Simple Ways To Engage In Self Care

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 13th November, 2018

Self care is key to a happy life, and you deserve it! In this article, we're looking into why self care is important, and provide several care simple tips for a little extra love.

self care

Most of these self care tips are small, easy things that don't take a lot of money, effort or time. They are fantastic ways to take it easy on yourself and unwind from all the tension and stress of daily life. When you need a little extra care, try them out!

Why Is Self Care Important?

Self care is one of those things that can easily be taken for granted. Oftentimes, we forget that it's an important aspect of our lives until we realize we're missing it. However, it's a key component in remaining comfortable, happy, and having the energy to take on your daily tasks.

There are also some times in which we need it more than others. When everything is going well, you may find that you get along pretty easily just doing the basics. However, when life is getting rough you may need a little more of it to help keep you afloat.

When you need a little more self care, there are a number of ways in which you can give yourself a little extra love without having to put a lot of effort into it. Sometimes, something as simple as a hot bath or a nap can make you feel a whole lot better.

Simple Ways To Engage In Self-Care

Self Care doesn't need to be difficult. You don't need to make a huge presentation of it or feel like it's a big step outside your comfort zone. In fact, self care should help to make you more comfortable. Try out these tips when you need a little extra comfort!


Take a nap, or get a good night's sleep! When you're feeling run down, sleep can work wonders to help you feel better. It can feel especially luxurious to take a nap without limits. Put the alarm away, curl up and allow yourself to nap as long as you need.


Eat Well

A good meal can help you feel better emotionally and mentally as well as provide the nutrients your body needs. Make your favorite food, or enjoy something with a lot of healthy ingredients and even more delicious flavor. The best meals are ones that nourish your taste buds as well as your bodily needs.

Give Yourself Breaks

Sometimes you just need to relax for a few minutes. We aren't robots, this is perfectly natural! Don't avoid breaks, as it can result in a quick burnout, especially during the workday. Sit down for a little bit, take some deep breaths, do what you need to for a quick recharge.

Practice Gentle Self-Talk

When we're stressed or anxious, it can be very easy to start thinking some really awful things about ourselves. If you notice these nasty thoughts, take a pause and re-route your thinking into kinder paths. Consider why these thoughts might be popping up, and address that instead.

Read A Book

Diving into a different world can be a fantastic way to temporarily escape the stress in your own life. Whether you love romance, fantasy, horror or action, give yourself permission to read for a while and forget about the rest of the world. You deserve it!

read a book

Play A Game

Another great way to step out of your own life is to play a game. Give yourself some time to just enjoy it. No matter what kind of game you like, it can be such a fantastic escape. In moderation, it can be a great tool to help keep yourself sane when things are stressful.

Take A Hot Shower Or Bath

Relaxing in a hot bath or shower can be a great way to pull yourself back together and feel a little more cared for. You get a little time to yourself, and you can take it slowly and easily, getting in a good wash, caring for areas that may not typically get much attention and being soothed.


Meditation can be a great way to reign in rampant anxious thoughts and direct them towards something more productive. It can help you with focusing and being more mindful overall. On top of that, you can do it in just a few minutes!


Enjoy Some ASMR

If you enjoy personal attention and soothing sounds then ASMR is worth trying out. There are a multitude of ASMR artists and videos on YouTube that can soothe you, improve your mood and help you to feel like someone is looking after you when you need it.

Cuddle With A Pet

Our pets can be fantastic sources of unconditional love, and they can often remind us that we aren't alone. If you have a pet, take a few minutes to pet, play or cuddle with them. If you don't, but love animals, volunteering at an animal shelter can be a great way to get out.

Enjoy A Craft

Channeling your energy into creating something can be a really nice feeling, and often times that activity can prove to be rather soothing. Whether you like crocheting or knitting, paper crafts, drawing, painting, making music, or any other productive hobby, it's a great form of self care!

Do Some Journaling

No matter how insane they may feel, writing out your thoughts and feelings can be extremely helpful. It gives you a way to release them when they're bottled up and eating away at you. There's also no wrong way to do it, and you can even throw it away after.

Take Yourself On An Outing

Sometimes, you just need to get out for a little bit. If you don't want to spend money, heading out to a park or just for a walk can be very helpful. Otherwise, consider taking yourself on a date! Get some food, maybe buy a thing or two you don't really need. All within reason, of course!



