2019 Wellness Trends

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 10th January, 2019

Wellness is on the brains of many as we move into this new year. Whether it's weight loss, exercise or health in general, it's important to look after yourself!

Here, we're taking a look into some of the top wellness trends to focus on in 2019. These things include aspects of our health that are growing in importance, those that are new on the scene and aspects that might just be important to remember.


Take a look through these trends and consider the ones you want to focus on! Each will cover something a little bit different, so they're all worth a look!

The Importance Of Wellness

Wellness in our bodies and minds is what allows us to function, be happy and take on the unpleasant circumstances that can pop up in our lives. It's really a key aspect that can often be left behind as we think about the other things going on around us.

Luckily, 2019 is a great time to start thinking about your own wellness and how you want to improve it. Based on your needs, you may decide to try out a new diet, get more exercise, or learn how to live more mindfully. There are truly so many ways to create growth!

What Does It Mean To Be Well?

Some aspects of wellness are obvious, such as being able to walk, run and function in other standard ways without too much of an issue. However, it can also mean feeling safe, content and satisfied by who you are and where you're going in life.

There is no one out there who wouldn't benefit from some kind of improvement, it's only natural! We only begin to fail when we stop trying to grow as people. As long as you're working towards personal growth in some way, you're absolutely on the right path!

Wellness Trends In 2019

These trends are going to be key in the new year for keeping you at the top of your game. As you're reading them, think about the ones that are most important to you, and start getting to work on them!

Caring For Mental Health

As we move forward, a greater emphasis on mental health is going to set this year apart from any before. Caring for mental health is more important than it has been in the past, and is less stigmatized than it used to be. This allows people to get the care they need with less worry about judgment from others.

So get yourself involved as well! See a therapist, or just talk to your regular doctor about the best ways to take care of yourself mentally. Even if you don't have any concerns for your mental health, even relieving daily stress can be huge for your health overall.

Living A Minimal Life

While accumulating things you don't really need can seem appealing, it typically just leads to a lot of clutter, mess and frustration. Not to mention, there are many people out there on strict budgets who simply can't afford to keep around a lot of luxury items.

minimal life

Because of these things, living a minimalist lifestyle has been growing in popularity. Having fewer items around to clutter your home can help to make things simpler. You may even find that it helps to keep your stress levels down as well, because you can stay organized more easily.

Nutrition For The Brain

As we think about food that is healthier, more sustainable and friendlier to the environment, we're also starting to think about food that can help with boosting your brain health. This also includes things like supplements and substances that may be able to aid in the process.

In addition, products like Tranquil Plus are seeking to provide vitamins and nutrients that the brain needs for optimal functioning. In the new year, it's going to be a good idea to look for ways you can help to get your brain the nutrition it craves and keep it working well!

Oral Care

Oral care is something the vast majority of us are familiar with, but it's becoming even more important in the new year. Humans are starting to realize that healthy teeth not only make for a nicer smile, but they can also be an indicator of overall health.

Luckily, thanks to at-home services like toothbrushes delivered to your home, teeth whiteners and aligners you can use on your own and more, there is less fear about taking on dental control. This is one aspect of your life that can really pay off if you make it a priority.

Sleep And The Circadian Rhythm

In modern times, people are beginning to see and understand that sleep isn't something that can be set aside. Getting at least 7 hours a night is key for adults to keep functioning well and avoid burning themselves out. We're also learning more about the hormones that allow us to wake up and get to sleep correctly.

These hormones are melatonin and cortisol. To awake in the morning, cortisol is meant to get pumping, while in the evening we can chill out for sleep with the help of melatonin. When these hormones lose their rhythm, it can really throw off your entire cycle!

It's All About You

Remember that your wellness is about you. There are no rules you have to follow in order for your endeavors to be acceptable to others. You don't have to work out at a specific time of the day, or eat an absolutely perfect diet day in and day out.

take care of your body

Of course, there are guidelines that can help provide more benefits but ultimately it's up to you how you handle your health. If you want to be totally fit, do what you need to do that! If you just want to reach a healthy weight and have the basics under control, that's okay too!

