How To Get Referral Points By Sharing Reviews & Payment Proof

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Team

Published in Affiliates on 22nd August, 2017

Last week we began collecting reviews from our users using TrustSpot, the reputation and review company. We think it's important that our users have a body of reliable evidence, so they know that they aren't wasting their time.

There's just too many scam sites out there nowadays. We understand that most of our users have been burned numerous times in the past - on sites heavy on promises, and low on delivery.

You can read TrustSpot's full commitment on our PointsPrizes Payment Proof profile page, but essentially they promise not to delete or modify reviews. Having a third party company involved is a great way to certify reviews and build trust.

Use Payment Proof To Get More Referral Points

We're already seeing more conversions for our affiliates, due to reviews and payment proof being displayed prominently on our prize landing pages. It's a widely accepted fact that showing reviews and payment proof increases the odds of a user signing up significantly.

Today we're introducing a new category to our Referral Links Generator tool, enabling affiliates to link directly to reviews and payment proof:

pointsprizes referrals

It might seem irrational to link away from the PointsPrizes site, but actually it builds trust and is often seen as less of an advertisement. Don't worry, we'll still be able to detect that you referred the user, even if they come back days or months later

We recommend using high-energy calls to action alongside your referral link like "Wow, check out how much PointsPrizes is paying!" or "Check out all PointsPrizes' reviews and payment proof".

Alternatively, you can challenge them with a neutral question like "Is PointsPrizes real? I found their payment proof page, looks promising". This prompts them to investigate, which often involves actually signing up.

Ultimately you'll find that, once potential referrals are convinced about the trustworthiness of the PointsPrizes brand, they will usually discover a way to arrive at our site to sign up. Actually, it feels far more natural and organic for them to do that.

Not only that but, generally speaking, they'll tend to spend more time on the site and convert more offers too. Ultimately you'll earn more referral points!

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