of the earliest of this genre, remaining one of the most popular social MMO. Its amazing community is growing significantly - and you can blame the game's features for that.

In IMVU, that stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, you'll be able to express your creativity by creating content, from clothes to rooms. There's no limit to the imagination. And its community speaks for itself: If you browse the virtual goods catalog, you'll find more than four million items, mostly created by members. You don't slay dragons in IMVU, but you'll find no better chance to create a whole new world and meet new people.



The world of Arborea is under siege by evil beings, and the players are the world's only hope. Developed by Bluehole Studios, Tera is not your typical MMO combat game, where you rely on your arbitrary armor and skills rating to avoid getting hit. There's no click-and-wait cooldown system. From dodging to aiming, the player controls everything in Tera, taking the combat system to a whole new level.

Combine the combat level, the flashy visuals and the wide range of possibilities in Tera - there's seven races and eleven classes to choose from - and you've got yourself a decent MMORPG.

Bleach Online

bleach online

Among Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon or Rurouni Kenshin, one of the most famous and popular anime series is Bleach. Now, you can interact with all those familiar characters in the MMORPG Bleach Online.

As a player, your main goal defeat Aizen, the main antagonist of Bleach. With the help of Captain Commander Yamamoto, Ichigo and his friends, you'll be able to take down the bad guys.

World of Warships

world of warships

From the same creators of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, the amazing game World of Warships let's you command several 20th century military vessels in fast-paced battles. Developed by, this is one of the best massive battle games.

From aircraft carriers to destroyers, command different types of warships and engage in naval battles on different maps and weather conditions.

Guild Wars 2

guild wars

Without a doubt, it's one of the best MMORPG in the world - and it's F2P. Launched in 2012 by ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 shows no signs of ageing: with the expansive catalog of storylines, this game is a constant challenge. In the amazing landscape of Tyria, the combat mechanics is epic and dramatic, based on the traditional hotbars and cooldowns, and every profession gets to choose any role in a team, including that of a healer. Furthermore, Guild War 2's community is outstading - there's over 7 million subscribers -, and dynamic events puts friends and strangers together in the same adventure.

All in all, most of the game is free, with the exception of a big expansion, Heart of Thorns. And yes, the best gear in Guild Wars 2 is F2P.


Did you ever want your own galactic empire? Then this is the game for you. Developed by Gameforge, Ogame is a strategy MMO where, through 47 universes, you'll be able to build your own intergalactic kingdom. The game has been around since 2002, but several updates preserved its popularity, with more than 2 million accounts.

free mmorpg games

Start from the bottom, with an undeveloped world, and forge a powerful economic, military and technological infrastructure that will make your galactic empire be respected among players. Meet other players, setting alliances and trade deals, and wage war against your enemies. The fate of your realm is in your hands - and Ogame gives you infinite possibilities.

Star Conflict

star conflict

3000 years after the first colonists have left the Earth, there's a galatic war between three factions. In Star Conflict, developed by Star Gem Inc. and published by Gaijin Entertainment, you must choose to whom your loyal: the Empire, Federation or Jericho.

This MMORPG is filled with action. From battleships to nimble scouting ships, choose your fleet and, in the PvP mode, destroy your enemies and help your allies.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

In the gaming industry, the Final Fantasy brand, considered to be Square Enix's masterpiece, has an enormous significance in the world of RPGs, with more than 110 million copies sold. But it took 23 years for the japanese developers to launch the first MMORPG version of these series: Final Fantasy XIV. At first, in 2010, the game was greeted with failure. Three years later, the game suffered an extreme makeover and now is one of the finest of its genre: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

free mmo

The world of Hydaelyn is filled with quests. Find you race and explore the regions of Eorzea, where you can switch between four distinct classes. Try 18 sub-specialization by using different weapons and gear. Most of the game is F2P, but with the new paid expansion, Stormblood, there's a level cap increase from 60 to 70. Also, there's more jobs available and you'll be able to swimming and diving for the first time in the game.



Anime lovers, this one is for you. The South Korean developer KOG, best known for the action MMORPG Grand Chase, made one of the best F2P anime-styled fantasy game out there.

Based on an original KOG story, Elsword is a side-scrolling MMORPG. Once you step into the role of one of 12 characters, feel free to explore the mystical land of Elrios. Complete quests, battle opponents in PvP and develop skills. In story mode, you can help Elsword and his friends recover El Stone, a powerful gem with power to create life.


Train pets, build your own house, get married and defend the citizens of Eastmile from demons. That's some of the many things to do in Nostale, another successful MMORPG published by Gameforge.

free mmorpg games

The anime-styled game is set in Eastmile, a once peaceful continent that is now threatened by demons. Even though there's not much avatar customization options, there game if filled with numerous events or quests. In the end, you'll make Eastmile your home.


Imagine that the toy company Hasbro, the publisher Wizards of the Coast, the Cryptic Studios and the developers of Perfect World join forces into one big MMORPG. That's the astonishing Neverwinter, also known as one of the cities in the Dungeons & Dragons lore.


This game is set a century after the Spellplague, a magical disaster that struck upon Faerun, in a dystopian future. The players are restoring the glory of Neverwinter, but evil beings are planning to avoid that from happen.

Stronghold Kingdoms

stronghold kingdoms

Set in Middle Ages, Stronghold Kingdoms let's you become your own castle lord. Developed by Firefly Studios, SK is the first Castle MMO: develop and design a thriving stronghold.

What makes SK one of the most amusing MMO out there is the strategic and political mind games. Choose the architectural, economic, military, agricultural, mercantile and industrial elements of your stronghold. Cooperate with your neighbors and control your enemies.

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