10 Unique New Year's Resolutions

by Liberty Stembridge, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 3rd January, 2019

Bored of the same old new year's resolutions that just keep repeating themselves over and over again? Tired of being told to lose weight, read some books and drink more water? Same here, which is why i've collated 10 of the more unusual new year's resolutions to spice up your 2019 - because you deserve it.

Say Yes

What if you said yes to every opportunity that came your way? In practical terms, this would end up being ridiculous, but you can make it your new year's resolution to say yes more. How many times have you said no to potentially awesome new experiences simply because you're tired, or scared, or feel self-conscious, or the variety of other excuses your brain gives you. This coming year, go forth and prosper by saying yes to those experiences, whatever they may be.

say yes new year resolution

Try Some Food From Every Country

Not everyone has the money, time or inclination to travel all over the world but the stress of new year's resolutions can make us feel like travel is something that has to be on our to-do list. If the idea of catching a plane halfway across the world doesn't particularly appeal to you right now, that's okay - but it doesn't mean you can't still experience other cultures.

Food is an instant gateway into another culture and we live in an age where you can get food from literally all over the world - so why not try it? This year make it a new year's resolutions to try as many different foods from as many different countries as possible.

Test Just How Much You Can Fake It Till You Make It

How good do you think you are at "faking it"? This common catchphrase of "fake it till you make it" is common advice if you're looking to succeed in your career, boost your self esteem or otherwise excel in some area of your life. But why not take it to the next level this year and see just how much you can fake it till you make it.

This fun new year's challenge pushes your limits builds confidence at the same time. All you have to do is find situations where you don't exactly "fit in" be it in your everyday life, such as in work or with friends, or in completely new scenarios - and try to see how well you can fake your way to success. Perhaps you could pretend to be an incredible ballroom dancer and enter into a competition, or apply for a job that you're technically not qualified for.

Have fun and push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you may be surprised by what happens.

Revamp Your Online Life

What's your online presence like? Do you feel like it really represents you as a whole? Is there some embarrassing content online from your youth that you would rather not be there? Why not give yourself a complete online makeover? Change your profile pictures, delete old cringey posts, clear out old friends you don't like and challenge yourself to make some interesting or creative posts.

Treat Yo' Self

Say sayonara to the typical new year's narrative of restrictive dieting and rigid routine and start treating yourself this year. Make it a goal to show yourself some love each week, either by taking yourself out to dinner, having a chilled out night in, doing a hobby you love but don't usually get round to doing, or even simply carving out an extra five minutes in the morning to go to your favourite coffee shop.

treat yo' self new year resolution

Do Something That Completely Terrifies You

What really, really scares you? Heights? Creepy Crawlies? Confined Spaces? (those are mine). Why not make it your new year's resolution to truly take a leap out of your comfort zone and do something that completely terrifies you. Whether it's bungee jumping, public speaking or travelling to somewhere totally new, do something that scares you this year.

Open Up To Strangers

If you haven't watched Mortified on Netflix yet, you should. For the uninitiated, it's a documentary following the experiences of people who get up on stage in front of a bunch of complete strangers and read out the cringiest, most embarrassing passages of their childhood & teenage diaries. It's hilarious, incredibly cringe-inducing and adorably lovable. Why not do the same this year.

Not only is it a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but you might actually stand to gain something from exposing your most embarrassing self to strangers. Studies suggest that when we open up about our more embarrassing or shameful moments, they become a lot easier to deal with and we can actually learn a lot.

Of course, you don't have to be a part of the mortified stand-ups to do this. It could be as simple as making a video and posting it online, or if you want to go really big, set-up a microphone on the street and just pour your heart out.

Do Something You Used To Love As A Child

Is there something that you remember loving as a child, but haven't done in years? Why not try to rekindle that childhood obsession as an adult this year and remember what it feels like to be young, free and passionate about life. Maybe you used to love finger-painting, or horse-riding, or trampolining. Whatever it is, give it a shot and fully embrace it.

do something you used to love as a child new year resolution

We don't often realise it, but so much of our lives are dedicated towards achieving goals or being productive that we rarely get to just be present and play, so why not reignite that playful spirit this year.

Take A Picture Every Day

Why take a picture every day? Well, why not? If you struggle at keeping a diary, or frequently find yourself wishing you had more memories of a fun year to look back on, this could be the perfect challenge for you. With apps like Everyday you can now quickly and easily snap a picture on your phone and it will compile every single one into an awesome photo album for you to look back on at the end of the year and see what you really got up to.

Make Money On The Side, Just For Fun

Most of us would probably like a little more money, but what if you challenged yourself to make some, just for fun. This coming year, set yourself the task of finding a way to make a little extra money, in the most fun way possible.

It doesn't have to become a full-time job (although it could, who knows), the only aim is to make a little extra cash, in the most enjoyable way possible. You could even donate the proceeds to charity if you want to feel extra good. Some examples could be: selling your artwork, doing street performances, writing an ebook, doing some freelance work or hosting a bake sale. Get your friends and family involved too for double the fun.

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