Ten Fun Ways To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

by Jennifer Stone, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle and Health on 11th December, 2018

It's normal to gain a few pounds of weight when pregnant. It might even be considered a healthy thing for the baby. But afterwards many women find it difficult to shed that extra weight. Sometimes finding a fun, social activity is the most effective way to lose weight reliably after pregnancy.

Postnatal Swimming

Postnatal swimming is a fantastic way to help you to lose weight after you have given birth. Most people will look to some form of exercise class, such as dance classes, to help them get back in shape after they have given birth. However, one form of exercise which is often overlooked - is swimming.


Swimming is an excellent way for you to lose that pregnancy weight and get in shape. You can burn over 700 calories per hour by swimming; which makes it one of the most effective forms of exercise to lose weight.

Instead of just going swimming at your local exercise centre, you should think about taking up postnatal swimming classes. This is because these classes are catered and created for women like you: women who have just given birth and are looking to lose weight and get back in shape. These classes are also a lot of fun. They are a better form of exercise than the gym.

Postnatal Aerobics Classes

Postnatal aerobics classes are a wonderful way help you to get back to shape! They will help you to lose that excess baby weight quickly. Aerobics classes are a perfect way to help you get in shape and lose weight. And postnatal aerobics classes are very effective in helping you to shed a baby belly - as these classes are aimed at women who have just given birth.

This means, that postnatal aerobics classes are created with women like you in mind - rather than them just being generic aerobics classes; which aren't specifically targeted to new mothers. Therefore, these classes will help you lose weight a lot more quickly than your average aerobics class.

Another thing about postnatal aerobics classes is that they are a lot of fun! They are energetic and uplifting; which provides a fun exercise for you to take part in. They can also be done in two fun ways: either you can have fun on your own doing an aerobics postnatal class, or, you can do your postnatal aerobics classes with your baby. There is even the option for you to do your aerobics classes as a form of aqua aerobics - which is a fun and unique exercise.

Taking A Walk Outdoors

Walking for an hour or two a day helps you to lose weight. It helps you to lose weight in a way that is less intense and strenuous for you. Therefore, it is an effective way for mothers to lose weight who have just given birth.

taking a walk outdoors

When you have just given birth, you should avoid strenuous forms of exercise; at least for the first few weeks. Strenuous exercise places an unneccessary toll on your body, and that is not good for someone who has just given birth. In fact, doctors do not recommend that you take part in exercise which is intense after you have given birth.

Instead, you should try and use a more mellow form of exercise - like walking. Just because walking a slower form of exercise, doesn't make it boring. Walking is a lot of fun - especially if you are walking in nature. When you walk in nature, you get to take in your surroundings and sometimes that can be surprising; as you never know what you are going to get with nature.

Postnatal Bootcamps

Postnatal Bootcamps are a unique and modern way to help you lose that post-pregnancy weight. You might not have heard of a postnatal boot camp, so here we are going to give you the lowdown on what it is!

Postnatal boot camps are an outdoor type of exercise. It is a form of exercise where you will be going a walk outdoors with your baby: you will be walking with your baby while they are in their buggy. This form of exercise typically last for around 45 minutes to an hour. But how long the session will depend on will upon the instructor giving you to class.

The postnatal boot camps are given by instructors who are specifically trained and qualified to give these postnatal boot camp classes. You can find more about these classes at this link here.

This type of exercise gives you the opportunity to exercise outside, without being stuck indoors. Exercising outdoors gives you a lot of benefits. For example, being outdoors is good for our mental health. Therefore, your mental health will also benefit by exercising outdoors. Being outdoors can also be more fun that being indoors - especially if you are exercising within nature.

Yoga Bellies

Everyone knows of yoga classes; but few people know of yoga bellies.

So, what is Yoga Bellies?

Yoga bellies is a type of yoga class; where both you and your baby participate in the class. Yoga Bellies is a type of exercise which is specifically aimed at postnatal mums and their new-born babies. The exercises that you will do in this class, are specifically aimed at mothers like you. Therefore, the exercises in the Yoga Bellies class is specifically created for mothers who have just given birth.

yoga bellies

It means that they are more effective for losing baby weight than your average yoga class. However, because you are bringing your baby along to these classes, you won't have the same focus on yourself, like you would if you were to attend a normal yoga class.

