How To Look Younger With Thicker And More Natural Looking Eyebrows

by Zara Mohammed, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 23rd August, 2018

Did you know that as you grow older your facial features stand out less than they did when you were younger? People perceive faces that have more contrast as younger, which is why a little bit of tactful make-up helping your lips and eyes stand out can make a big difference to how youthful you look as you get older. You will look younger with thicker and more natural looking eyebrows, so here are some tips to help you grow your eyebrows out and achieve a younger look.

eyebrows look thicker

Step 1: Grow Your Eye Brows Out

This may seem obvious, but the best way to get thicker and more natural looking eyebrows is to grow them out. Of course this can be easier said than done. It takes time, patience and a lot of self-control. For a minimum of two weeks, but preferably longer, try not to go near your eyebrows with your tweezers. This means no plucking, threading or even brushing, just let them be. Try to ignore especially those random stray hairs that are growing in places your eyebrows shouldn't be. You might not think they are important, but they could make all the difference in establishing your natural eyebrow shape in the end.

Step 2: Maximise Growth Potential

There are a few things you can do during this painful time in order to make the most of it and help to boost your eyebrow growth. Here are some ideas:

  • Castor Oil with vitamin E is said to help hair growth. Apply it gently to your brows before bedtime using a brush to help the hairs grow faster and thicker.
  • Massage and gently exfoliate your eyebrows during your daily facial routine to stimulate hair growth, but be careful not to be too rough and vigorous, as you don't want to break or damage your precious hairs, every single one of them is important at this stage.
  • Scratching, rubbing and massaging
  • Make sure that you eat a healthy diet.

For a healthy adult it takes about 56 days for your eyebrows to fully grow back in.

Step 3: Get a Professional to Shape Your Brows

The thought of letting another person near your brows with tweezers after you have spent such a long time growing them out is nerve wrecking, but a professional is much less likely to screw up your hard work than you are. It is important to establish a good eyebrow shape initially so that all you have to do is maintain them instead of faffing about with constant reshaping and potentially plucking away too many eyebrow hairs.

shape your brows

Make sure that you do your research and choose an eyebrow professional with good recommendations. If you have friends with eyebrows you admire ask them where they go to get them done. You should ideally only go to see an eyebrow professional after 2-4 weeks of regrowth, but the longer you wait and the more regrowth an eyebrow artist has to work with the better.

When you sit down with them explain that you want thick and natural brows. If you are interested in establishing a particular shape you can discuss this with them, but it is generally better to go with the natural shape of your brows so that they are better suited to your face shape and more flattering. Your eyebrow artist will be able to see and achieve this for you.

Step 4: Maintain Your Eyebrows at Home

Once you have had your eyebrows shaped properly by a professional it should be easy for you to maintain them yourself using tweezers at home. The best way to do this is to never use a magnifying mirror or bring your face too close to the mirror as you will only see the very fine hairs that most probably aren't visible to anyone else standing at a normal face-to-face distance from you. Over-analysing your face like this may end up with you getting tweezer happy and ruining the shape already achieved or the potential shape you desire.

Only pluck away stray hairs that grow a significant distance away from your main eyebrow hairs. If you see a hair that obviously doesn't look like part of your main brow, it can go, but all of the others hep to make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural. It is best to only pluck hairs from the bottom of your brows and avoid plucking from the top because then you are less likely to accidentally change the overall shape of your brows.

Always remember, that once you remove a hair you can't get it back, so if in doubt, leave it, until it keeps bothering you before plucking it out. That single hair can make a big difference.

Tips To Make Your Eyebrows Look Thicker

If after professional eyebrow shaping you find you still have naturally thin, fine or fair eyebrows and you want them to appear thicker, fuller, darker and more defined, here are a few secrets to help you achieve the look your want.

eyebrows at home

Get Your Eyebrows Tinted

When you get your eyebrows tinted all the tiny, fine, invisible hairs that form part of your brows become darker so that they add to the thickness of your overall eyebrows and help to define the shape more. It's a bit like when you add mascara to your eyelashes. Tinting your eyebrows usually lasts around 4 weeks and only takes about 5 minutes to do. The tint will fade naturally.


This is basically a form of semi-permanent tattoo. It takes about an hour and lasts between 1-3 years. It's not as painful as it sounds, but it may leave a bit of a dent in your wallet.


The easiest way to create a thicker looking brow is to use makeup. As you get older your eyebrows may begin to thin or start looking sparse. This may just be to do with age, or it may have more to do with all of the over-plucking you have been doing over the years. Don't worry, you can groom and fill your eyebrows in. Determining where the natural beginning and end points, and where the natural arch of your eye brows are can help to guide you when applying your makeup. Brushing your eyebrow hairs upwards can help to make them look thicker, and if you are using a wax-based brow pencil it should help to hold your brow hairs in place. You should also go for a couple of shades lighter than the colour of your eyebrow hairs so that the results are more natural and flattering. Use a brush to blend in any pencil strokes.

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