Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish Guide

by Goran Damnjanovic, Gaming Columnist

Published in Gaming on 21st November, 2018

Fishing is one of the best things you can do in Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is filled with adrenaline pumping shootouts so it offering an activity that's perfect for winding down after a day filled with horseback riding and switching from killing bandits and the law is exactly what gamers need. Just find a perfect spot by the shore of some river or lake, take out your rod, enjoy the view and try catching some tasty fish. And for those who don't want to harm virtual fish, the game offers the option of returning it to the water after catching it, which also gives you a bit of positive Honor.

fish guide red dead redemption 2

As is the case with hunting, you can catch regular fish but the thing that every accomplished fisherman must do is embarking on fishing trips that have a goal of catching legendary fish. There are 13 legendary fish dotted across the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and each one offers an unforgettable fishing experience. But, in order to get access to the Legendary Fish map you have to activate a Stranger Mission strain that includes catching every legendary fish in the world.

Activating Fisher of Fish Stranger Mission

The Fisher of Fish stranger mission becomes available during the third chapter. You should already know how to fish (with the game offering fishing tutorial as part of one story mission during Chapter 2) by the moment you meet Jeremy Gill. You should meet him by his cabin on the shores of Flat Iron Lake, chilling out at the end of the dock and fishing. He's located northwest of Rhodes. Just take the road leading from Rhodes to Flat neck Station during Chapter 3 and the stranger icon should be visible once you're in the vicinity of Gill's cabin.

fisher of fish stranger mission red dead redemption 2

Once you meet Gill he will give you Legendary Fish Map and will inform you that you should mail him each legendary fish you catch. You have to do this in order to complete the mission. You get rewards for mailing fish to Gill - 1 mailed fish gives you Lake Lure (regular, not special), 10 fish give you $45 and five pieces of succulent fish meat, and 13 fish mailed to Gill unlocks the final part of the Fisher of Fish mission. In order to receive an invitation from Gill after you send him all 13 fish, you have to finish the story and start Epilogue. You will receive notifications that new mail awaits you so you don't have to worry about not knowing if you received a reward from Gill.

A couple of fishing tips

Go to Bait Shop in Lagras After you Start Fisher of Fish mission

After unlocking Fisher of Fish and obtaining Legendary Fish Map you should visit Lagras, a small settlement located in the middle of the Bayou. The unique fishing equipment trader is located in Lagras; get Special Lake Lure, Special Swamp Lure, and Special River Lure from her because those special lures are needed for catching Legendary Fish. And while you're there make sure to buy regular lures because those increase chances of catching big fish. This is great because with lures you'll always catch the biggest fish found at the fishing spot you chose and won't have to deal with always catching tiny specimens that aren't good for anything.

go to bait shop in lagras red dead redemption 2

Fish meat can replace regular meat

Yes, fish meat can completely replace animal meat. You don't have to hunt at all, just make sure you have enough fish to cook at the campfire. You can have up to five fish of the same species stored in your satchel but if you catch a big fish, only one can be stowed on your horse. In order to cook the fish that resides on the back of your horse just set up camp and the option to cook fish meat will be present once you sit by the fire.

You can catch fish whenever you want

While fish is more active during the daytime, you will catch it during the night without any problem. In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can fish whenever you want, there will always be fish that bites.

Small fish can be reeled in extremely fast and easy

If the fish is small (you know this by the intensity and duration it struggles) you can reel it to the shore without caring for the fish snapping the line. You don't have to pause, to struggle with the fish, just reel the line in until you catch the fish.

Tips for catching Legendary Fish

Expect epic, ten-minute long battles when catching most Legendary Fish specimens. Around half of them are huge fish that can only be stored on your horse which means they really can put up a fight so expect a real struggle. You should start reeling in as soon as the fish gets tired. Just pull the left stick downwards and then start reeling, ensuring that you draw fish faster to the shore compared to classic reel in technique. Repeat this every time after fish gets tired. And when a fish starts struggling, just pull the left analog stick in the opposite direction to tire it faster. Always do this and it will ensure that those Legendary Fish battles end sooner.

Next, you can pull right analog stick or simply press R3 to prevent the line from being pulled back by the fish, but doing it too often and pulling the stick for too long will make the line to break. When fighting large fish line will break just after a few seconds of holding R3 so be careful.

