How To Get Rich In Red Dead Redemption 2

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 14th November, 2018

Red Dead Redemption is a humongous game with more than a hundred of various missions (including both story and side missions), a massive number of stories worth uncovering, an unmatched level of detail, and filled with ways to spend that hard-earned outlaw money. You can get weapons, buy new horses, invest in your wardrobe, lose money on poker and blackjack, get better equipment for your horse, improving your camp, and more. But the game also offers countless ways to get money, whether that is by robbing people, coaches, and trains, or by hunting in the wild, or finding treasure. Some ways of earning money are more efficient and lucrative than others and if you really want to get rich quickly, you should follow this guide. We managed to amass more than 10,000 dollars before Chapter 3 ended meaning we know a thing or two about getting rich fast in Red Dead Redemption 2. Read on and find out how to get rich in Red Dead Redemption 2.

red dead redemption 2 make money

Robbing coaches and trains is fine during early game

During early game, when you don't really have lots of money on your hands, getting it from robbing coaches and trains is a nice way to earn some extra cash. Money got from robberies won't make you rich but it will allow you to get powerful guns and improve your camp during the second chapter of the game.

Now, trains are relatively easy to rob. Just ride your horse next to a moving train and jump to it. Other ways to board the train include boarding a train at any station, or simply waiting for one while on foot and then boarding it by jumping on any empty wagon. Make sure to whistle to your horse so that it can follow you while you ride on the train. Now, the best time to rob a train is just before it reaches a bridge because that will prevent the law from reaching it, and you. Now, you should board near the locomotive so you can quickly stop the train right once it reaches a bridge. Next, start robbing passengers (if it is a passenger train) and then go looking for safes. Now, cargo trains don't have any passenger to rob but they usually carry more money in safes and since there are no passengers, robbing cargo trains is much quicker and safer because you can finish it all before the law arrives.

Once you find a safe place a dynamite by equipping it and holding R2 (or right trigger on Xbox One) and then either ignite the explosive or move away from it a shoot it. Also, look for valuables inside drawers and chests, and pay close attention to metal lock boxes, they usually contain highly valuable items. After you finish the robbery just ride your horse (it should wait for you at the start of the bridge) and run away from the law if any. And finally, make sure to not kill anyone except the guards because each kill will increase the bounty on your head.

robbing coaches and trains red dead redemption

Coaches are also a nice way to earn some extra cash but they usually contain much fewer valuables and money than trains do. Make sure to wait after you unlock coach fence (it will get unlocked pretty early during the second chapter) so you can sell the coach you robbed and earn more cash. So, you should rob coaches in a middle of nowhere thus decreasing the chances of being spotted. Just kill everyone on board and drive the coach into the woods. There you can break the lock and rob it. And after than just drive it to the Emerald Ranch and sell it.

Hunt legendary animals

If you want to earn money by hunting, then hunt legendary animals. There are 16 of them in total and you can sell their pelts and carcasses at trappers who pay about 60 bucks for a pelt and a carcass, which is a nice sum of money. The map you will be given during chapter 2 contains locations for each animal (except for the two that are locked behind story missions) and the locations are easy to find on the game map. Just roam around the location shown on the legendary animal map and you'll eventually be notified that you entered the legendary animal area.

Now, before embarking on a hunt make sure your Dead Eye cores are filled, giving you a way to kill each legendary animal the second you spot it. You can't simply look for the animal in its area, you will have to track all of the clues. Just wander around the location and turn on hunting vision (L3 + R3) from time to time until you discover the first clue (which is shown as bright gold particle pillar) and then reach the first clue and start tracking the animal.

hunt legendary animals

You should find three clues and after you find the third clue and follow the track for a bit you should spot a legendary animal. Once you spot it try to get close to it and then equip a powerful rifle (in case you hunt for a predator) or a repeater rifle (in case you hunt for a herbivore), enter Dead Eye and shoot it until it dies. In case of predators, aim at their head because some of them are quite powerful and will survive multiple headshots. Finally, after you kill a legendary animal make sure to skin it and to stow its carcass on your horse, if possible. And then just visit the nearest trapper. Do not give legendary animal carcasses to Pearson at the camp because they can earn you about $30 per piece when sold at trapper's store.