Eco-Friendly Keto

In 2018, keto diets were all the rage. 2019 may mark a rise in the popularity for ketogenic diets that are also designed to be eco-friendly. If you're unfamiliar with the diet, it's one that favors things like animal meat and fat and plenty of vegetables over sugar, carbs and grains.

With this diet, users can lose weight, get healthier and be able to have a positive impact on the world around them. It's also going to be a great option for those who don't want to eat meat, because it will focus on fats and proteins that don't come from those sources.

Vacations From The Virtual World

As useful as our phones, apps, computers and other digital devices can be, we're looking forward to more chances to take a break from them. Unplugging from time to time can help to relieve stress, boost your self esteem and avoid distractions that have become so common in our lives.

Don't forget that you don't have to give up your technology entirely! What's emphasized here is that a break from time to time is a good idea. Perhaps take a weekend away from devices and get out into nature, or simply shut all the technology down in your home for an evening!

Thinking About Food Sources

Human beings in general are steadily moving away from food sources with a lot of added chemicals, like insecticides, antibiotics and more. Instead, we want foods that are fresh, grown naturally and generally treated a bit better than what you can find in high-volume food production locations.

These days, there are so many different things being added into food of all kinds. On top of that, we don't always know just how safe those things are. While they may not make us ill in the moment, some may wonder if they can contribute to serious illnesses over time, like cancer. If nothing else, it's worth knowing what's in your food!

Mindful Living

Rather than spending each day on autopilot, there is a turn towards mindful living that is bringing people a little more peace. In the new year, it can be a great idea to slow down, try to focus on one thing at a time and enjoy what makes you happy.

Mindful living encompasses a lot of different aspects, including eating mindfully and being aware of the ways you behave towards others. It's a great method used to take a step back and take a close look into the way you're really approaching life, rather than just barreling through it.


A method that is helpful for those who want to be a little more mindful and grounded is meditation. While many may think that you really need to put a lot of time and energy into it to create fantastic results, meditation is actually a very simply process.


In truth, all you really need to be able to do is focus on your breath for at least a few seconds. There are no mind-bending changes. It's just a small practice that can help you to calm down, feel more in control and more focused on the things you want to accomplish.

Tiny Rituals With Big Results

Small luxuries are the perfect addition to a minimalist life. Finding magic and pleasure in the smallest actions, like putting on some comfortable pajamas, lighting a candle or enjoying a bath. All things that don't cost too much within themselves, but can provide a lot for our well-being.

Don't forget to enjoy these small things as you go about your busy days. Pause for just a moment to think about how much you enjoy the activity. Being thankful for the small things in life can help us to be happier and more fulfilled overall.


If you're into niche fitness then you might want to check out rowing! Some claim that this kind of exercise may even start taking the place of spinning. In addition to that, many gyms are starting to take a look at the aesthetic they provide to those who come in to work out.

For those who want a well-rounded workout, splitting up your time between spinning, rowing and some more core-effecting exercises can be a great idea! Keep an eye out for some interesting rowing studios popping up in the areas near where you live!

Financial Control

By reigning in unnecessary spending, sticking to a budget and using helpful apps like Mint and YNAB, we're learning how to make the best use of the money we have to stay on top of expenses. Consequently, we can learn how to adapt more effectively and make better overall choices.

financial control

We're also learning that it's okay to seek out help, advice and assistance in controlling our money. Financial health can really be a tricky thing to learn, and it isn't taught to us as a large part of schooling, but it definitely should be!

Separating Yourself From Negativity

Although this might seem like a simple concept, it can really be very difficult to do. There are a couple of ways you can go about it, depending on your unique situation. For some it can just include hitting the pause button when you notice yourself getting caught up in negative thought process, and correcting your path.

For others it can really be a matter of looking closely at the relationships around you. If you find that some of those relationships are making you feel badly, then it's time to consider whether or not they belong in your life.

Intelligent Jewelry

Although the FitBit has been just about the only health-oriented accessory designed for tracking important aspects of your health in recent years, more are working their way into the market. Products that come in the form of necklaces, pins and even rings are becoming more popular!

This is fantastic news for those who want to track their health in a more appealing way. After all, health-tracking watches may be effective, but they don't tend to be the most appealing to look at. Luckily, these new devices are working their way towards tracking everything about your health, and looking great while they do it!

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