Earn Triple Referral Points With Blog Post Niches

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in Affiliates and News on 13th March, 2018

Today we're rolling out an exciting new feature to the Referral Links Generator. Affiliates will now be able to earn triple the referral bonus points when referring new members through blog post niches.

Yes, you're definitely not dreaming - you will receive THREE TIMES as many referral bonus points when you use a blog post as your landing page! That means up to 30 referral bonus points per referred account, for top performing countries!

How To Use Blog Post Niches

To create your new referral links visit the "Referral Links" section of your account, click the radio button for the "Blog Posts" niche, and then select which blog post title you want to promote. Finally hit the "Generate Link" button.

pointsprizes referral points

You can generate as many different referral links as you like, with no limitations! Please note that this increase will also apply to previous blog referral links that you've shared in the past, so there's no need to go back and replace them.

How Can I Promote These Links?

Our blog posts cover a wide variety of interesting topics, allowing you to share your links, while adding value to online discussions or content.

For example, if you are reading a forum discussion about Counterstrike strategies, you could link to a blog post about that topic. Perhaps something you've read that you feel is very relevant.

We feel this is a great way to go about using referral links and something we want to encourage.

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