What Makes For The Perfect Marriage Proposal?

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Relationships Columnist

Published in Relationships on 22nd November, 2018

There are a few tips to keep in mind when you want to create a proposal that is absolutely perfect! To help you create the best possible experience, we're going to take a look at some key tips for making it an event worth remembering.

Tips For An Absolutely Perfect Proposal

Every relationship is different, but it's worth keeping these tips in mind to help you with developing an experience that suits your partner and your relationship perfectly. That way, you show that you know what your significant other is all about and create a proposal they're sure to remember fondly.

perfect proposal

Read through these tips, and make sure to pick up the ones that best apply to your relationship!

Talk About It First!

While you don't want to give away your entire plan, marriage is a subject worth discussing. Before popping the question you'll want to know for certain that your partner agrees that the relationship is headed that way and that the time is right to start thinking about making that next step. This can not only help you to feel less nervous, but it ensures you'll be much less likely to get a reaction anything short of positive.

On top of that, it's a great way to practice good communication in your relationship, helping to make sure that the marriage is based on a solid foundation. Naturally, if you're looking to get married then it's likely you'll want a marriage strong enough to stand the test of time.

Learn About Your Partner!

Over time, you've likely learned a lot about your partner's likes and dislikes, but they may not have told you yet exactly what they'd like to see in a proposal. If they have, then that's great! Otherwise, it can be a good idea to start picking up on what kind of proposal they'd prefer.

learn about your partner perfect proposal

Some things to consider are how public the proposal should be, whether they'd want a ring present or to pick one out together after the event. All of these little details can help to ensure that your partner is comfortable and ready when it comes time to pop the question.

A Manicure Is A Great Idea!!

It's not uncommon for the person receiving the engagement ring to want to take a picture to share with friends, family and maybe even social media. Consequently, it can be worth considering whether or not they might want a fresh manicure to show the ring off to the fullest extent.

If this is true for your partner, consider sending them out for a fresh manicure the day of. To keep the utmost secrecy, you can also arrange it to seem like the idea of one of your partner's friends or family members. Whatever will suit the both of you as well as the engagement plan best!

Be Genuine!

Your proposal isn't about impressing others, it's about the connection you share with your significant other. Regardless of how flashy or mundane it may seem, what matters most is that it's something that is reflective of your relationship and your partner's wishes.

be genuine perfect proposal

When you make your engagement speech, it's a good idea to keep it relatively short. Focus on what you want to say most, and make it something you'll both be able to connect to. If you can do it in a place that is meaningful to the both of you, that's a fantastic option!

Don't Focus On Trends!

There are many trends with regard to proposals and weddings that can come and go. However, your proposal is something that the two of you will remember for a lifetime. Consequently, it's really not worth worrying about what might be on trend at the time.

Instead, think about what is going to have the most meaning for you and your partner. Keep in mind that you're making a motion to your partner to show them that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, not trying to prove your love to everyone else who sees the proposal.

Leave The Camera Behind!

While it can be great to get some engagement photos, taking pictures or video at the actual proposal doesn't need to be all that important. It's likely that you both will remember the event for many years to come, with or without a camera handy.

Typically, it's better to be in the moment with your partner than to be focused on pictures. This is the time to make a sincere connection with them, enjoying that time together. If someone happens to snap a picture, great! Otherwise, it shouldn't be too much of a priority. You can always take engagement photos later!

Keep A Plan B!

Sometimes, plans can go wrong. Maybe the reservation at an important restaurant falls through, or perhaps you want to go for a walk on the beach and a downpour has just started. We really don't have control over these issues, so it's good to have a backup plan just in case!

keep a plan b perfect proposal

If you can have two or three basic plans put together, that's even better. Remember that they don't have to be insanely detailed to make for a good time. Just remember the most important aspects, and you'll surely be able to pull off a fantastic proposal regardless.

Go With The Flow!

Alongside back up plans, it's also worth remembering that if for some reason you can't go through with the proposal exactly when you want to, it's perfectly okay. The mood for the day should be a good one, so if you've been having an argument that day and the mood has soured, it's better to postpone the proposal than to add it to the mood.

The plan isn't a failure if it needs to wait a few days. So take some deep breaths and keep in mind that the proposal doesn't have to be on an exact day, or at an exact time or place in order to be perfect.

Be Creative!

Creativity can help to make any proposal unique. Keep in mind that you don't have to use that creativity in a specific way. Use your own skills and abilities to create a unique, personal experience for your significant other.

What you know about your partner can play into this in a huge way, so make sure to really think about what kinds of things they like. If you can involve something they really enjoy, then it's going to make the experience even more memorable for the both of you.

Don't Stop After The Yes!

The fun shouldn't stop after the proposal itself has taken place! If you can do it earlier in the day or evening, then consider some other fun things you can do afterward. Otherwise, consider having a romantic evening in, but don't stop making it a special day for you both.

dont stop after the yes perfect proposal

You can think about this day as symbolizing moving from dating to marriage. There are many who say that if you continue to treat your spouse as if you're still just dating after marriage, it can go a long way towards a happy life together. The same may be true after you get an answer to your proposal!

Make It Romantic!!

Don't forget that this is an extremely special night for the both of you. Make it something that will be memorable for the rest of your lives. Let your significant other know exactly what they mean to you, and don't hold back on the romance.

When you've put together the perfect proposal, it's something you and your partner will be able to tell stories about as you grow old together. It's a beautiful thing that deserves a high level of attention, creativity and desire to make it something truly special for the both of you.

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