Best Gifts To Get A Gamer For Christmas 2018

by Ollie Green, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 1st October, 2018

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a gamer, you may want to start with the list in this article.

We have picked out some good gift ideas that can be a useful start to determine what would work best as a present for your gaming enthusiast relative, significant other, or friend.

christmas gifts 2018 games

We have included a variety of different ideas, some universal, some more suited for more specific platforms, such as the PS4. Hopefully, by the time you've finished this list, you'll have a strong idea about what to get.

A New Gaming Headset

A gaming headset can take any game to the next level. Without a proper headset, gamers are forced to use their speakers or perhaps lower quality earphones. With low quality sound, they will have a hard time hearing important sound cues, for example, when another enemy player is nearby..

gaming headsets 2018

There are many different gaming headsets, so it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Usually, you will want to pick out one that has headphones and a built-in microphone so that the user can speak to their friends whilst playing.

Besides that, it's often good to go for a renowned brand. There are a few good brands that create durable headsets with good sound quality and plenty of extra features. Some examples include Razer, HyperX, Steelseries, and Astro.

Custom Controller

Chances are, the recipient you are thinking of already has a controller, so why buy another one?

Well, firstly, controllers do get worn down after time. Their joysticks lose grip and the buttons can become sticky. This is especially true for lower quality controllers.

custom controller gift idea

This means that a new controller for their platform of choice is always a good gift idea for a gamer. However, you can take it a step further by picking out a custom controller. With custom controllers, you can give gamers an extra durable design, more buttons, custom button mapping, and even custom decal designs.

If you search for custom controllers online, you can often find plenty of reputable custom controller manufacturers. Alternatively, you can go for officially supported options such as the Xbox One Elite controller for the Xbox or the PS4 SCUF Wireless gaming controller for the PS4.

Make sure you get a controller for the right platform. If your recipient uses a PC to game, either an Xbox One or PS4 controller will work fine. Alternatively, look at a good gaming mouse.

Large Custom Gaming Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is a nice gift idea for anybody that uses a computer, but you can put extra thought into it if you're getting a gift for a gamer.

Good gaming mouse pads are designed with special material that helps it to grip to the table and gives easier mouse movement. Many PC gamers will tell you that owning a good mouse pad is crucial.

gaming mouse pad

One thing that might be alien to you is the demand for extra large mouse pads. Usually, mouse pads are no larger than a laptop, but you can get larger ones. With a larger mouse pad, gamers have far more room to move their mouse, which is very important for a variety of games.

You can also get a mouse pad that covers the entire desk, but this is more for decorative purposes. A quick search on Amazon will give you some great results for large mouse pads. Just make sure to read reviews so that you know the mouse pad you buy is of the highest quality.

Good Gaming Desk

There are many different types of desks that have features specifically useful for gamers.

Buying a desk as a gift may seem strange at first, but it's a nice gesture that shows you're thinking more about adding practicality to somebody else's life as opposed to flaunting flashy gifts.

gaming desk gift

There are many different routes you can go, but the first tip is to look for a larger desk. A large desk will give a gamer more freedom to put their monitor, their keyboard, their PC, and their mouse. A larger desk also gives gamers more opportunity to add their own personal touch to their space.

You can also get standing desks that can transform to and from a standing and sitting position. This can be a great opportunity to help teach your gift recipient the importance of posture, something that many gamers forget about whilst gaming for lengthy sessions.

Gaming Chair

It seems everybody wants a gaming chair these days, so it's not a bad gift idea, at all. Just make sure you look at a number of details before you pick out a chair to buy.

Firstly, many gaming chairs are expensive. However, you do not want to spend less money on a low quality one. It's best to go for a good brand and put in at least $300-$400.

best gaming chair gift

You also want to make sure the chair has features to help with posture, such as a good neck pillow and lumbar pillow. Read reviews because whilst many gaming chairs are marketed to help with posture, many of them can actually make a person's posture worse.

It's not the case for all gaming chairs, however. Noblechairs and Secretlab, for example, create great chairs that are designed with posture in mind.

The Latest Games

Being a gamer can be very expensive. There are as many great video games as there are great movies, but games often cost as much as $60 up front and then sometimes $60 for additional content afterward.

Because of this, it's likely that the gamer you have in mind will have a gaming wish list - this will include all of the games they want to buy but just can't afford.

It's always best to ask a gamer what games they'd like because they may already have the games you want to buy them, or they may not be interested in specific titles, despite their popularity.

PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam Gift Cards

If you don't know what games to buy a loved one, or don't want to spoil the surprise, why not just buy a gift card? That way, they can purchase digital versions of any games they like.

Make sure you pick out a suitable platform, however. For The PS4, you will need PSN gift cards. Xbox One users need Xbox Live gift cards and PC gamers should most likely be happy with a Steam gift card.


That brings us to an end. We hope that the gamer gift ideas we have pointed out in this article will prove to be useful for Christmas or any other occasion.

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