When you cast the line during Legendary Fish encounters, try casting it as close to shore as possible. Not half a meter to the shore, but try casting just a couple of meters into the river or a lake. This is a great tactic for catching Legendary Fish because, as we already mentioned, most Legendary specimens are huge and will put up an extreme fight. By casting line close to the shore you will be able to quickly pull the fish by combining the advanced reeling-in technique (left stick downwards plus quickly reeling in with right stick) and pulling the left stick opposite to the direction of the struggling fish. We finished some fairly tough encounters simply by casting the line just a few meters from the shore, then rotating right stick extra slowly to give Legendary Fish enough time to notice the bait and to bite. And once it bites, we usually managed to catch it in a matter of seconds because the fish would bite just a meter or two from the shore and two or three reel-in sessions were enough to catch it.

You can catch Legendary Fish more than once, but only in certain situations.

You can catch Legendary Fish just once but in the case of fish being lost, or starting to decompose, or disappearing from your horse before you mail it to Gill you can return to the spot where you caught that Legendary Fish and catch it again. This works for large fish that are stowed on the back of your horse. Smaller Legendary Fish specimens kept inside your satchel cannot be lost and thus cannot be caught the second time.

Legendary Fish Locations

Now, let's cover each Legendary Fish Location.

Legendary Bluegill location

This one is located on the shores of Flat Iron Lake, near the gang camp during Chapter 3. You can catch is as a part of a camp activity with Kieran during Chapter 3, or you can go there yourself and catch the fish. Just get near to the location shown on the map, equip Special Lake Lure and you will catch it relatively fast.

legendary bluegill location red dead redemption 2

Legendary Bullhead Catfish location

This one is a small fish that's located on the shores of Sisika Island. Don't worry about being caught by the law (the island is a restricted zone because a prison is located there) because if you do this right, no one will see you. Just go the location on the shore where out player indication is and from there you should catch the fish.

legendary Bullhead Catfish red dead redemption 2

You'll need a boat in order to reach Sisika Island. The safe bet is to find one in Saint Denis; the city's coast region is filled with small boats. You will travel longer but this is a safe bet because you'll certainly find one there. The second option is to look for a boat near the shore that's the exact opposite of Sisika Island (making the trip to the island much shorter), but there is a chance you won't find any boat there.

Legendary Chain Pickerel location

This one's pretty easy to catch. Just arrive at the location. The location is near the abandoned town of Limpany, where you can find a gold bar inside Sherriff's Office; just look inside lockbox under the table. Just place yourself at the spot market by the red marker, cast just a few meters from the shore and the fish should be yours in no time. You should use Special River Lure.

legendary chain pickerel red dead redemption 2

Legendary Lake Sturgeon location

This one is a bit tricky to catch. You have to stand just on the edge of the railroad bridge leading to Saint Denis in order to not get hit by a train. After you arrive at the spot, cast the lure just a meter or so from the edge of the bridge and you will catch this one pretty fast. Casting further away from the bridge will result in a pretty long fight because this one is huge and will fight like mad.

legendary lake sturgeon red dead redemption 2

Legendary Largemouth Bass Location

The Largemouth Bass is located in New Austin, on the shores of San Luis River near Lake Don Julio. You will be able to travel there after you finish Chapter 6 and start the Epilogue section of Red Dead Redemption 2. It's easy to catch, just arrive at the spot marked on the map and cast the line near the shore because this one's huge and will make the encounter extremely long in case you cast the line deep into the river. You have to use Special River Lure for this one.

legendary largemouth bass location red dead redemption 2 legendary largemouth bass location in red dead redemption 2

Legendary Longnose Gar location

Legendary Longnose Gar is a huge fish but you can catch it extremely easy. This could be your first fish to catch because it is located near Lagras, where you should go to get Special Lures needed for catching Legendary Fish. For this one, you'll need Special Swamp Lure. Just go to the market location and cast the line about two meters from the shore and reel in extremely slow.

legendary longnose gar location in red dead redemption 2

The fish should bite pretty quickly and you will catch it in less than a minute. In case the fish isn't biting it's better to try a couple of times to cast the line near the shore than to cast it far away in hopes that the fish will bite. Because if you start fighting it far away from the shore expect to spend a dozen minutes or more before you finally reel it to the shore.

