Best Roblox Driving Games

by Ollie Green, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 22nd October, 2018

If you play Roblox, you'll know that the variety of games on offer is incredible. At times, it feels like the opportunities for fun are endless.

If you like specific games, for example, Roblox driving games, then it can be a little trickier to find the best games out there.

To make things easier, we've listed the best Roblox driving games in this article.

Vehicle Simulator

First up we have Vehicle Simulator. If you love cars, you'll really enjoy playing this Roblox game. In this, you get to test dozens of different vehicles, customize them, and race them in different game modes. In total, there are over 50 vehicle types, stunt levels, and much more.

vehicle simulator roblox

On top of plenty of cars from manufacturers like BMW, Bugatti, and Ferrari, you can also find speed boats, jet skis, and stunt planes.

Ultimate Driving

Ultimate Driving is another game that lets you explore massive open worlds in a variety of different vehicles. The driving controls in Ultimate Driving feel incredible and there's such a variety of cars to get your hands on.

As you play, you will earn money and you can spend that money on new cars and even your own home. You are given the opportunity to work as a police officer or take part in other money making activities.

ultimate driving roblox

The great thing about Ultimate Driving is that there are actually multiple different games in the series. The latest and most popular is called Westover Islands.

If you get bored of Westover Islands, you can also check out Newark, Noyan, Delancy Gorge, Watkinsville, and Odessa.


Jailbreak isn't just a racing game, but it does let you drive around in different cars and you'll be spending a lot of time in vehicles.

Jailbreak is actually a massive open world RPG game. You get to play as either a police officer or a criminal. As you play, it's your job to commit crimes and make money, or earn cash by catching criminals.

jailbreak roblox

You can spend your money on a variety of things, including new customization options for your character, weapons, new homes, and of course new vehicles.

Jailbreak is one of the most popular and most played Roblox games of all time, so it's worth giving a go even if you don't like Roblox driving games.

Destroy Cars for Fun

This next Roblox game is pretty much what it says on the tin. Destroy Cars for Fun is all about taking cars and destroying them in creative ways. You are given the tools to completely smash up different cars, but there are no rules.

destroy cars for fun roblox

If you need to let off some steam, playing Destroy Cars for Fun can be a surprisingly good option. This is a multiplayer game so you'll see other players driving around too and can join up with your friends.

There is also a singleplayer game if you just want to wreck things on your own.


Many of the games in this list are all about fast paced action and adrenaline. There seems to be a common theme with Roblox driving games to throw in police chases and crime. If you are looking for something more relaxing, you'll enjoy Pacifico.

[pacifico roblox

This is a roleplay game where you get to explore the local area, drive around freely and hang out with other players. The driving mechanics are great and you're never under any threat. This means you are free to cruise around at your own pace.

Speed Race

If you want a true racing game that has race tracks, time trials, and intense competition, you'll love Speed Race.

speed race roblox

As the name suggests, Speed Race is all about racing through each track as quickly as possible. You will be rewarded for your speed and ranked amongst your friends and other players across the globe.

As you level up and earn coins, you can unlock new tracks and new cosmetic trails.


Somebody actually went and put GTA 5 into Roblox. There are of course many differences between this Roblox game and the real GTA 5.

However, two things are shared between the two games. The first is the open world driving experience - you are able to drive around in a variety of cars in a big open world.

gta 5 roblox

The second is the player versus player action. If you're looking to cause some mischief and havoc this Roblox game will be your playground.

Street Racing Unleashed

Street Racing Unleashed feels like one of those retro racing games you find at the arcade. The graphics aren't the best and the controls can feel clunky at times, but if you want an authentic arcade style racing experience, this is the game to try.

street racing unleashed roblox

Street Racing Unleashed isn't getting any new updates, but it works fairly well considering.

Roblox Deathrun

Whilst Roblox Deathrun isn't actually about driving, it still has racing in it so it's something that we feel fits in well with the other games in this list.

roblox deathrun

In Roblox Deathrun, you must ran past dangerous traps, over obstacles, and through different locations. There are plenty of maps to try to keep things interesting and you are able to play alongside your friends.

If you've ever enjoyed playing an endless runner game like Temple Run, you'll appreciate the similarities between that and Roblox Deathrun.

Checkpoint Racing

Checkpoint Racing is another more typical racing game. By this we mean you are put on a track with other players and must race to the finish.

checkpoint racing roblox

There's none of this open world RPG stuff thrown into the mix. If you are looking for a solid Roblox racing game that focuses on nothing but pure races, then Checkpoint Racing is the game for you.

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