How To Get Paid To Travel The World (Amazing Travel Jobs)

by Liberty Stembridge, Money Columnist

Published in Money on 29th November, 2018

Dreaming of the day that you can step on a plane and get paid to do it? That might not be as unachievable as many believe. Even if you're not getting paid outright to travel, there are many jobs out there that either allow you to work on the road or require you to travel, here are just a few.

Flight Attendant

Starting off with the obvious, possibly the easiest job that directly facilitates your dreams to travel the world is becoming a flight attendant. You'll have to be careful what airline you choose however as flight attendants working on national, short-haul flights generally don't get a lot of down time to relax at the beach. Choosing a large, international airline such as Emirates will allow you to travel much further and have more time in-between flights to enjoy your surroundings.

flight attendant

There are a few physical requirements to becoming a flight attendant however: you must be tall enough to reach the overhead cabins, physically fit and able to swim, be able to stand for long periods with no rest, be over 18 years old and have good vision. In terms of education, it's likely that you'll have to complete an airline-approved 6 weeks of formal training and become FAA certified. Many airlines are now also requiring that their flight attendants have at least a bachelor's degree in areas such as tourism or communication.


The tourism industry continues to grow and grow, and as it does, more and more jobs are popping up across the world for english-speakers to work in tourism roles such as being tour guides, working at popular attraction sites or working in hostels and hotels. You can effectively work your way across the globe simply by taking up temporary work in popular tourist destinations. Some jobs will require that you have prior experience or education in tourism, but there are also plenty of entry-level tourism jobs out there that will get your foot on the ladder.

Teaching English Abroad

A popular choice for many people looking to travel the world and work at the same time, Teaching English As A Foreign Language, also known as TEFL is an excellent way to do both. By becoming TEFL certified, you are qualified to work jobs across the world teaching english to school-age kids, often in locations such as Thailand, Indonesia and Latin America. Although TEFL certification does cost some money and the jobs don't necessarily pay loads, ultimately you get to explore a new country, learn a new language and fulfill your dreams of working as you go.

Cruise Crew

Prefer travelling by boat than by plane? Then you might want to consider joining the crew of a cruise ship. There are hundreds of jobs available for every cruise in existence, from entertainment, catering, hospitality, cleaning and much much more. A lot of the jobs require little to no experience and you get to enjoy the full amenities and exploration potential of a cruise, without the price tag attached.

cruise crew


Admittedly this is a little harder to get into, but not impossible. There are several different ways you could travel the world as a photographer, either being hired by a company to work for their travel department taking pictures, or by starting your own business and travelling with their business. Many photographers do a lot of different work such as weddings, births, brand work and more, advertising themselves each time they set up in a new place and finding work as they go. If you've got a passion for photography, why not set yourself up a portfolio and see what you can find?


Taking care of children is a classic travel job. Au pairing has become more and more popular as more and more young people are looking to travel without the added cost. Au pairing generally consists of a more laissez-faire appointment in which you stay with a host family, look after their children when they are out, and typically will be reimbursed a couple hundred dollars a month for it. While this may not sound like a lot, consider that your room and board is also being provided free of charge, so really it's quite a deal.

Nannying is slightly different from being an au pair, but you can still travel as a nanny. Generally you will be working longer hours taking care of the kids full-time, and you'll get paid a decent salary for that too, and you'll have the option of living with the family or living out. There are english-speaking nanny jobs across the world, but many will look for previous experience so you may want to start off as an au pair just to be safe.

Social Media Marketing

Love social media and can't get enough of it? How about turning it into your job. Many social media managers / marketers now work remotely online. If you have experience in marketing, you could retrain to become a social media manager in a matter of weeks and start travelling as you work. Many sites like skillshare now offer courses in social media management.

cruise crew

Bar Work

Looking to have fun as you travel? For many young people in particular, bar work is an alluring job for the road, particularly for anyone looking to take a year-long working holiday in places like Australia. Although there is some certification and training involved, bar work is generally easy to get into and fun, although physically tiring. If you're not okay with late nights, a lot of time spent on your feet and loud, annoying drunk people - it might not be for you.


Know how to code? You're in luck! As one of the most lucrative remote careers you can have, coding skills gives you access to a lot of online work. Look around at popular freelancing websites and remote job boards to start your journey working from the road.

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