Legendary Muskie location

This one's pretty straightforward. Just go to the lighthouse next to Van Horn Trading post, climb on its rocky edge and cast the line. The fight should be pretty long because the fish is large and you cannot cast the line near the shore because rocky edge prevents casting line just next to the shore. So, expect to spend ten minutes or so catching the Muskie. You need Special River Lure for this catch.

legendary muskie location in red dead redemption 2

Legendary Perch location

The small but legendary Perch simply can't be missed. The fish is located at the Elysian Pool but we had some trouble catching it. We had to go round the whole shoreline and cast the line dozens of times because the damn fish simply didn't bite! We finally managed to catch it after casting from the location marked on the map.

legendary perch location in red dead redemption 2

Just make sure you cast the line near the middle of the lake. It doesn't matter if the line is far away because the perch is pretty small and is an extremely easy catch. You need Special Lake Lure for this Legendary Fish.

Legendary Redfin Pickerel location

Another extremely easy catch, the Redfin Pickerel is located in the middle of the small Stillwater Creek, just at the border of New Austin. You have to reach Epilogue in order to catch this one. Just cast the Special Lake Lure anywhere you want and you will have this one in your satchel in no time. One of the easiest catches in the game.

legendary redfin Pickerel  location in red dead redemption 2 legendary redfin Pickerel  location red dead redemption 2

Legendary Rock Bass location

Another fish that requires reaching Epilogue. You can find this rock bass on the shores of a small Aurora Basin located west of Blackwater. Just go to the ruined dock in front of the abandoned fisherman cabin and cast Special Lake Lure. The fish is pretty small so you don't have to worry about casting the line near the shore of the lake.

legendary rock bass location  red dead redemption 2 legendary rock bass location in red dead redemption 2

Legendary Smallmouth Bass location

In order to discover this fish's location, you have to approach the Owanjila lake from the northeast side. We had troubles locating the first because the location won't appear until you arrive at the northeast shore, so remember that when you embark on this fishing trip. After you locate the fish just cast Special Lake Lure near the shore (the fish is huge so it will put an epic show if you cast far from the shore) and you should catch it without any problem.

legendary smallmouth bass location in red dead redemption 2

Legendary Sockeye Salmon location

Legendary Sockeye Salmon can be found on the far north of the map, on the shores of Lake Isabella. Because the location is far away from any place you will spend the majority of the game in we recommend you to do the following, but only in case you are after Legendary Animals:

After you arrive at the lake start searching for the White Arabian horse, the best horse you can find in Red Dead Redemption 2. Then you should tame the horse (it is very hard to tame this one but do it anyway because this horse is worth the hassle) and after you tame it go hunting for the Legendary White Bison, who's hiding near the lake.

legendary sockeye salmon location in red dead redemption 2

After you skin, the bison go to the frozen lakeshore and arrive at the location marked on the map. Then cast Special Lake Lure near the shore (casting from frozen island allows you to cast the line literally next to the shore, like a meter into the lake) and then reel the line extremely slow so that you give enough time to salmon to bite the lure. And once it bites you should catch it in less than a minute if you followed our instructions.

Legendary Steelhead Trout location

And finally, we have the Legendary Steelhead Trout, located at the northeast edge of the map, north of Brandywine Loop. We had problems with catching this one because we caught regular fish every time we cast the line; the legendary trout simply didn't bite the line! We moved all around the shore but without any success.

legendary steelhead trout location in red dead redemption 2

So the decision has been made to go to the island located off the other side of the river. And only when we arrived there we managed to catch the Legendary fish, and we did on our first attempt! So, if you have any problems catching this one, just go to the island marked on the map.

Fisher of Fish Final Chapter

After you send the last Legendary Fish to Gill you should wait two or three days before he sends you an invitation. You will receive the notification that you have new mail. Go to any post office, pick the invitation and then go to Gill's cabin. If you somehow managed to catch all 13 fish before you started Epilogue in hopes that you can finish the mission earlier we have some bad news; Fisher of Fish final chapter activates once you send all 13 fish and once you start the Epilogue. You have to finish Chapter 6 in order to finish this Stranger mission.

fisher of fish final chapter redemption 2

Anyway, you should go to the cabin and there you will see an interesting cutscene. You and Gill will then go to New Austin and will try to catch the final Legendary Fish. He will fail to catch it so it is up to you to catch the final fish. But, if you don't want to spend time on the last Legendary Fish you don't have to - the mission will be marked as finished as soon as Gill fails to catch the fish.

So there you have it. Every Legendary Fish location along with detailed instructions on how to catch each legendary specimen. We hope you'll have a jolly good time trying to catch them all!

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