PointsPrizes Releases New Logo, Massive Site Update

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in News on 15th October, 2018

PointsPrizes has come a long way since we were founded in 2016. Since then we have welcomed millions of active users to our community - and consistently delivered on our promises!

However, despite all the successes there were structural issues, that quietly prevented us from providing some of the advanced functionality our users have frequently asked for.

Today all our users will get to enjoy the product of many months hard work by our developers and designers to overcome these problems. In fact, we have re-written every line of code, investing thousands of hours into achieving the improvements our users have been asking for.

Dark Mode

I have very sensitive eyes and I know many of our users do too. For people like us there is nothing worse than having a white screen burning into our eyes. Recently we have seen many companies adding a 'Dark Mode' and now even the new MacOS Mojave.

dark mode

In line with this design trend, we decided to add an optional dark mode. To activate this, go to your Settings page and then confirm the change. You will need to logout and log back in again before the new dark mode will take effect.

More Offers, Improved Conversion Rates

The Top Offers page has been completely replaced with a new PointsPrizes offer wall. This brings together tens of thousands of offers, managed by over 20 different networks, ranked according to conversion rates.

Rankings are updated in real time to ensure you have the greatest possible likelihood of converting. Not only that, but infinite scrolling ensures offers load quickly and with minimum bandwidth use for mobile users.

There is now no website in the world with more offers available to international users. Over the next year we will continue to forge relationships with advertisers and networks across the industry, bringing you the greatest selection of offers possible in one place.

Detailed Statistics

For a long time users have been demanding more access to statistics, so they can see which networks and offers are performing the best. The new interface includes the ability to view your history of conversions, referrals, chargebacks and bonuses.

Points Total

Users love the way we split our points into different categories. However, sometimes we just want to quickly check how many points we have.

A points total is now displayed in the header. It will refresh every few minutes, or you can click it any time, to get an instant update.

Optional Account Passwords

Many users enjoy our easy login process. However, some users are now earning thousands of dollars from individual accounts. Quite understandably, these users have been asking for password protection, so that they can have more peace of mind.

Now users can add a password to their account, by going to the Settings page and then confirming the change. If you forget your password, don't worry, you can still recover it from the login page.

No More Account Keys

Some users found that account keys were difficult to use. We decided to overhaul the way changes to settings were confirmed - while still maintaining the same level of account security.

Starting today we have replaced all account security keys with a confirmation email. So if you make any changes on the Settings page, just visit your mailbox to confirm them.

New Logo

The PointsPrizes hexagonal logo has become universally recognized, as a symbol of quality and trust in the online rewards industry.

However, as users shift to increasingly smaller devices it becomes essential that our logo continues to be discernible in smaller sizes. This led our designers to re-design the logo in a flat-design style and to simplify the font used in the main logo.

pointsprizes new logo

We also tweaked the colors, to be completely consistent with our interface's distinctive color palette. It was always a goal to ensure continued brand recognition, and we hope we have achieved that!

We very kindly thank any users who take the time to visit our Brand page, download our new logo pack and use it to update their video thumbnails, blog posts and other content.

Updated Privacy Policy

Due to the numerous changes to our website, as well as planned future updates, we are updating our Privacy Policy to a new version.

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