How To Turn Scam Artists Into Profit

How To Turn Scam Artists Into Profit

by Mark Kempton

Published in Affiliates on 11th September, 2017 at 07:10 AM

If you search any social platform right now for things like "free robux" or "free PSN codes", then inevitably you're going to be presented with a long list of scams.

There's just too much motivation for scam artists since, unlike the few honest websites, they never have to pay a single dollar in prizes.

Bribes, Keywords & Traffic

The lengths dishonest people will go to in order to promote scams never ceases to amaze me.

Scammers will even bribe large YouTubers with thousands of dollars, into making videos that promote their schemes. Here you can see an example of one such video that has received over a quarter of a million views:

free roblox

Money does not grow on trees. So, if you see someone promoting anything that offers instant results, then it is definitely a scam. Here's some examples of scam video titles you might find on a website like YouTube right now:

  • free PSN codes instantly
  • free robux generator (WORKS in 10 seconds)
  • free RP generator
  • PSN code generator
  • free robux hack

You should definitely take note of the huge traffic some of these videos get.

There's also very little genuine social interaction, since often these videos are just keyword fodder for search engines. Often they will have a few bots spam their videos with fake comments like "Amazing I got my free Robux thanks!!"

Turn Scammers Into Profit

Let's face it, most of us are never going to be as good as the scammers at ranking our content. Many scam artists use bots to spam the entire internet with backlinks to their videos, communities and other detritus. They are always going to outrank genuine content that points to anything of real value. And therefore the cycle of deception will continue forever.

free robux

However, what we can do is turn the scammers' traffic skills to our advantage. This can be done quite easily by finding referral programs for the genuine sites that do pay, and then linking to them in the comments. Because this scam content gets huge, highly-targeted traffic you'll invariably get a lot of referrals quite easily.

You might be amazed at just how profitable being the good guy can be!

Tips For Being The Good Guy

It's best to write comments in a few high-traffic scam pages, rather than spamming the entire internet with a billion links.

You don't want to become a spammer. Instead, think of yourself as a long-ranged sniper, targeting scam artists using a single, perfectly-placed bullet.

It's probably not a good idea to call out the scammers directly, since this will just motivate them to delete your comment. Instead just point to something that does work and leave the scammers to their solitary existence. You can rest easy knowing you did your bit to steer people in the right direction.

It's best to write an original comment each time instead of copy and pasting. I also recommend using a link shortening service like to mask your links and prevent your account from getting flagged.

Final Thoughts

Normally I wouldn't condone this sort of activity, but in the case of scammer content, I don't see any actual harm in it. You're entitled to write comments wherever you like, provided you keep them original and don't use automation.

Just make 100% sure the sites you're linking to do pay though, or you'll actually be perpetuating the cycle even more. Not to mention the fact that you'll probably want to get paid too.

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