Play poker in Saint Denis

Playing poker can amass you a fine amount of cash and the best place to play the game is at one saloon in Saint Denis. There you can earn about $30 per each game because entry costs $5. The next best thing is playing blackjack because you can earn money pretty fast if you're lucky. The best location for blackjack is located in Blackwater but in order to visit that one, you'll have to finish the story. The second best location is at the saloon in Van Horn trading station.

Finish The Noblest of Men and a Woman Stranger Mission

Stranger missions are pretty interesting and some are better than many story missions but this one is also interesting and lucrative. You should go to the saloon in Valentine (the one with Five Finger Fillet mini-game). Inside you'll find a writer accompanied by an old and drunk gunslinger. The writer will give you locations of four famous gunslingers and you should locate them all.

The second part of the missions will become available in Chapter 4 of the game so wait a bit until the mission icon appears in Valentine. Follow the objectives and finish the missions and in the end you will be rewarded with lots of money.

Finish the Strange Statues side mission

This mission (or better a random find during exploration) is extremely lucrative. Once completed, you will have three gold bars in your pockets, which can be sold at the nearest fence for $1,500. Just make sure to embark on the gold-bar related quests after you unlock the first fence location. Now, the cave with statues is located northeast from Bacchus station. The cave entrance is pretty tricky to locate so we advise you to arrive at the location during daytime in order to spot the entrance more easily.

strange statues

Once you enter the cave you will notice a bunch of human statues circling a statue of an eagle. Each of the human statues has some of their fingers broken and each one has a button located on the base. You should press buttons located in bases of statues that have 2, 3, 5, and 7 fingers (these are the prime numbers) and once you do it the eagle statue will open and inside it, you'll find three gold bars. Just so you know, seven fingers statue has one of its arm broken, which lies in the ground next to it. And if you happen to make a mistake you can reset the front button by pressing a button located at the back of each statue.

Locate all treasures

Aside from Strange Statues location, treasure hunts are also a great source of money. There are three treasure hunts in the game, and all of those who bought special and ultimate editions of the game and those who pre-ordered digital version before July 2018 received one extra treasure map. There's also one extra treasure map found in a shack near Annesburg. Let's start with the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt

The first map for this treasure hunt can be found by starting a stranger missions titles The Noblest of Men, and a Woman. As we already mentioned, this missions grants you lots of money so you should definitely finish it. After you receive locations of four gunslingers visit the location of Flaco Hernandez, kill him and his gang and enter his hut. Inside you'll find a treasure map. The location points out to the Face Rock located southeast from Ringneck Creek.

poisonous trail treasure

You will spot the hilltop pretty easily because it really resembles a human face. Go to the three located near the base of the Face Rock (it is easy to spot because it is the only tree standing near the rock) and inside you'll find the second map. This one points to a hill near Van Horn Trading post. It resembles a snake and you will easily locate it once you arrive at the location, at the top of the hill. Once you arrive there, look out for a rock formation resembling a bunch of snake eggs and inside you will find the third and final map.

poisonous trail treasure 2

The third map points to the Elysian Pool. Just go behind the waterfall and climb the ledge (and make sure to equip your lantern because you won't see a thing inside the cave). Once you climb the ledge you will find a path to the left and a crevice in front of you. Just jump inside the crevice and below you should locate a narrow corridor. Crouch and enter the tunnel and then take the right corridor. At the end of it, you should jump forward (you should notice a ledge located below you). Once you land on the ledge, go forward and at the end of the narrow passage, you should find a crack with 4 gold bars.

poisonous trail treasure 3

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map

The next map can be bought or stolen from some guy named Maximo. You can find him on the hilltop located west of Flatneck Station. He is easy to locate because he is pretty loud and will be marked on your map when near him. Just rob him or buy the map from him and start the treasure hunt.

