10 Homemade Gift Ideas To Show Your Lover You Care

by Zara Mohammed, Relationships Columnist

Published in Relationships on 18th September, 2018

It doesn't have to be a special occasion to show your lover you care with one of these homemade gift ideas. A thoughtful gesture can benefit your relationship by making you feel more connected to your partner, and making them feel special, unique, and loved.


Breakfast in Bed

It's a classic but always a winner. What better way to put a smile on your lover's face and set them up for a great day, than bringing them breakfast in bed? You can add a personal touch with some handpicked flowers from the garden, or get creative with heart shaped toast/eggs/or even your own handmade heart-shaped tea bags! Your breakfast is limited only by your imagination.

Here are some yummy breakfast ideas.

  • Fresh Croissants from your local bakery (requiring you to get up early and sneak out to get them) served with butter, jam, avocado and fresh raspberries
  • Homemade pancakes with your choice of yummy toppings
  • Chopped apple, banana, raisins and a selection of nuts, served in a bowl with almond milk and maple syrup
  • Real Greek yoghurt topped with honey, simple, healthy and delicious
breakfast in bed

Hidden Love Letters

Why not tell your partner how you feel by writing down what you love about them in a love letter? Step up the creativity and find different ways to express yourself through love letters with these fun ideas.

  • Write a little note or poem, seal it in an envelope and send it to your lover's work address to brighten up their day
  • Pop a note into your lover's pocket or bag so that they find it later on
  • Leave post-it notes where your partner is most likely to find them
  • Create a love letter trail where each note has a clue that leads to the next one. Set it up as a journey throughout the day that brings them home to a candle-lit dinner for two
  • Send texts throughout the day with quotes from your favourite romantic films, and then have a romantic movie night in together in the evening

Knit him a scarf

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are the boring but useful ones. Everyone needs a warm scarf during the cold months. If you knit your partner one they will think of you every time they wear it!

Think of other useful things your lover might need and see if you can make them by hand. Youtube is full of tutorials. You can make anything from a simple leather wallet or leather coin holder, to a notebook or diary.

Here are some more useful things you can find out how to make.

  • Homemade cough drops or boiled sweets in a cute tin
  • Socks or slippers
  • Pocket hand warmer or hot water bottle
  • Visual triggers such as physical touch, hand movements and light movements
  • Soaps and other natural products
  • Handmade keyring

Picnic Hamper

Picnics are always a romantic way to spend time with someone you care about. There is something so humble and special about sharing finger food while sitting on a blanket on the floor.


Obviously picnics are usually best in the park when the weather is nice and warm, but you can also create a romantic picnic setting on your balcony or by an open window. Think outside of the box and try having your picnic at night on the balcony with candles, or on the living room floor by the fire in autumn.

You may even want to create a picnic basket and have it delivered to your lover at work with goodies for him to enjoy on his lunch break and a note inside of what to look forward to when he gets home in the evening!

Date Night Jar

This is a simple and fun way to decide how to spend your free time with a loved one. Fill a mason jar up with date night ideas and let your lover pick one every weekend until they are all gone.

Here are some date night ideas.

  • Make dinner TOGETHER
  • Home movie night
  • Double date with friends
  • Dinner and cinema
  • Go to see an exhibition
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Watch the sun set
  • Watch the sun rise
  • Picnic in the park
  • Dirty weekend away

Love Coupons

Create a small collection of "Love Coupons" that your lover can redeem whenever they want (but only once, and perhaps even with an expiry date!)

love coupons

Here are some ideas.

  • Foot or Body Massage by you
  • Romantic home-cooked dinner
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Home baked cake/cookies/donuts
  • A night out, with drinks on you!

Personalised Presents

It's easy to get your own designs printed onto a variety of different products. Think of a special message, a quote, or create your own doodle and get it printed onto a mug, a T-shirt, pillowcases, canvas bags and more.

Alternatively buy a sharpie pen and draw your own design or message onto a plain white mug or plate and pop it into the oven to make your design permanent.

Create a Scrapbook or Photo-book of Memories

You can create a scrapbook by hand or have a photo-book printed using a print on demand online service. Tell your love story from beginning to present using photos and memories. It will be something for you and your lover to treasure forever.

Create Your Own Fun Board Game

You can make this one, funny, cute, sexy or weird depending on your relationship! All you have to do is pick your favourite board game and make a few alterations.

For example, you could redesign your Monopoly Board, add in your favourite places, and change the "prison" to the "bedroom". You could make your own truth or dare card or dice game, or alternatively your own truth or dare Jenga Tower game. Have fun adding new rules to Twister, or forfeits for every time you lose a piece in a game of chess (like losing a piece of your clothing!)

Frame a Collage of Your Favourite Moments

Choose a beautiful frame and create a collage using your favourite photos, cut outs from magazines or books that mean something to you both, meaningful quotes etc. You can make a large statement piece for your home to enjoy together, or a small keepsake for his bedside table so that he wakes up every morning thinking of you.

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