Overcoming Your Fears In The New Year

by Kahlia Meeuwsen, Lifestyle Columnist

Published in Lifestyle on 15th January, 2019

This is a great year for facing your fears and moving forward! Whatever the fears are that hold you back in life, there's a good chance that you can at least get started on finding solutions.

In this article, we're taking a look at some of the common fears that can disrupt people's lives, as well as some tips that can help you to put those fears in their place. Once you've learned how to handle them, you can start to make the changes you need to for a better life!

overcome your fears

The World Is A Scary Place

There are a lot of things out there that we can find frightening. Sometimes it's a fear of an animal or creature, like snakes or spiders, while in other cases it's more abstract, like the fear of failure. It's not uncommon for these fears to play roles in our lives, guiding the decisions we make.

We can sometimes find that those choices are logical, while in other cases they can really hold us back. For example, something like social anxiety can lead us to isolate ourselves, have less of a presence in the workplace, and even make it harder to do basic tasks like grocery shopping.

Some Things We Fear

The fears that exist are as numerous and unique as we are, but there are a few that tend to be common among us. Things like branching out to new careers, becoming more assertive and getting and shape can be worthwhile, if scary. Let's dive into some more of these fears!

Taking A New Path

Whether it's changing careers, moving somewhere new or taking on a life of travel, big changes can be some of the most intimidating. However, they can also be incredibly rewarding. It's just a matter of being willing to put forth the effort and take the risk!

Getting past the fear with something like this doesn't mean ignoring the risks completely. It means thinking about them, calculating plans and solutions and doing your best to provide a buffer. After that, it's a matter of taking the leap, and enjoying all that comes after!

Getting Out More

As issues like anxiety, including social anxiety, depression and other situations grow, it can become harder for people to simply get out and socialize. For some, leaving home can be quite terrifying, while for others it's just that there isn't enough time being allocated to getting out.

However, it's good for us to spend a little time outside our homes on a regular basis. Whether it's doing lunch with a friend or just getting a short walk at some point during the day, the outdoors can be a healing place! It's simply a matter of finding the solution that works best for you.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a huge fear for many, and it makes sense! Standing before larger numbers of people as they wait, expectantly, to hear what you have to say. The imagine is terrifying to some, but it's a skill that can open up many doors for those who are willing to face the fear.

public speaking

Aside from allowing you to impress or achieve more in the workplace, practicing public speaking is also a great way to just build up some self-confidence. In turn, you may even find that the prospect becomes a little less scary each time you practice it!

Being More Adventurous

The world is full of ways to have adventures. Whether it's a day trip, far off travels or even diving into the world of fantasy through books or tabletop games, people are often looking for ways to leave behind the mundane aspects of their lives in favor of something new.

However, new things can sometimes be frightening. Though the fear can range greatly between starting a new book and going on a long trip across the world from your home. Don't forget that there are ways to tackle those fears, though sometimes you may have to push through the center of that fear to escape it!

Losing Weight/Getting In Shape

There are many out there seeking ways to drop some pounds and get into shape. One of the largest New Year's resolutions out there is weight loss. That said, making changes to your body does require effort as well as changes to your eating habits and schedule.

These things can result in some fear. People fear failing, but they can also fear success. It may be scary to think about cutting out the treats you love, or embarrassing yourself by getting sweaty in front of others. In these situations, it's best to think about your motivation.

Unnecessary Fears

Among all of our fears, there are also fears that are often uncalled for and less than helpful. For example, those that are fueled by anxiety. Often, these fears feel as though they are in preparation for something, like money problems, a bad health diagnosis or a failure, but there's no guarantee that the thing you fear will come true.

These fears can be draining, and they can keep us from living our lives to the fullest extent possible. Because of that, it's important to do the work so that you can accomplish your goals without these fears getting in the way.

Why Do These Fears Stick To Us?

While fear is an uncomfortable thing, there are some benefits we get from it. Largely, succumbing to fears keeps you in your comfort zone. While that isn't a great thing overall, there is a reason it's referred to as comfortable.

When you have to choose between being comfortable and doing something hard to get past your fears, it's always going to feel easier to make no changes. Because of this, it takes a lot of effort to get past the fear as well as put in the effort to learn how to speak publicly, get in shape or make another large change in your life.

Overcoming Fears

It's not easy to overcome a fear of anything. In some cases, we can move along in our lives perfectly well without ever addressing something like a fear of spiders, snakes or other specific things. However, other kinds of fears can hold us back from becoming the people we really want to be.

overcoming fears

For example, being too afraid to be assertive, purchase groceries or make changes for the sake of your health can be very damaging. You may feel safe from the comfort of your home, but avoiding these issues can make it harder to live a happy life.

Take Baby Steps

We often see these words when it comes to making large changes, but it can be easy to forget that you can adjust those baby steps to suit your needs. While there are many recommended baby steps out there, don't forget that you can start even smaller than that if you need to.

For example, if you're looking to get into shape and it's too much to try to walk a mile or for half an hour daily, then try just a quick walk around the block. Instead of a full yoga workout, try doing just five minutes, with a yoga pose for each minute.

The key while getting started is to just do something to get the new habit into your regular schedule. That way, you won't need to think about it as much. Soon, it will be second nature.

Look For Supporters

Support can be key to getting past your fears in a number of ways. Not to mention, there are many types of support you can gather. For example, you can look for others who want to accomplish what you do, who can work alongside you towards that goal and provide each other boosts when they are needed.

Furthermore, you can ask for the support of family and friends. These people can help to remind you to keep up habits, ask how they are going or provide assistance in other ways to help you with reaching your goals. Consequently, you can be held accountable for keeping up!

Finally, mental health is always key when it comes to feeling great and getting past your fears. Even if you don't have concerns about mental health, it's a good idea to make sure you're on the right track, or at least get a little mental health checkup.

Be Gentle

Whatever changes you're looking to make within yourself, it does you no good to push and pull yourself incessantly. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of making those changes. Think about how they'll nourish your body and mind, and how good you'll feel once you've met your goals.

Changes with a helping of self love on the side stand a much better chance of lasting for the long term. You can also feel great about the path you took to accomplishing them, which is just as important as the results themselves. If you find that you're falling prey to negative self-talk, take a pause and adjust your mindset before you continue forward.

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