jack hall treasure jack hall treasure 2

The first location is Caliban's Seat. Climb to the top and then take the path downward located next to the abandoned camp. Just follow the narrow path, take a couple of jumps and one climb. At the end of the path, you should locate a small hole in the rock hiding the second map. The second map shows three geysers, which are located a Cotorra Springs.

jack hall treasure 3 poisonous trail treasure 3

The map shows a rock formation located between the three geysers. The exact location of the formation can be seen in the image below. Now that you found the third map head out to O'Creagh's Run and swim to the island located in the middle of the lake. There you will find the treasure - 2 gold bars.

jack hall treasure 4

High Stakes Treasure Hunt

The map for this hunt can be acquired in two ways. The first one is to stumble upon a treasure hunter while roaming through the world. You should hear him shouts something along the line of "You're so near I can taste it" or "Damned fool told me this map will have a treasure." He is usually located at the top of some hill and the gray icon should show once you start him shouting about the treasure. The second way is to visit a fence after you found and ignored the treasure hunter three times. The best way to catch the hunter is to sneak behind him and lasso him. Take the map and head on to the first location, Cumberland Falls.

high stakes treasure

Once you reach Cumberland Falls, swim to the east side and climb the bunch of tree trunks that are caught by rocks. Then walk on top of a tree trunk bridge and reach behind the falls. There you will find the second map. It points to Barrow Lagoon located deep inside Grizzly Mountains. Once you reach the frozen lake you will find a small island in the middle. Climb on top of it and start walking on top of the log bridge connecting the island with the shore and at the middle of it, you'll find a hole with the third and final map.

This map points to a hilltop near Bacchus Station. Climb the hilltop (the location is shown on the image below) and once you reach the top you should see a narrow path located between the two peaks (like it is shown on the image). Take the path to the left and be ready to crouch and to jump a couple of times. It is a bit tricky to reach the end of the path so be ready to climb again in case you slip and fall. At the end of the narrow part you will locate a crack in the stone with your treasure - 3 gold bars.

high stakes treasure

After you finish all three treasure hunts you should head to trapper's place and buy reinforced equipment that became unlocked because you finished all explorer-related challenges. Reinforced equipment is great because it adds various bonuses to your weapons.

Annesburg Treasure

Okay, this treasure is easily located because it contains just one treasure map. The map can be found inside a hut north of Annesburg (we marked the hut on the map). The map points to a tree on top of the Elysian Pool. It is easy to locate because it's the only tree on the cliff and because it has a big X carved into it. Just follow instructions written on the map (20 steps North and 5 steps East) and you will find a treasure inside a rock - 1 gold bar.

Gold Bar locations

And, as a bonus, we will share a couple of locations that contain gold bars. The first one is located in the Sherriff Office in the abandoned town called Limpany. The town is located north of Flatneck station. Just go inside the burned Sherriff's Office and look under the table. You should find a lockbox there. Open it and one gold bar will be yours.

sherriff office gold bar

The next gold bar location can be found inside a derailed train located below the bridge next to Cotorra Springs, right after Granite Pass. Locate the train, then locate the cart that stands horizontally to the side of the cliff. Go past it and face left. You should spot a small rock wall that can be climbed. Climb it and go to the top and then face right and make the jump to the rock terrace. Then simply jump inside the horizontally placed cart and reach its bottom. There you will find two gold bars and a box filled with jewelry.

The final gold bar location becomes available after you finish the third chapter of the game. Do not read this part if you didn't finish Chapter 3. ATTENTION: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Okay, when you finish Chapter 3 and move your camp to that huge house in the middle of the swamp you should go back to the charred Braithwaite Manor, which was burned down during the last mission in the third chapter. Enter the destroyed building and go left past the corpse. There you will find a lockbox with another gold bar.

If you finish all treasure hunts and locate all gold bars you should amass more than $6,000 which should be enough to get all clothes items, all weapons, and every other thing that can be bought in Red Dead Redemption 2. The best way to spend all that money is to simply visit Saint Dennis and start a shopping spree. Enjoy the money!

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