Why You Should Play Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 10th October, 2018

Avid gamers are almost always on the hunt for something enjoyable to play. Sometimes it's the high-intensity realm of hunting down zombies, monsters or other players while other times it's enjoying the world of farming, trucking or simply running around living the life of a goat.

yonder why play

Sometimes, we're looking for something beautiful and peaceful to take a break from the adrenaline (or sometimes rage), that can come from many of the more standard game options. When you'd rather farm, adopt adorably unique animals and explore a gorgeous open world, there is one spectacular game that is worth a look.

What Is Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles?

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a relatively new game that appears on PC, Switch and more. It presents a simple storyline where the main character is returning to an island they were sent away from as a child, due to the appearance of the dangerous "Murk".

While there is no combat in the game, you do get to explore, trade, farm, craft and collect sprites that can help you to clear the murk away from the island. As you do so, you'll further the plot towards getting rid of it completely, opening up new biomes and allowing you to meet some adorable, unique creatures like the groffle, frabbit and more!

What Is It Available On?

Gamers who want to play this game can get ahold of it through a few different methods. PC users can get this game through Steam, which also means you can add it to your wishlist and look out for sales on the game as well.

yonder game

Furthermore, this game is also available on Playstation 4 if you're a console fan. This would be a great game to enjoy on a larger screen! However, if you want the option of a handheld screen as well as your TV, then getting this game on the Switch is a great choice as well. It's very easy to navigate through handheld options and looks great wherever you play it!

Why Should You Play It?

There are plenty of reasons why this game is worth a try. While it might not be one of the larger, more mainstream options, it's a game with so much to offer. From the delightful graphics to the open-world concept, there's a lot to enjoy!

Beautiful Graphics

To begin with, this game is absolutely gorgeous. The grass is bright and green, there are a variety of different biomes and a multitude of plants and other resources to collect and build with. You'll be able to enjoy a freezing snow-filled habitat or an intense desert in no time at all.

No matter what biome you're in or what you're doing, this game is always gentle and pleasing to the eye. The human characters also offer a unique look that really adds to the quaint aspects of the game. So if fantastic graphics are important to you, then Yonder is worth checking out!

Adorable Critters

In the world of Gemea, there are a wide variety of animals that you can tame. These include foxes in a whole rainbow of colors, each producing a different product for your farms. On top of that, there are groffles, which are buffalo-type creatures with adorable faces that produce milk.

yonder game on steam

From sprig pigs to fenicorns, each animal produces a different resource that can be incredibly useful for crafting, tailoring and a whole lot more. These species span throughout the different biomes, allowing you to travel, explore and enjoy all the animals out there.

Peaceful Gameplay

In Yonder, there is no combat. This makes it a great game for children as well as those who just want something relaxing to play for a while. If you're not overly fond of violence, either for yourself or a child in your life, then this is a game that is worth a look.

Rather than fighting, this game solves problems through peaceful means. It teaches players to trade goods, raise animals and find other ways to solve problems. It's certainly a breath of fresh air when you want a mellow, peaceful playtime.

No Deaths!

In the same vein as having a peaceful playthrough, you don't die in this game. There are no lives, there is no damage, and you don't have to worry about being attacked by anything. Instead of fall damage, you float peacefully from high places using an umbrella. Rather than a death when you get stuck in water that is too deep, the game simply resets you to somewhere nearby.

yonder game no deaths

This is truly a game you can just enjoy without need for grinding or fighting. You get to just explore and enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere in a truly peaceful world.


Using the resources you find or obtain from your tamed animals, you can build just about everything you need. For your farm, you can make stalls, troughs, garden plots and a whole lot more to set up your farm just the way you want it.

In addition, you can change the world around you by building bridges, fixing up various areas in Gemea and generally making it a more pleasant place overall. Most items are easy to trade for as well as build, so if you prefer to take that route, you can do that as well.


Not long after starting the game, you get the ability to open up and design your own farm. You'll be able to set it up exactly as you need to raise animals, grow food and trees and store anything you may need to. You'll even be able to hire a farm hand!

yonder farming

As you travel through the world, you'll find that you can open up multiple farms in different areas, allowing you to place a focus on each one. This is great for raising all of the different animals that you can find in different biomes without having one overrun farm!

Taking Animals On Adventures

Not only can you adopt a number of adorable animals, you can also choose to take them on your explorations with you. Just about any animal you have adopted, you can select the option to go on an adventure with. At which point, the creature will follow you wherever you go.

The system used for allowing animals to follow you is also quite well-designed. As a result, losing animals you're traveling with is highly unlikely. At times, they may take a moment to catch up but they always will. Whether it's a groffle or a grass fox, you can take a buddy anywhere!

An Open-World Concept

There are few of us who don't love an open-world. Being able to explore vast regions, experience different biomes and take on quests in a variety of places keeps the game entertaining for hours on end. At any point you can traverse a desert, forest or snowy wasteland.

Because there is no combat, you also won't need to worry about any areas being too high-leveled for you to explore. Pretty much everything is open to you right from the start, so you can explore the world as you see fit.

A Multitude of Quests

Within the game, there are a variety of quests you can take on. You will have a main questline, which can be completed relatively quickly. In this main line, you work towards ending the problem of the murk that has been taking over the island for many years.

Along the way, there are a wide variety of other quests you can take on. NPCs all over the map will have tasks that need to be accomplished and you can make deliveries using the boards found in towns. If you take your time to get through each little side quest, you'll always be busy!

Plenty Of Collectibles

On top of all the quests you can go on, there are also a variety of different things to discover and collect. There are sprites, which open up areas previously clouded with the murk. These are going to be the most important, but there are other things you can collect as well.

All over the map, there are also cats that you can find rolling around. Some are just out and about, while others remain in special areas. Collecting these cats helps you to gain achievements and get through a special questline.

On top of that, you can also find various constellations as you wander through the world. There are 5 of these constellations, which come together to unlock a special achievement for you once you've gathered them all. If you're a fan of collecting and getting achievements, this is a great game to do it!


If you like cute animals, exploration, farming and open-worlds, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a game worth checking out. It has a lot to offer in a truly peaceful environment free from the darker aspects of other games. Make sure to check it out on Playstation 4, Switch or PC as soon as you can!

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