How To Get Free PS4 Games

by Mark Kempton

Published in Gaming on 19th February, 2017

how to get free ps4 games

Let's imagine you're desperate to start playing The Sims 4, but can't afford to buy a Playstation game right now. After all, those avatars aren't going to dress themselves!

Despite what many people say, it is definitely possible to get free PS4 games over the internet. Although the methods to actually do this might surprise you.

It's amazing how many fake sites there are purporting to offer free PS4 games, compared to the real opportunities to actually get a game for free.

Perhaps this shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us though since the Playstation niche is rife with scam artists running generator sites, giveaways and other comparative deceptions.

Avoid Code Generator Sites

Generator sites are the absolute worst offenders of all. I'll say right now that every single website that claims to be able to "generate" a gift code out of thin air is a total scam.

Literally 10,000s of people a day are getting scammed - and Google just keeps on listing them on the first page of their search results!

These sites prey on the innocence and wishful thinking of youngsters, encouraging them to complete surveys and other offers in order to "unlock" Playstation codes. Sometimes even asking them to sign mobile subscriptions, that charge to their parents' credit cards.

Usually they try to muddy the waters by flooding the internet with false claims and fake payment proof.

Don't just take my word for it though. Check out what the verified @PlayStation twitter account has to say on the matter:

Yes, I'm afraid that's right - Sony, a company with an annual revenue of over 8 Trillion Yen, has actually figured out how to use a basic database for their PSN codes!

There Is No Such Thing As A Free PSN Code List, That Still Works

Often people will claim to be giving away a list of valid PSN codes. This might strike you as a way to get free PS4 games, but unfortunately we're not living in a fantasy world.

I'm not going to say that noone has ever given away a list of real PSN codes, but how long do you suppose such a list would remain working once it went public over the internet?

You're probably better off digging up your backyard for dinosaur bones, and then trying to extract intact DNA from them. Ok yes, I admit it, I'm a total geek - but so are you if you're reading this!

Be Skeptical Of Giveaways

It's very common for YouTubers and other influencers to start giveaways of Playstation store codes. I would say that in about 99% of cases these giveaways are fake.

When someone starts a giveaway on the internet you should ask yourself a few questions:

Is this person revealing their true identity, or do they have an established brand? Do they genuinely care about their reputation?

Usually if someone has invested a huge amount of time into developing their personal influence or brand it's much less likely that they would risk everything by staging a fake giveaway. However, there are many recorded instances of YouTubers with millions of subscribers staging giveaway scams.

But let's face it, the endless merry-go-round of YouTube giveaways is probably more entertaining than any free PS4 game you could have won anyway!

Focus On Points Sites

Ok, enough talking about rediculous scams. We can't finish this article without sharing a real way to get free PS4 games.

points sites

Points sites are probably one of the few reliable ways for people to earn free games online. The way they work is you earn points by completing free offers like surveys or mobile app downloads. This earns the site owners money from advertisers, which they can then use part of to get you a free Playstation store gift code - one that's actually legally purchased from an authorised seller.

There are a few legitimate sites out there that are doing this but - ehem - the one we would recommend you use is PointsPrizes.

We're not going to pretend that you'll be able earn your free game instantly, but if you read the instructions carefully, you should achieve your goal.

Oh, and before you get too excited about The Sims 4:

Choose A Free Gift Card From Our Prizes Section

Once you've earned enough points you can claim one of our many prizes.

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