Don't be afraid to belt out your favorite songs. It can be very therapeutic! No matter what you like to sing, it's a fantastic thing to enjoy and can help to take your mind off the stress in life. You can even put on a pretend performance if you want!

Watch Your Favorite Show/Movie

Some shows and movies can make us feel good, while others can just be a relaxing escape from reality. When you need to give your mind a break, for whatever reason, watching familiar shows and movies can be very helpful while you pull yourself back together.

Visit With Family Or Friends

From time to time, we just need to step outside of our immediate lives. When this happens, it can help to visit with others and listen to what they've got going on in their lives. The people who care about us can also be helpful to lean on when you need a lift.

Get Dressed Up

It can feel good to get all done up, even if you don't plan on going anywhere! Not only is it some great self care, but it's also a way to feel a little bit more put together. This can be just what you need when you're feeling like a little bit of a train wreck.

Have A Little Treat

While it isn't a good idea to turn to food every time you're in need of a little self care, it can help to indulge in a little bit of chocolate or other treats every now and then. Just like any other indulgence, as long as you keep it in moderation, there's nothing wrong with it!

have a little treat

Do Some De-cluttering

It can be so easy to forget just how much outer order can contribute to inner peace. On the other hand, a home that is extremely cluttered can add to the stress you feel overall. Doing just a little bit of de-cluttering can make your space look nicer and help you to feel more calm.

Grow Something

Along similar lines as creating something, growing something can be a very therapeutic activity. Even if you live in an apartment, there are ways you can grow herbs in the windowsill. Otherwise, you might look around for community gardens or other ways you can enjoy the plant life.

Say No

Some of us are people-pleasers, and therefore "no" isn't a word we use often. That said, sometimes it can be a good word to use when you just don't want any more on your plate! Remember, you don't owe anyone favors, so only accept the ones you want and can handle.

Go To A Movie

While it might seem odd to go to a movie by yourself, it can be a nice experience. Besides, once the lights go out, no one is really thinking about or judging you. You can enjoy a new movie in peace, and even grab some popcorn to go with it when you really want to treat yourself!

go to a movie

Do Some Coloring

Adult coloring books have been growing in popularity for a reason. It can be very calming to take the time to color in a picture, and it's a great way to create even if you might not be artistically talented. Take a little time to enjoy the colors, and slowly bring a picture to life.

Make A List

Stress can accumulate when you start to feel like you don't have control over your life. Ease some of the mess by making lists of goals, things you want to do, chores, or anything else you may need to in order to get organized. It's quick, and can help you to find a starting point for tackling it all.

Give Yourself A Mental Health Day

Once in a while, you just need a day off! It's okay to take one, and to not feel guilty about it. Consider this your message of permission to nap, have a Netflix binge, or play video games all day without feeling badly about it. Some days, you just need to relax and blow off steam. There's nothing wrong with that!

Go To A Book Store Or Library

For some of us, looking at a wide array of books is a magical experience. If you have the funds to treat yourself to a new book or two, do it! Otherwise, just enjoy looking at them and think about the ones you may want to read in the future.


Do Something New

Stepping outside of your comfort zone just a little bit can be a decent way to get out of your own head and even gain a little bit of confidence. Maybe check out a new group or club, like Toastmasters, the local theater, or a Meetup group that suits your interests. In addition, remember that you don't have to keep going if you don't want to!

Enjoy An Audiobook Or Podcast

Just like reading or getting lost in a good movie, a podcast or audiobook can be a great escape. On top of that, you can listen to them while relaxing, doing chores or even while coloring to double the escape! There are a vast multitude of options out there for you, so take some time to enjoy them!

Get A Massage!

A massage can be a very relaxing experience. If you're able to, go out and get a professional massage to help with easing tension and getting a deep relaxation. Otherwise, self-massage can be useful as well! Learn a few self-massage tricks for the areas that may become the most tense.

Learn Something New

Pick up a new hobby, take a class or just take a few minutes to learn about something that interests you. Install Duolingo and learn a new language, find some YouTube videos or online classes for something you want to learn about. Whatever it is that you want to know more about! There are so many resources out there, and learning can be a good way to work towards self growth.

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