11 Subreddits That Will Change Your Life

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 27th December, 2018

It's coming towards the start of a new year, and we all know what that means. It's time to start setting new goals and getting life back on track wherever we have gone astray. Finding community is really important if you're trying to make big changes in your life.

If you don't already have a supportive environment of knowledgeable people, it's much more difficult to stay motivated and discipline. Luckily, Reddit is here to help with everything from fitness to career to banking, these specialised subreddits can help you get your life back on track if you're feeling lost.



A classic subreddit for anyone looking to turn their life around and become a better person. Sometimes we're hit with the harsh reality that we're actually, perhaps, not that great of a person, and when that happens, r/decidingtobebetter is the place to go.

Many people have found this subreddit to be a better and more positive alternative to r/selfimprovement, hence why it's included. This sub is full of people giving advice and asking for it, and the further along in your own journey you progress, the more advice you'll be able to give, whether it be on improving social skills, losing weight, advancing your career or bettering your personal finances.

Although the community can sometimes be harsh or even rude when answering a question, generally you will find a lot of supportive helpful people who will be able to provide advice and resources.


Struggling with your career or unsure of what path to take in life? Maybe you've got a difficult decision to make between earning money or doing a job you love. Whatever it is that you're struggling (or not) with, r/careerguidance is full of wizened career gurus to take an objective look at your situation and give you some advice.


New Year's is coming, and with it brings new years resolution, and if you're like 99% of the population, getting fitter will likely be on that list (whether you admit it or not). Diving into the world of fitness, especially if you're completely new, can seem foreign and kind of scary. Without some sort of support network, it's easy to give up at the first hurdle.

fitness reddit

If this is true for you, r/fitness is the place to go. It's a huge community that can offer advice, support and inspiration no matter what your goals are. It provides healthy recipes, gear advice, tutorials and even playlists to workout to. Whether you are a gym bunny or more of a stay-at-home fitness geek, r/fitness has it all, and no question is too stupid.


Keeping on top of your personal finance is incredibly important! According to recent polls, only 32% of households prepare a monthly budget, and even many of us don't even know how to prepare a budget. Whether you're a successful entrepreneur, a broke college kid or a family of four, r/personalfinance will have people who can help you, be it with taxes, budgeting, saving, investing or more.

Experts in the field regularly haunt this subreddit and their exhaustive sidebar of resources could probably answer any question you could possibly ever have. Learning how to deal with and save money is a skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life.


It might be cliche, but quotes can actually be powerful motivators that help you to get what you want. Sometimes all it takes is the right quote at the right time to get you off your seat and working on achieving your dreams. We all love a good quote, whether we admit it or not, regardless of how cheesy they might be. Despite the corny numbers you'll come across, there are some real gems in there.

For example, at the time of writing: "When you make a mistakes there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it and don't repeat it" - Paul Bryant and "The first and most important step towards success is the feeling that we can succeed" - Nelson Boswell.


r/zenhabits is a self-improvement subreddit focused on creating healthy sustainable habits that will improve your life. It's members tend to focus on topics like productivity, mental health, mindfulness, responsible finances, looking after your body and so on. Stories and resources are regularly shared to inspire and educate you on the benefits of various different zen habits and how you can use them.


Nutrition is a highly complex science, but it's becoming more and more important to understand, especially if you want to start personalising and prioritising your diet. There are literally thousands of books on nutrition out there, but none of them are able to capture the community and support a subreddit can provide.

nutrition reddit

Of course, the majority of reddit users on r/nutrition won't be licensed nutritionists, so you should take everything with a hefty pinch of salt and always do your own research. What this subreddit can provide however, is a good introduction to the world of nutrition with plenty of recommendations. Here you'll find lots of information and advice on what to eat and what not to eat, and how to eat it too.

There's lots of resources such as books, videos, podcasts and studies where you can dive deeper into the mechanics of the body. Plus, there's an abundance of recipes with nutritional guides included so you'll know exactly what you're getting.


Not everyone has the salary to afford an elaborate healthy brunch at their favourite local cafe every morning with all you can eat chia pudding and fresh smoothies made to order - this doesn't mean you can't eat well and still stick to a budget. If you're looking to cut back on calories and expenditure, this is the subreddit for you.

Down-to-earth and full of practical tips, tricks and advice, r/eatcheapandhealthy is a seemingly infinite database of simple cheap and healthy recipes catering to all diets, with specials such as "meatless mondays" and "leftover thursdays." You have no excuse not to start eating healthier this upcoming 2019.


Seeing someone elses progress can be a huge motivator to pursue your own personal progress. If one of your goals is to lose weight, tone up or otherwise transform your body - this is the subreddit you need. r/progresspics is dedicated to before/after pictures from people who have dedicated themselves to losing weight, gain muscle, get more flexible and show off how far they've managed to come.

To make it easier to find people that are similar to yourself and prevent unrealistic expectations, users will tag themselves with their height, weight and sex to make it easier for you to filter and find people similar to yourself.


If you're a complete extrovert who loves nothing more than a big party with plenty of new people to meet and talk to, you might not need this subreddit. If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum though - shy, introverted and a bit awkward, this could be the subreddit that changes your life.

social skills reddit

Not everyone likes to socialise, and that's okay, but for many of us, we wish that socialising was little easier and not so nerve wracking. Going to a place with lots of new people is kind of a big deal and requires quite the leap out of your usual comfort zone.

Whether it's dealing with the opposite sex, making new friends, introducing yourself at work, making conversation with strangers, meeting people while travelling or navigating a family wedding, r/socialskills has got you covered.


If you're the kind of person that's always dreamed of starting your own company and working for yourself, with no one to tell you where to go or what to do, but never had the guts to live out your entrepreneurial dreams, here you can find the inspiration, motivation and encouragement you need.

Frequent lurkers on this sub regularly update with news and interesting tidbits from around the web, including the startup stories of famous companies and interviews with entrepreneurs and the people who know them, giving the inside scoop on their brains. Whether you've already ventured into the world of business ownership or you're just dipping your toes into the water, this sub is full of helpful resources that will keep you afloat when the going gets tough.

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