In saying that though, the fun part of this exercise is that you can bring your baby along to these classes! It gives your baby the opportunity to bond with other babies and it can also be a lot of fun having your child in the class. It is one of our top forms of exercise for mothers trying to lose weight, after they have given birth! You should be able to find one of these classes in your nearby city. You can find your nearest Yoga Bellies class by following this link here.

Postnatal Exercise Classes

Post-natal exercise classes are specifically aimed towards mothers like you, who are looking for a fun form of exercise to lose weight. Postal-natal exercise classes give you a way of getting back in shape after you have given birth. The exercises are specifically designed for mothers who have just given birth. Therefore, it is an effective way to lose that baby weight.

There are also other benefits to postnatal exercise classes. The other benefits that you get are: being able to socialize with other mothers who have just given birth. This gives you the opportunity to make new friends and you can socialize with them outside of your post-natal class. Therefore, not only do you get a fun and effective form of exercise, you also help your social life by attending postnatal exercise classes. It is a win-win for you.

Another benefit to postnatal exercise classes, is that you can take your new-born along with you. For most other forms of exercise, you will not have the option of taking along your new-born to exercise classes. Therefore, you will be spending less time with your baby and you will have to find someone to look after them. Going for postnatal exercise classes helps you to avoid this.

Have an Interesting Diet

When you are trying to lose baby weight you will probably be looking for a type of exercise to help you get in shape again. However, there is another interesting and fun way that can help you to lose baby weight, which is: try and have an interesting diet.

Try and avoid eating the same foods over and over again. Eating the same foods all the time is boring. It also makes you fed up of eating that same food - even if the foods you are eating is your favourite, you'll still tire of them. Therefore, make sure you have a diet where you are eating several types of foods. You can do this by coming up with a diet or meal plan.


For each day of the week, try and choose different types of foods, and foods which will help you to lose weight. At the end of each week, you can give yourself a treat - this will help you have fun with your diet, and make you look forward to the end of the week. Giving yourself a treat gives yourself an incentive to keep that diet going and gives you the motivation to work on it.


Yoga is beneficial in many ways. Unlike most forms of exercise, yoga helps you to work on both your body and your mind simultaneously. It helps you to calm your mind and retain a positive and optimistic attitude. Whereas, on the other hand, yoga also helps you to keep your body in decent shape.

Yoga helps to benefit you physically, because it gives you a way to keep fit, tone your body and lose weight. This can make it the perfect form of exercise after pregnancy.

To get the most out of yoga to lose weight after pregnancy, you can use yoga moves at home which are specifically aimed at helping you to lose weight after pregnancy.


Dance is one of the most popular hobbies for women. It is a popular hobby because it is fun, energetic, and a feel-good way to spend your time. Unlike many forms of exercise, dancing often doesn't feel like a form of exercise; that is because it feels fun.

There are many forms of dance that you can choose from to help you lose that baby weight. Types of dance that you can choose from, includes; jazz, modern, disco, rock and roll, tap or even stage dance. When it comes to dance, there are distinctive styles of dance. These distinctive styles of dance can result in their being something for everyone when it comes to dance. You can pick a slower form of dance, or a faster paced dance - either way; this is a fun form of exercise!


Zumba is a fun exercise routine for everyone. Unlike most dances where you must learn a dance routine for several weeks, with Zumba, you just show up at a class and go with the dances on the spot. This makes Zumba unique in their approach to dance; while also making Zumba a fun exercise to take part in. It is arguably the most fun form of exercise that you can take part in and therefore, the most fun way that you can lose weight after pregnancy.


Zumba is effective in burning off many calories. It is estimated that if you do an hours Zumba class, you will burn between 350 and 650 calories in one hour. That is the equivalent of you burning off 100 grams of chips in one hour. If you were to dance an hour of Zumba a day, you could lose up to 2 pounds per week. This makes Zumba one of the fastest ways to lose weight; while also being a fun way for you to lose weight.

The only rule for using Zumba to burn off that pregnancy fat, is to not use Zumba immediately after giving birth. This means that you shouldn't do an exercise like Zumba for the first few weeks after giving birth. Doctors recommend that you do not do any strenuous forms of exercise for the first six weeks after you give birth. Therefore, for the first six weeks after you give birth, you shouldn't do Zumba. Instead, you can choose to do Zumba several weeks after you have given birth, to help you to lose weight.

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