7 Best Discord Servers For Giveaways & Freebies (Invites Included)

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in Gaming and Money on 19th December, 2018

Today I thought we would celebrate PointsPrizes joining the Discord HypeSquad by sharing a few invites to some of my favorite chat servers - where you can earn free gift cards, free games key giveaways and much more!

This is also a great opportunity for me to share some important tips on how to avoid giveaway scams and find the best giveaway opportunities. Here are some legit freebie Discord servers, which certainly deserve a mention!

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Free The V-Bucks (10,200 Members)

FreeTheVBucks is a Discord community focussed on helping members to earn free v-bucks faster. They have channels announcing fresh Fortnite missions, as the newest information comes in. There's also a lively Fortnite community where you can meet other players.

PointsPrizes (55,000 Members)

PointsPrizes is a website which allows users to earn free gift cards and cash payments. All you need to do is save up points by completing surveys, watching video ads or mining for cryptocurrencies while you sleep. It's one of the biggest rewards sites in the world and very popular internationally.

The PointsPrizes Discord community are great fun to talk to too. There's always some great memes, great conversations and the occassional entertaining drama. Great moderators keep the fun going, no matter what!

Marvelous (70,600 Members)

Marvelous is probably one of the largest dedicated giveaway Discord servers in the world. It's a great place to get free Steam keys and other game keys. In particular you'll find plenty of extremely fun Itch.io indie games being given away to users.

However, recently Marvelous have been focussing a lot on improving the quality of their giveaways. You'll also find some opportunities to earn free Steam wallet codes and free AAA games. The moderators are very friendly and you'll have an enjoyable time hanging out there.

Beermoney (1000 Members)

The Beermoney community might be a small one, but they are certainly very serious about making money online, or at least never having to pay for their beer ever again!

This is a good place to learn about how to complete surveys and how to convert offers successfully. It's also a good place to receive updates on important changes to beermoney industry websites and apps as a whole.

Giveaway Society (5,400 Members)

Some givaway servers improve your chances of winning by asking you to perform some kind of action such as joining a Discord server that is trying to recruit new members, or installing some apps, etc. These servers make sense because there is some kind of small business behind them, indicating that they are legit and you can trust them.

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When joining giveaway servers it's a good idea to look at the overall server, understand what motivates the admins and how the money used for giveaways is generated. There are plenty of fake giveaway sites out there and they probably have chat servers too, so always be skeptical. It's best to focus on a small number of proven to be legitimate giveaway servers, such as the ones I've listed here.

Giveaway Kingdom (3,700 Members)

The Giveaway Kingdom is a very entertaining giveaway Discord server. Right from the start you'll have to pass through the Castle Gates, so you can be sure there will be no thieving bots in your midst.

Overall there are tons of free giveaways taking place here with regular steam key giveaways. It's also worth noting that by joining smaller giveaway servers you'll have less competition, and therefore a much greater chance of winning!

Daddy (57,000 Members)

When looking for free stuff it's worth looking at the big social servers too, since they also do the occasional big giveaways. This isn't a server I personally use, but it's a good example of this sort of large social server.

Certainly Daddy has a very active community that boasts an equal gender ratio and a rowdy community. It's a great place to meet other gamers, or even find a Minecraft girlfriend, if that is your thing!

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