How To Get Referral Points With Quora

by Mark Kempton, PointsPrizes Founder

Published in Affiliates on 20th February, 2017

With 100 million unique users, and a fairly open policy on self-promotion, Quora is a potential goldmine for PointsPrizes affiliates. However, to really succeed on Quora you'll need to understand the subtleties of their post ranking and moderation process.

Understanding Quora


Quora is a question and answer site. People go there to ask questions and share their knowledge about literally every niche topic, ranging from "How Do You Tie A Bow Tie?", to topics that will interest our affiliates more such as "How Do I Get PS4 Games For Free".

The platform lends itself to good quality writing. The higher the quality of your anwers, the more upvotes you'll get, and therefore the more clicks you'll receive on your referral links. Contrarily, spam tends to stick out like a sore thumb, and is downvoted very quickly. Be considerate and you'll do incredibly well on this platform.

Step 1 - Getting Your Account Established

Before you do anything, it's worth creating a full profile for yourself. This will make you look like a real person and not a bot.

Quora requires you to use your real identity for your account, although how closely you follow this rule is up to you. Certainly you'll want to use a real sounding name and profile picture. It's also a good idea to add your interests, because Quora will show you more related questions that you're interested in.

Next you'll want to spend some time exploring the site and answering random questions about topics that genuinely interest you. This will help familiarise yourself with all the different aspects of the site and give you an organic looking history of answers from the very start.

Step 2 - Finding The Right Questions

The key to profiting from Quora is not to spam large numbers of answers. Instead it's about finding those few questions that receive massive targeted traffic. If you're signed in you can see how much traffic an answer is getting by looking in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Usually it's best to target answers that are receiving thousands, or at least many hundreds of views. This is the approach we would recommend most of our affiliates use.

A good trick to find answers that are receiving a lot of traffic is to do a site-specific Google search, with some keywords related to the niche you're promoting: psn code <-- type this into Google Search

However, if you really understand how to carry out keyword research it can also be profitable to write the first answer to an unanswered question, and make it an incredibly good answer that search engines will love. Doing this can be incredibly profitable, since you won't be competing with other answers and you're likely to get the most upvotes. New questions tend to get more exposure on Quora, and traffic on an answer tends to decline rapidly after the first few weeks, until it settles down to a permanent, albeit somewhat lower, residual traffic level.

In the past I've had high quality answers reach the Quora Digest, which is emailed out to hundreds of millions of people. The insane amount of revenue that can be made from referrals when this happens cannot be underestimated!

Step 3 - Writing High Quality Answers

I can't emphasise enough how incredibly important this is, if you want to succeed on Quora:

quora quality answers

As soon as you start using Quora you'll notice that higher quality answers tend to be ranked higher - that is, they are positioned closer to the top of the page where more people see them.

Ranking is determined by a number of factors:

  • The quality of your writing is assessed by machines. They're looking for a clear use of English, good punctuation and paragraphs every few lines to make the text more readable.
  • Having some images, or even videos, grabs people's attention and will also help your answers rank better. Quora has a great image library tool where you can find images.
  • A few outbound links, used carefully, also help an answer rank well.
  • Lists with bullet points (like this list) will improve your ranking, since they hold people's attention too.

However, in my experience, far and above the most important thing is the length of your answer. Make your answers as long as you can, provided it makes sense to do so and isn't useless gibberish. This will have the added benefit of pushing answers from your competitors further down the page - preferably below the fold.

Step 4 - Balancing Your Answers - Satisfying The Moderation Team

The Quora moderation team are looking for spam. That means people posting the same or very similar content over and over again. So the first thing you should avoid doing, is copy and pasting answers, since this will leave a huge footprint that can be easily discovered by machines. If you don't write original content for every post then you can expect all of your posts to be deleted fairly quickly.

Also, use a different referral link every time you make an answer. You can use our "Alias" tool in the "Referral Links" section to create as many custom referral links as you like. Again, this will protect you from leaving a footprint that can be detected automatically by machines.

However, to truly get answers that stay up forever you'll need to write quality, unique content that truly answers each question.

You should see Quora is as a weighing scale. The moderation team weigh how much traffic you're bringing into the website - through high quality writing - against how much you're sucking out through your referral links. If you're reasonable with them and tip the scales in Quora's direction they will tolerate you sharing referral links. If not, they will ban you.

To address this issue practically, it's vital to alternate any referral answers, with genuine high-quality answers on random topics. For example, after writing a referral answer, you might write 4 different answers on totally random topics that have nothing to do with the niche you're promoting. Make these good answers that will attract traffic to Quora.


Quora is one of the most profitable websites used by our affiliates. Those that succeed take the time to write the highest quality answers, that actually help Quora's visitors and attract more visitors to their website through search engines.

Finally, I want to emphasise that Quora is actually an incredibly useful website, and not just a place to advertise referral links. If you become a real user, you'll find that it improves your knowledge and helps you discover many new things.

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